Here's a photo of me answering questions.

I grew up listening to Sublime and learned all their songs. One day I met Eric Wilson and he eventually asked me to for Sublime and we called it Sublime with Rome.

We're currently on tour with Cypress Hill, and Pepper for two more weeks. Tour dates and some videos are up on my website

EDIT: Excuse my spelling, I'm answering your questions as quick as I can. I got a show to do!

EDIT 7pm: I'm heading out to the show now, I'll be back to answer the rest of your questions after the show tonight. Thanks for posting up everybody this is fun!

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nhooligan27402 karma

(1)How do you feel about the Sublime fans that don't accept you? (2)What do you think is the most important life lesson you have learned since you have been a part of Sublime with Rome?

romeramirez953 karma

for the fans who do not accept me . i accept them. thats life . come to a show it will probably change your mind. and the most important thing i have learned was to always remain humble. you are no better than anyone standing in front of you and you are never as good as the band before you :)

sargentpilcher389 karma

What is love?

romeramirez905 karma

baby dont hurt me

edder282344 karma

How do you feel about singing the song "Caress me down"?

romeramirez803 karma

i dont like introducing myself as bradley. it aint right mate

risp_ftw302 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. I don't have a question but I do hope you guys realize that you have way more fans than haters. I really hope the haters never get you you guys, especially you. I did hear of a lot of the people that didn't agree with you being the new singer but you know what, fuck them. Sublime was a big part of my life growing up but my parents never let me go to any of your shows and now that I'm old enough I just really enjoy being able to relive the music LIVE even if its not with Mr.Nowell but there really isn't anyone closer to sounding like him than you, so thank you for that and for always giving your best. Keep up the good fucking music!!!

romeramirez261 karma

god bless you h0mie

PeaceLoveVibes271 karma


romeramirez330 karma


mikeydude91251 karma

Saw you in Houston. Totally could tell you were wasted.

romeramirez822 karma


MrTravesty202 karma

Which song do you guys usually do for an encore?

romeramirez435 karma

doin time and santeria

dspitze182 karma

Has Jared Watson from the Dirty Heads ever hit you in the nuts? An vice versa?

romeramirez184 karma

oh ya!

gooshybawa165 karma

First off, great show in Toronto. Great way to end the summer!

Now my question: I saw a video of you guys playing Pool Shark, how does it feel singing that song knowing that song can be interpreted as Bradley predicting his own death from heroin?

romeramirez298 karma

actually eric told me that song is about some girl brad dated named Eileen. she played alot of pool table i guess..

Davemann128 karma

What up Romeyyy - We be missing you at Mega House!!!

romeramirez173 karma

DAVEMAN!!! whats up baby i miss the megahouse!!

misco182117 karma

Favorite Sublime song to play? Favorite Sublime song in general?

romeramirez208 karma

fav song to play live gfor sure hands down Under my voodoo!! fav song from them... probably perfect world

unphuckwittable113 karma

duuuuuuuuuuude how epic are the smoke sessions on the tour bus with cypress? how many Ls are typically going around at once????

romeramirez232 karma

they blaze sooooooooooooo tough. its rad

gnarlyRG95 karma

Huge fan, no questions, just wanted to tell you I rolled up a fat blunt in your honor! Keep doing your thing, Rome.

romeramirez255 karma

blaze dat shiiiiiit

dawsome4485 karma

Hey Rome, what's up.

What's your favorite story/thing that has happened to you since you joined Sublime? Or, any stories that you'd like to share from before then?

romeramirez277 karma

when i went to a billionaires house and played segway basketball all drunk and crashed them.. good times

toaster_waffle81 karma

What made y'all decide to keep the Sublime name and do you ever see it changing? You do a great job, and I love your music, but you've also got a different style than Brad's Sublime, and I know it's been a controversial point in the past.

romeramirez144 karma

whatever eric goes with i support him. i owe hime evrything.

christaormina4173 karma

How big of an influence was the original sublime in your career path, who is someone else that has been an inspiration? Btw I fell in love with ur voice when I heard your Rehab dedication to Amy... huge fan!

romeramirez154 karma

sublime got me into music period. soon as i heard it i asked my mom for a guitr

txgirl31171 karma

Hey Rome :D

romeramirez154 karma

whats up texas :)

trigimil161 karma

Rome, I love you with Sublime. Fuck those people that say you're not Bradley and you'll never sound like Bradley. People seem to forget that Bud and Eric obviously chose YOU to continue with Sublime. Rock on, mother fucker.

This bong rip is for you!

romeramirez53 karma

god bless man

Chuggo56 karma

Sup Rome. Thanks for doing this AMA. I just saw you guys a couple of months ago up here in Alaska. Awesome show, especially when you stopped in the middle of a song to tell an asshole in the front who was fighting to GTFO. Come back and see us again soon!

