Hi again r/IAmA! Our last AMA was extremely fun for our Kiiroo engineer / tech, so the design team decided to give it a go. Our art director, Antonio Lo Presti together with the design team is here to talk about what makes Kiiroo stand out in the teledildonics industry.

Kiiroo specializes in producing high-end interactive pleasure products (AKA teledildonics) that mimic intimacy through the internet, from anywhere in the world using our esteemed interactive technology. We are ready to answer anything you might want to know!

You can find out more about our products and services on our website, as well as on our subreddits r/Kiiroo and r/FeelStars.

We're also offering 10% off on top of our current Black Friday sale, so make sure you use code AMA-BF at checkout. The code is available only during the duration of this AMA.

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UPDATE: This was extremely fun guys! Thank you for everyone that participated. We'll try answer the rest of the questions on Monday. We got distracted by the Netherlands vs Ecuador game (see pic).

Love, Kiiroo Design Team!

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MuhnYourDog690 karma

I love the term "Teledildonics" as a field of study and design.

This is probably a very lame question, but do you guys ever run afoul of patent infringements or IP issues relating to industrial design?

E.g. I mean, there's a 1,000,000 sex toys on the market, doing everything from vibrating to probably sending your protein levels to a lab via a smartwatch.

Does your team find it difficult to design and manufacture against these limitations, or did you find another solution entirely?

KiirooAmsterdam597 karma

Fortunately we own our teledildonic patents so we never ran into these issues. The main problem for us is naming a product properly, because the market is so saturated, that there's a very high chance that name was already taken and trademarked.

NetworkingJesus401 karma

In the field of teledildonics, does network latency ever become a concern? If so, how do you mitigate it?

KiirooAmsterdam217 karma

With anything internet related, network latency might be an issue if your internet speed is lower than 100mps. Users might experience delays between the on-screen action and the device's movement. Fortunately, the majority of the world now has High speed internet, so we get very few complaints from our customers.

the-real-JCFrags293 karma

What is the weirdest thing that you have had to do for work? How do you explain your job to other people that you meet?

KiirooAmsterdam720 karma

One time I had to test 2 different vibrators that were testing different vibration frequencies, it was connected to a huge box with huge cables that i had to carry home and then tell my boyfriend "don't come in to the bedroom, im working". There was multiple criteria checkboxes I had to tick whilst trying these two products, then the next day I had to give in person feedback haha

People are really intruiged by what I do. I mainly talk about the interactive technology, its a conversation starter for sure, and the questions that come from conversations spark new ways of looking at our products and services. People also love the fact that we know pornstars that they watch, they always ask for shoutouts and whether we can get something signed for them.

PlayStationPepe80 karma

I would just tell others that I work for a tech company tbh. If they ask tell them to use google.

KiirooAmsterdam79 karma

Some of us do that sometimes.

OnePersonsThrowaway231 karma

Kiiroo Onyx owner here; while the hardware is fantastic, the "built-in" movements are a bit rough. Unless you use funscripts (on a laptop) or the app it's just speed and depth control.

Are there plans to update the software? Maybe a way to play a looping but more varied pattern, or is it something we'd probably have to wait on a new product launch for?


PS - Trying to use the app outside a laptop can be very frustrating. (eg - to sync to a site you have to scan a qr code in the app, so you now need two devices.)

KiirooAmsterdam259 karma

Thank you for the feedback on the Onyx. We will surely consider your opinion when updating the firmware. About the app, you can actually watch interactive content directly on the FeelConnect app. Go to your favorite interactive website, click on the video and you will see a button "Sync toy to interactive video". The video will be automatically added to the app and your toy will react to the on-screen action.

usagicanada153 karma

Does your app mine data, and if so what do you do with that data?

KiirooAmsterdam-109 karma

We take good care of our customer's data. We never share information with third parties. Privacy is one of our strengths.

