Shirt from the event: Link

And proof I went to the school: Link

Edit: Finally found the picture of me from the event: Link

Edit: Forgot to mention I wasn't actually the person who won the contest, I was just at the school when it happened.

Edit: I would like to thank everyone for the upvotes and the questions, as a first time poster this is huge for me.

Edit: Any comments you see from "unicorntshirt" are legit. He's my friend and was also there.

Edit: I'm back, so ask away.

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ascheeseman240 karma

Did the Sears Air Conditioning commercial people show up?

80katrillion136 karma

Oh god that would've been amazing, I love that commercial.

cincyfan04180 karma

Guys, Steve from Blue Clues. Stop asking.

80katrillion98 karma

I know it's my answer to a lot of questions, but it was the most memorable to me. Sorry for not having more diverse answers, but we weren't exactly allowed to just go up and talk to anyone we wanted to.

cincyfan0459 karma

Not a slight at you,people just ask the same damn question over and over without reading other people's questions.

80katrillion48 karma

Ok, cool.

elbruce59 karma

Who from the shows did you get to meet?

80katrillion88 karma

I actually met Steve from Blues Clues, and only saw other Nickelodeon stars.

whatevers_clever50 karma

hmm. ok. we're done here.

80katrillion47 karma

Yeah, we weren't allowed to go up and talk to the Nick stars.

whatevers_clever48 karma

which stars did you meet?

80katrillion76 karma

The only person I actually got to meet and talk to was Steve from Blues Clues, but I saw Danny Tamberelli from All That and The Adventures of Pete and Pete, and Caitlin from Caitlin's Way.

unicorntshirt158 karma

That is my shirt

80katrillion139 karma

I confirm this, he's my friend and was also there.

irrelevant__question130 karma

have you had the unfortunate experience of hearing your parents having sex?

80katrillion166 karma

Novelty accounts are fun.

80katrillion17 karma

No, I haven't. It's easy not to when one parent lives in one state while the other lives in another.

Frajer109 karma

Did you get to meet any cool Nickelodeon people, specifically Stick Stickly?

80katrillion176 karma

I met Steve from Blues Clues, and only saw Danny Tamberelli from All That, and Caitlin from Caitlin's Way.

Bodhi8532 karma

Did you just say Danny Tamberelli from ALL THAT?? Am I the only one who explicitly knows him as Pete?

80katrillion24 karma

I love The Adventures of Pete and Pete, but it was easier to just type All That, instead of both shows.

thepineapplearmy9 karma


80katrillion5 karma


stephylove85 karma

Did you know the student who won the contest? Did their life change dramatically? Like, did they go from a silly, nerdy 7 year old, to a hot, hunky 8 year old?

80katrillion129 karma

Only saw her, she was in the special needs class, I don't know what happened to her after that. She was a few grades ahead of me.

Debbi3d84 karma

Did you get slimed, and was there anything involving a huge dressed up nicktoon character?

80katrillion116 karma

I didn't get slimed, unfortunately, but some teachers, students, and the principal did.


Did you ever manage to retake the school?

80katrillion44 karma

Unfortunately, it died over pretty quickly.

Seer118550 karma


80katrillion46 karma

Yes, he stayed in character.

Veen00450 karma

So, aside from seeing Steve from Blue's Clues, what actually happened? Did they just come to the school, hand out t-shirts, and have an hour long Nick themed assembly leaving the rest of the day for normal school? Did they actually go classroom to classroom through the whole day doing Nick themed educational stuff like involving slime in a bunch of science experiments/setting up a Double Dare style obstacle course for P.E.?

I know you were just seven when it happened and it's kind of hard to remember, but a quick chronological rundown of how the day actually went aside from just "Some teachers and kids got slimed" would be cool. I always imagined this happening at my school as a kid and I'd like to know how the day in reality actually goes compared to what my overactive kid brain thought it would be like.

80katrillion85 karma

No, the whole day revolved around the event. The first of the day, maybe the first hour we were in class, not doing work, just waiting for them to arrive. When they got there some actors came around and met with some classes, then we did the obstacle course thing (outside), and then we went in the gym and they did Double Dare with the teachers, slimings happened. Then a big concert happened, LFO performed.

Mexicore4238 karma

I'm sorry you had to watch an LFO concert. Was it any good?

80katrillion171 karma

They threw out Twinkies, so yeah, it was good.

powergeeks71 karma


Oh. Music. Yay.

80katrillion74 karma


the_bacon38 karma

Is it true you met Steve from Blue's Clues?

80katrillion103 karma

Yes, he was pretty cool. I asked him where Blue was and he told me she was sick and couldn't make it.

fae737 karma

What's the best memory you have of that day?

80katrillion75 karma

Meeting Steve from Blues Clues.

QatarHero74 karma

In that case, you may find this video interesting

80katrillion26 karma

I've seen it before, weird seeing a childhood role model talk about stuff like that.

Seoul_Train29 karma

How pumped were you when you found out that this was gonna happen?

80katrillion55 karma

I really don't remember, but I was excited as fuck when it actually happened.

MOSh_EISLEY28 karma

Please tell me you or someone you know got slimed!

80katrillion44 karma

Teachers, Principal, and some older kids.

Systemizer22 karma

How did your school faculty react when they found out they were gonna get a weeks worth of sliming and have to participate in all these activities that differ from their day to day work? I assume some of them probably weren't on board with it.

80katrillion45 karma

It was only one day, unless I blacked out for 4 straight days. But all the staff seemed excited. I live in a small town, that was a small school, and when something that big happens, you're excited.

atheismisstupid20 karma


80katrillion26 karma

Yeah, I graduated in 2011 also.

tulobrochill17 karma

Was it on schoolpizza day? I'd be so pissed if that happened to me on schoolpizza day...

80katrillion24 karma

I actually think we got pizza for lunch that day. from some place like Papa John's or whatever. Apparently it was Chuck E. Cheese's pizza.

DarthGamer15 karma

Did you get so excited you pissed your pants? I probably would have. Or at least passed out.

80katrillion12 karma

No, but would've made for a good story.

Mikes_friend_Tyler13 karma

Two part question here:

Did they tell you "what was in the burgers"? and

What did YOU think was in the burgers.

80katrillion11 karma

I don't know what you're talking about.

rfranke7275 karma

good burger maybe...

Recall_Coordinator22 karma

It's from "you can't do that on television."

80katrillion23 karma

I wasn't even born when the show was cancelled, so that explains a lot.

DrTetromino6 karma

If you got slimed, what did it taste like?

80katrillion17 karma

Didn't get slimed myself, but watched teachers and the principal get slimed. I heard it tasted alright.

IONTOP6 karma

What preparations were made? Are there still any lasting stains from that day?

80katrillion14 karma

I don't know about preparations, as I was only a 7 y/o student. The only remains of it are the memories.

LongrodVonnhugendong6 karma

So did you still have to go to class and learn things when it was taken over? Or was the whole day just fucking around with Nickelodeon characters and slime?

80katrillion15 karma

No class, pretty much fun the whole day.

LongrodVonnhugendong4 karma

Were there any prizes/giveaways? If so, did you win anything?

80katrillion9 karma


cut_the_ropes5 karma

How long did the 'take over' go for? was it an entire day of activities?

80katrillion10 karma

Yeah, it was the entire day. Steve from Blues Clues came around to some rooms, then we had a Double Dare like obstacle course, and then a concert/ sliming show.

Legendary_Fisherman4 karma

What did you do to win? Who was the host?

80katrillion14 karma

Sorry I didn't clarify, but I didn't win for my school, I was just there.