My questions: I really enjoyed your collab with Kat on Raw Session. Any chance you two may work together again soon? Also, should I not hold my breath that Bud Gaugh will join you guys again?

Thanks bro!

romeramirez59 karma

i would loveto work with kat again. she is awesome. and bud is bud. he come and goes as he wants. im with you .. waitin lol

fflexz51 karma

Yo Rome! I will be seeing you on Thursday in Gilford NH...Ever been to NH before? Ever even heard of it?

romeramirez95 karma

no and no

Buttered-Toast39 karma

Rome you should really check out the Subreddit r/trees you'd like it a lot oh and Besides Sublime who Is your Favorite band?

romeramirez142 karma

rage against the machine

ilikecheese12139 karma

Hey Rome! :D

Have you smoked with wiz khalifa? If so, how was it? Lol

romeramirez102 karma

ya hes my boy. shit is crazy i dont know anyone who smokes more than him an i smoke a gang

lizanova32 karma

lol ok im kinda new here sooo yeah kinda lost but whats up Rome<3 im Lizandra a fan from Puerto Rico ;) its nice to know u have time for ur fans

romeramirez54 karma

yaaaa puerto rico stand up!

ChefDad32 karma

I saw you guys play last year in Gulf Shores with the Dirty Heads. Going to see the Dirty Heads again next week with Matisyahu. Was really hoping you guys would be with them :(. Any ideas when you might be back in the area?

romeramirez42 karma

hopefully soon. i love playing with those dudes.

Treeus31 karma

Make a new album. Thanks!

romeramirez74 karma

on it.

Nerfherder31029 karma

First of all, sup man im 23 and live in southbay!

Would you ever do a duet with Gwen Stefani? maybe saw red or something new?

romeramirez39 karma

oh yaaa..

estrada729 karma

Yo Rome, big fan here, I've been wondering for a while whether you know how to speak spanish?

romeramirez51 karma

a lil. i got perfect pronunciation

Frajer24 karma

Do you find it hard to combine your own style with Bradley's Sublime style straight from Long Beach? Any Sublime songs you really want to sing but can't?

romeramirez62 karma

nawww i just go up there and do me. some say i sound like brad some say i dont.

drewster101224 karma

HEY! Great show in St. Louis. Who is in charge of designing the tour merch? I got a sick black shirt with a bunch of slimely looking characters riding a dragster. You have any say in that?

romeramirez41 karma

oh ya man!! thats lil daddy roth right there!

TraJiK6924 karma

What's up with Eric's button-covered bass? Is there a cool story behind it at all?

romeramirez45 karma

hahaha ya he got bored in the studio one day and had his gf glue all of them on. thats how his brain works. random

intheory8723 karma

Obviously it's not their decision but how did Mile and Kyle from Slightly feel about you guys starting Sublime wit Rome and when are we gonna see a Sublime and Slightly Stoopid Tour?? P.S. Great work with SWR

romeramirez30 karma

ive actually NEVER met those guys! i hear they awesome tho

camtheshark23 karma

Sublime had really good covers they released on albums. Are there any covers you do with Bud and Eric?

romeramirez60 karma

live all the time. nirvana , descendents to the cure everything

rrr_zzz22 karma

Hey Rome, I've been a Sublime fan since I was young, really helped me out through middle school and high school. One of the lessons I learned from Sublime was just to enjoy life and get over anything that made me feel uncomfortable. What's one lesson you can say you learned from listening to Sublime in your younger years?

romeramirez51 karma

just accept everything and everyone for what it is and who they are.

NikkiW8322 karma

Can you give out backstage passes to who ever you want? Do you ever pick random fans who would love to smoke a blunt with you backstage? I think you totally should! ;)

romeramirez62 karma

yes i do all the time i love doin it. i dont really know a million people so i jus give out tix all day

kat198421 karma

Oh I'm gonna lose it... Every time I talk to you, you better LISTEN...

romeramirez18 karma

hahahaha you got me to LOL

cantredditright20 karma

Tell me the most important thing about playing music on the road...

romeramirez51 karma

rest rest rest. and have fun man. life is great outside

noodleslayer2920 karma

Absolutely loved "Yours Truly" and hearing you with the Dirty Heads, should I be expecting another album with Sublime anytime soon?

romeramirez28 karma

yes yes and yesss! were doin some writing on the side of this touring

jj22719 karma

hey rome! i've been waitingggg to hear more songs from your solo project, heard some really great things! any idea when the album is gunna drop? any chance we could get a little sample here??