KiirooAmsterdam279 karma

As sex toy designers I don't think we are best to answer the privacy and app related questions (its not our team) Here is the privacy policy for our app: https://feeltechnology.com/privacy.php

Next time we can host an AMA with our dev team if you would like? I'm sure they would be happy to answer your questions in better detail than the product design team can!

WDavis4692-7 karma

You didn't deny mining of data, but you didn't admit it either. I think people would prefer honesty in this world full of companies callously acquiring and sharing our information with no respect whatsoever. Dodging questions is very political and suspicious and I think most people quite rightfully hate it. Not a good look. You guys can do better and prove you're a moral company, or you can be like all the rest...

KiirooAmsterdam69 karma

As a design team these questions are really hard for us to answer. We can however say that we do know our company takes privacy very seriously. Many companies in our space and the tech industry in general have had major fines and lawsuits because of privacy issues and this is definitely not something any company wishes to have. Can we please keep the questions design (hardware) related?

MCD5000151 karma

How do you determine the difference or internal mapping in your feelstars?

KiirooAmsterdam94 karma

We work closely with our FeelStars to design the experience that they want to provide to their fans. It's a close collaboration between them and our research and development team.

garlopf120 karma

How do you design around intimate anatomy? Do you measure someones genitals with a 3d scanner/x-ray? Also how do you test your products? Do you have a focus group of sorts?

KiirooAmsterdam151 karma

We make sure that our toys fits a wide range of sizes. We apply this design process to every Stroker we manufacture. Unfortunately, one size doesn't fit all, reason why we've included looser-fit and tighter-fit sleeves in our lineup of strokers! We don't use 3D scanners to measure genitals, however we apply 3D technology to make life-like copies of our FeelStar's intimate parts.

TylertheDouche81 karma

Do you find it difficult to shroud your language in these correct terms like “mimics intimacy?”

I had to go to your website and really read and dig a little to see what exactly your product is and does because of this.

I understand why you do it. But as some layperson, I wish you could or would just say…. “we have sex toys that feel like your dick is being sucked and it can be controlled remotely.”

Instead of… “Brittney has a catalog of intimate moments she can share with you.”

Are there hurdles in this kind of speech?

KiirooAmsterdam132 karma

We would love to say "get fucked by xxx" but we have a reputation to uphold for google, paypal, shopify etc. So we have to keep our explicit talk a little more PG than what we would do in videos on pornhub or on reddit/discord.

brokuson51072 karma

What is the testing process like?

KiirooAmsterdam115 karma

We run very rigorous tests on every product we create. We start with making several prototypes that are later handed over to our testers. Thanks to their insights we know if we are proceeding on the right path to make a product that gives our users an out-of-this-world experience.

PapaRenard22 karma

I also like to have an answer on this question. Do you run beta testing with a panel of X testers for having there return on the sextoy? Is there several iterations? Is there a way to be part of that panel?

KiirooAmsterdam41 karma

Yes we do have multiple iterations of products before it goes to market. The first testers are within the office testing for usability, material, battery etc, after that changes are made and then a select group of testers get the next batch. Their feedback is taken in to consideration and then we send out our next batch of pre-review units that we aim to get to a larger test group approximately 4-6 weeks before the product is due to launch. This gives testers & reviewers ample time to create content for the products so that when we launch, our customers have real feedback and reviews on the products.

Jelmergnl68 karma

Did you guys have anything to do with the Hans Niemann scandal?

KiirooAmsterdam71 karma

Maybe...maybe not ;)

RexDust51 karma

Not related to sex tech but I’m moving to The Netherlands in a few months, know any dope places to eat?

KiirooAmsterdam77 karma

Definietly! Depends where you are moving, we've got loads of recommendations!

walaska38 karma

What’s your favourite recommendation for couples who lives together but in a dead bedroom?

KiirooAmsterdam27 karma

Try out spicing up your relationship with Sex toys! Try role play and don't be scared of trying different things. You'll never know, your partner might enjoy it. Maybe try out our Spark lube. It'll help getting things hot in that dead bedroom.

apply7531 karma

When traditional marketing does not perform well for your unique product do you find that alternative media like Reddit provide a better audience and higher conversions?

