Adam Bandt

is an Australian politician, former industrial lawyer and the Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens Party. Bandt was elected to the Division of Melbourne in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the Parliament of Australia

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The media cross-ownership laws should never have been torn up. We'd like to see that reinstated, for starters. There is an inherent issue with the way that media has consolidated - not just Australia. Our best safeguard, initially, is a truly independent, well funded ABC and ACMA. Beyond that, we may need to look at funding models that ensure diversity and independence. It's one of those 'costs of doing democracy' that I believe is always a good investment.

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Not gonna lie, some days it's tougher than others.

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Well, I can think of a certain media monopoly that needs to be broken up...

The good thing is that the conservatives are only resorting to tactics like that because they're scared. We need to keep them on the backfoot - showing why climate action is a good thing, because they're losing the debate.

(And as to bushfires, we support authorities conducting proper hazard reduction burns, but that won't stop Andrew Bolt saying whatever he wants.)

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Great question Hayden. What I really like about a Universal Basic Income is the 'universal'. In Australia, too many people fall through the cracks. It can be difficult to get on Youth Allowance, for example, because of tight eligibility tests. And even getting a job doesn't guarantee you a liveable income. So the idea of everyone having a floor they can't fall below is vital.

But I think it should be more than 'basic'. It should be a liveable income. One that you can live on.

So coming out of COVID, we're opposing the cuts to JobSeeker and JobKeeper, we're pushing for a lift in the minimum wage and we're moving to outlaw insecure work. As part of this, we'll be arguing that there should be a 'guaranteed income' that everyone gets as a minimum. When we launch our full Green New Deal next year, we'll have more to say about it!

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Matters often get referred to the police, and sometimes they pursue them, sometimes they don't. One thing that would make a big difference is a federal anti-corruption commission. We've got them in a few states, and they have uncovered evidence that has seen ministers go to jail.

If we had one of those, there'd be a place to refer wrongdoing to, much more scrutiny and (I think) a higher rate of prosecutions when wrongdoing was established.

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I agree! The Greens have got thousands of members of our party who live in the regions. And we've got an MP - Tamara Smith - in regional NSW (Ballina). And you're right, the Liberal and National parties are leaving these communities behind, without the help they need to deal with the great recession and climate crisis. Here's some of what I've been saying to rural voters:

"Asides from preventing the affects of climate change on agriculture, Mr Bandt reeled off several polices that would enrich the lives of regional Australians. "The Greens are the only ones who want to give farmers and landholders the right to 'lock the gate', and say no to mining and exploration companies that want to come on to their land," he said. "We know the risk fracking poses to water supplies and we think farmers should have the right to say no." As water policy continues to divide the nation, Mr Bandt said his party was the only one that wanted to implement all of the recommendations of the Murray-Darling Basin royal commission and "see some sanity restored to the way we treat water in this country". The party took a $2-billion nature fund to the last election, which had a focus on invasive species to "taking some real Commonwealth action to make sure the land is looked after". "We also want to expand Landcare," Mr Bandt said. "We've got a very strong commitment to making sure our country is looked after and supporting farmers to do it." Source:

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Oh mate, I'm so sorry. Of all the bad eggs within parliament Craig would have to be one of the worst.

What's particularly tough is that he's cultivated a brand of anti-science, anti-expert conspiracy that extends far beyond Hughes.

There's two things you can do. First, we need to get the Liberals kicked out of Government, so people like Craig no longer have a seat at the table. The idea he's in the ear of the PM is terrifying - and Morrison's gas-led recovery is proof of the climate denial is that's still infesting the government.

Secondly, thing that you can do is have a conversation with people about what climate action actually means. It means sustainable jobs in renewable energy, cleaner air, less competition between mines and agriculture - a transition to clean energy benefits everyone, even if you can't wrap your head around climate change.

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We have to support the ABC. It is crucial for our democracy. And fight for ways to support public interest journalism. I think many people are increasingly able to see through the spin, though, as the constant scare campaigns against the Greens and Labor governments around the country don't always succeed.

Don't get me wrong, concentrated media ownership has held this country back from what it could be, but I think the best thing we can do is talk to our friends and family openly about how news outlets can use fear to trick everyday Australians into supporting the Liberal and National parties and that these parties will always back the super wealthy over everyday people. And keep an eye out for all the government finances that flows to corporate media conglomerates!

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There has been a long decline of work rights that has resulted in the dominance of insecure work (casual, part time, gig economy, subcontracting). Just last month, we saw corporate profits at their highest share of the economy and workers profits at their lowest share - in history. Tuesday's budget plans to keep wages low and unemployment high - it isn't an accident. Doing this keeps wages low and profits high.

The Greens plan is:

  • start to outlaw insecure employment - change the law so that every job is presumed to be ongoing (ie secure) unless there's a special, provable reason for it not to be
  • lift the minimim wage so that we don;t have a class of working poor
  • use public money directly to create secure, meaningful jobs for everyone who wants one (childcare, aged care, build public housing, high speed rail, restore local ecosystems, rivers, forests, research, renewable energy and so on).

We can afford to do this instead of giving $99 billion a year to private companies like this budget is doing and hope it trickles down to the rest of us. The Greens are the party of full employment!

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This week has been a big blow for universities, students, teachers and the future of research in Australia. Cuts for research, university staff and fee hikes for students.

This government really hates the idea of a well-educated population (harder to trick them in an election campaign) and world-class research and development (undercuts the profits of the dominant companies that donate to them).

The Greens plan is for Australia to copy multiple countries around the world and set a target for 4% of GDP going into research and development. This would not only create lots of great jobs and bring people like you back home, but it would increase our productivity and give us the resources we need to rapidly transition to a clean, smart, modern economy