romeramirez31 karma

prtobably early 2012. thank you very much . my ep is out now on itunes dedication ep is what its called.

jj22714 karma

hehehe i guess the better question is what flavor ganja you been workin on this afternoon? :P but you sayin the albums probably getting dropped early 2013? i been loving the ep, been rockin seasons all summer. any chance of a little peak at any more songs today!?

romeramirez30 karma

OGKUSH. i just posted a video with some stuff from the studio otherwise i sing some of my new stuff in my freestyles

drewster101219 karma

Besides the great band you already tour with, who would you want to tour with the most past or present??

romeramirez63 karma

bob marley

tylergenis18 karma

I notice the last two dirty heads CDs featured you in them, any chance upcoming albums by you guys will feature them?

romeramirez32 karma

oh ya we like family for real

xpezzillo18 karma

Where does the inspiration for your music come from?

romeramirez91 karma

living life. girls , friends , drugs , car chases and house robberys

jvciv317 karma

love the biggie tattoo rome, just wanted to say that

romeramirez27 karma

respect, check out my boy who did it

Lola9116 karma

Hey Rome! I met you in Berkeley. Man you are just awesome! Id lie to hang out with you again! Any chance it can happen? Also are you doing any solo concerts?

romeramirez47 karma

i always kick it homie. always down to blaze one. ill be solo touring in novemeber

HodgyLamar16 karma

Rome! I caught you guys on tour with 311 last summer in Cincinnati. You totally blew me away. 2 questions, you released a cover of "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse not long after she passed away, how big of an influence is she on your music? And second, when are you guys coming through Louisville again? We love us some Sublime out here!

romeramirez20 karma

amy was one of the biggest influences of my sound . when i found out she passed i had to record somethin for her

lizanova15 karma

lol i just signed up for Rome :D

romeramirez37 karma

you da best

incredibly-haunted15 karma

I know you don't perform songs like caress me down and stuff like that, but how do you feel about singing songs like April 26, 1992, considering you were pretty young at the time they are talking about? Or songs that talk about Lou dog? Here is a hypothetical as well, if Bradley had never passed away, and the original Sublime was still around, what do you think you would be doing now?

romeramirez23 karma

this but on my own. and i just dont feel comfortable intro'n myself as brad

Dilemma9Lives15 karma

What was your favorite smoking experience? I know for a fact you're an Ent. Tour up in Utah and I'll kick back with you with a spliff!

romeramirez57 karma

smokin weed with ray layotta . best moment ever

arshbjangles12 karma

First off I think you're awesome and I really love hearing you play with both Sublime and Dirty Heads.

I'm really just curious if you find the fact that Lay Me Down's title says "Featuring Rome of Sublime w/ Rome" as hilariously redundant as I do.

romeramirez12 karma

omg yes!

misskelliw11 karma

I do lot's of promoting for you guys and Rome/Sublime with Rome street team and I love how you respond to fans... how do you keep yourself so humble?

I missed the chance to meet you at the Dallas show but maybe sometime in the (near) future!! :) Rock on!

romeramirez19 karma

thank you darling. i have great parents who taught me importanth things and i only hangout with my best of friends and my fam. tight circle

MikefelloffAcliff9 karma

Whats your personal favorite song you guys created so far? Lovers Rock really tickles me......

romeramirez19 karma


kc138 karma

Hi Rome, I was excited to see you in San Diego a little dissapointed on how many songs you sang from yours truly :( I expected more I think it was only like 2 or 3 :(

My question is is there a reason why so few songs are played from Yours Truly?.

romeramirez18 karma

you know we change it up that night was one of the first time we have EVER even played in SD plus brads wife was there

drewster10128 karma

Yo! saw you at the STL show!! whats in you red cup??

romeramirez27 karma


AugustRamone8 karma

I'm fucking pumped for your concert in Tampa, Sept. 1st. Sublime and Dirty Heads, and Matisyahu, are some of my favorite bands, not to mention I'm getting in for free because I'm one of your street teamers. I just wanted to thank you dude, and say I think you're doing a fucking kick ass job. Hope we can hang out.

romeramirez5 karma

Thanks man! See ya then

chelseaott5 karma

Wow thank you for doing this! Sublime is MY favorite band too. :) So sad I missed you guys in Chi!

Now to my question: What's your favorite line/lyric in any Sublime song? And do you plan on singing for Sublime for a long time to come?

romeramirez9 karma

"so im waitin for the tide to get low"

MrTravesty5 karma

Have any plans to come to Canada any time soon? We love you guys up here.

romeramirez13 karma

we were in toronto two days ago!

romeramirez10 karma

just was there two days ago lol

romeramirez10 karma

We were just there lol we'll definitely be back Always good times in Canada