KiirooAmsterdam48 karma

Reddit is a great platform for marketing, but most importantly, to understand what our audience and our potential users would like us to create.

We find that our customers are our best marketing assets, and on Reddit, because of the anonymity, people are able to speak their minds freely, and give honest reviews and feedback about our products and services which results in good honest conversation and in turn, higher conversions.

Lumb3rH4ck23 karma

currently test for lovehoney, is there a way to enter your testing program?

Do you find it more difficult to emulate male movements for the womens products or the female movements for the male ones?

KiirooAmsterdam37 karma

It is definitely more difficult to emulate male movements in women's' products that it is for women's movements to be translated onto a male device. The nature of man's stimulation is less complex, so we can translate movements in an up-and-down motion, that provides the ultimate sensation for men. We have however, finally managed to emulate up-down movements with our new Keon Sex Machine.

You can sign up for our testing program here.

Lumb3rH4ck9 karma

sorry it just seems like a link for "influencers". is that a required part of your testing process?

KiirooAmsterdam21 karma

We keep our testers / influencers / Discord performers etc on the same platform. Please add a link of you Reddit account in the last question.

mrgerrit19 karma

Hey there, big fan of your guys products! Didn't know you were right here in the Netherlands, crazy!

What I like to see is a handsfree solution for things like the keon. For when laying in the bed or sitting in the couch. Do you have anything planned for making something like that?

I know about the desk mount, that's very handy for when adventuring behind the PC. But sometimes you just want to lay down and relaxe.

Keep on making the honey world better!

KiirooAmsterdam17 karma

You can use the Keon Pillow or the Keon Table Clamp. They were both designed to be used handsfree and for the pillow - in bed. PS Kiiroo is proudly from Amsterdam

PapaRenard13 karma

You've launched last month the butt stroker, will you doo feelstar with butt sleeve? Do you plan do do oral stroker too? (any other answer than "stay tune" is OK 😜)

KiirooAmsterdam12 karma

We've got lots of fun stroker ideas coming your way in the coming months. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know! And, if you want to be a part of our tester database you can sign up here.

dorgoth1212 karma

I've noticed a trend in sex toys to shape them like cute animals. What started with the rabbit has gone to a baby hippo vibrator I saw once. Any idea why that's a thing?

KiirooAmsterdam19 karma

We've done a bit of research in to answering this one, as animal shaped toys are not really something we do, so bear with us. We've read that its because of the younger target demographics who are looking for non-gendered, amorphic, powerful sex toys that are able to create new and fun sensations that a regular dildo (or penis irl) cannot do. The shapes and stimulations are fun, flirty and hit all the right spots.

PapaRenard12 karma

Me anything?

KiirooAmsterdam16 karma


sirofsir11 karma

Is "Teledildonics" a professional term or something you made up? It's my new favourite word for sure.

KiirooAmsterdam27 karma

Unfortunatley, we didn't coin the word. the word 'dildonice'first came to life in the 1970's by a tech pioneer named Ted Nelson. But fast forward to the 1990's, Howard Rheingold, who was inspired by Nelson's work, coined the term 'Teledildonics'. So yes, it is a professional term that describes our products really well. More info here: https://www.kiiroo.com/pages/teledildonics

Shambling11 karma

When is my transcranial orgasm stimulation device ready?

KiirooAmsterdam29 karma

It's ready and waiting for you at our office. DM us for more info

OhioTenant6 karma

I noticed your products don't include insertable length or insertable width/girth. Do you feel like that's something you could add? I've bought a male sex toy before that did not fit, and I'm reluctant to try again without those kinds of specifications.

KiirooAmsterdam9 karma

We have a size guide for The Feel (Stars) Strokers and the Onyx+ https://www.kiiroo.com/pages/feelstars-stroker-size-guide https://www.kiiroo.com/products/onyx-plus What products are you looking at?

Luvythicus5 karma

…Ya’ll need an artist to draw curvy gals for your products/ads? :3c

KiirooAmsterdam3 karma

DM us!

Jdhi5 karma

Seems to us that many products would benefit from information about client's anatomy so that the product could be customized to a degree. I realize that this would significantly raise production costs. If given dimensions could this be done?

KiirooAmsterdam6 karma

We know that every bodys body is different, and we try to cater to a variety of sizes, but sometimes these sizes dont work for everyone. For our FeelStars we have this size guide https://www.kiiroo.com/pages/feelstars-stroker-size-guide and for our vibrators this one https://www.kiiroo.com/pages/compare-vibrators We're always open to hearing your ideas though so would be awesome if you'd DM me your thoughts!

bukake_attack4 karma

Peternoten; with our without chocolate coating?

KiirooAmsterdam9 karma

As long as it's not white chocolate coating :)

LovesWhenTheySing4 karma

Are there any surprising statistics for a group of customers? For instance more males bought a type of product than female or a certain age group should interest in something?

KiirooAmsterdam13 karma

Our statistic show that male customers prefer Automatic strokers, more than vibrating ones. Our female customers surprisingly prefer vibrators made for inner use rather than clit-stims.

crackpipecardozo3 karma

Since youre involved in interactive erotic software, is it true that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone?

KiirooAmsterdam7 karma

According to science, yes. But for us and our tech, being able to see, hear and feel your partner from anywhere in the world and learn about your body at the same time is definitely a big turn on.

PapaRenard3 karma

From the start of the company Kiiroo, how many new toys did you launched by year?

KiirooAmsterdam16 karma

You can see some of our first products here, as well as our newest ones:


moralsky3 karma


KiirooAmsterdam10 karma


ohai11113 karma

As a larger guy (not extreme, just above average), it's difficult to find good sex toys. I've tried both the onyx and the keon. With the Onyx I broke the sleeve after a couple uses, and the Keon was only enjoyable using a looser Fleshlight sleeve. And even then the max stroke length didn't quite cut it... I ended up throwing them both away.

Are there plans to design a stroker that accomodates larger sizes (girth and length)?

KiirooAmsterdam3 karma

We are sorry to read this happened to you :( We are working on looser-fit sleeves for Keon. If you didn't throw away your Keon and Feel Stroker yet, we'd advise you to try and use the Keon without the top cap. You will loose some of the vacuum effect and the sleeve will become looser.

Hot----------Dog3 karma

What's your opinion on UFOs/UAPs?

KiirooAmsterdam3 karma

We're all about the cosmic offers this Black Friday, its not a UFO but it is a UAP - the teledildonic one!

Dirk22652 karma

Hi Kiiroo,

Love to see a great sex positive company.

I'm curious is your company the same as HotOctopuss? You seem to have a similar product line and your abouts are very similar. How are you related?

KiirooAmsterdam2 karma

We have developed a product together with HotOctopuss. We have inserted our interactive technology in their awesome product design. The companies are 2 different entities.

ahuynher942 karma

As a software engineer, How do you get into the field of teledildonics (or sex toys in general)?

KiirooAmsterdam3 karma

By applying for jobs in the industry. You can find our current job openings here https://www.feelrobotics.com/ there are also cool courses such as those from Future Of Sex that help you get in to the awesome world of sex tech, check it out https://www.sextechschool.com/

PsycheG2 karma

Got any jobs going?

Michalek3032 karma

How do i cope with my anxiety issues?

KiirooAmsterdam18 karma

Sexual anxiety is something that can affect anyone. The best thing to do would be to consult a Doctor or a specialist with your issues.

ElJamoquio2 karma

What's the best stroopwaffel?

KiirooAmsterdam3 karma

What's the best stroopwaffel?

Fresh ones of course

mickeyruts2 karma

Would it really be possible for someone to use your products to cheat at chess during an in-person match?

KiirooAmsterdam2 karma

It would be possible, but we stand for fair game.

Legend-of-Zelda1 karma

Hey Kiiroo folks! I have the Keon and really enjoy it for BDSM / Sleepsack scenes. NSFW Example

Most of my scenes are primarily gay. Do you have any recommended fleshlight sleeves that can be used with the stroker? Really would like a sleeve that has a "robotic drone" style to it rather than a vagina look. Thanks so much!

KiirooAmsterdam1 karma

Well we can only recommend our Feel Strokers, and right now our butt stroker would be the only one that doesn't have a vulva. We've got more options in future, but not right now.

For your content love, go check out our new AI auto-subtitling software FeelMe AI on www.feelme.com you can watch ay of the scenes you like using your interactive device!

CardiffBorn1 karma

Do you need a tester? my friend (F) and I (M) are happy to volunteer! Don't ask, don't get.

KiirooAmsterdam6 karma

We're always looking for new testers. You can sign up here.

Saebyeok1 karma

I had to move hundreds of miles away from my boyfriend for work and we're trying to make it work but... obviously our sex life sucks. Can you recommend something we can use together? Do we need some external device other than the toy to connect with each other?

KiirooAmsterdam2 karma

We understand how struggling it is to maintain a long distance relationship. That's why we have designed our Kiiroo couple sets! They help lovers to connect when they are far away from each other. Here at this link: https://www.kiiroo.com/collections/couple-set you can create the couple set that best fits your needs (and wallet)!

Siphtrex1 karma

Need a tester?

KiirooAmsterdam3 karma

We're always looking for new testers, you can apply here

BoyManners1 karma

Do you and the team of employees personally use the products/services aside from working/testing?

KiirooAmsterdam8 karma

I own and have tested every single product we manufacture.

apekatt213413516161 karma

Do you ever get request from of or reach out to of/ph creators to do some kind of sponsor/advertisement deals?

KiirooAmsterdam1 karma

Yes all the time! You can apply here.

stazek1 karma

How do you promote your products? I assume you can't use Google/Facebook/Instagram Ads to promote sex toys, can you?

KiirooAmsterdam7 karma

It might surprise you but Google allows any type of consumer goods, so we are allowed to promote on Google. Facebook and Instagram are still quite close minded, but we fill our socials with interesting information and sex-positive content.

PapaRenard1 karma

How many employee there is at FeelRobotic?

KiirooAmsterdam3 karma

We have around 55 happy employees!

PerfectCoffee35591 karma

How does one become a tester for your products?

KiirooAmsterdam5 karma

We're always looking for new testers, you can apply here

PapaRenard1 karma

Kiiroo is part of the FeelRobotic company, what are the others parts?

KiirooAmsterdam3 karma

Our parent company is FeelRobotics. Underneath FeelRobotics we have FeelMe, FeelTechnology (FeelConnect app, FeelPerformer), FeelHey, Kiiroo, Feeliate and Islive.

Talbertross1 karma

Do non-interactive sex toys exist?

KiirooAmsterdam1 karma

Of course they do, but we only manufacture interactive sex toys.

ymmotvomit1 karma

Did you or your company work on/for We-Vibe?

KiirooAmsterdam2 karma

We-Vibe is owned by WOW Tech.

CommonConfusables0 karma

Why did you choose to focus your efforts in this field of work instead of a different one?

KiirooAmsterdam1 karma

We want to improve sexual health in this world and make everyone be ok with their own sexuality.

candidateforhumanity-2 karma

That photo is not proof.

KiirooAmsterdam1 karma

The proof we submitted was taken in front of our office door, that only employees of FeelRobotics can get access to. What kind of proof would you suggest would have been a better choice?

TheRealBabyJesus69-22 karma

When is your meeting with the Chinese government to try and sell them your solution for their country's population problem?

KiirooAmsterdam19 karma

We don't feel right commenting on a person's right to reproduce. If you want babies, cool, if you don't want babies, might we suggest our Keon and Pearl3, it will give you all the same feelings of intimacy with your partner, just from a distance... no touchy, no baby.