In May 2011 I did an IAMA about my current life, my work, and a lot of what inspires the comics we write. You can find that here

I also recently did a post over in an r/Askreddit about how I was bullied in school a lot, and how I was able to overcome that and become to be quite successful in the arts. You can find this here:here

This year, I am open to talking about anything that's I've experienced during my 27 years spent on this planet. The bullying thing, relationships (morals withstanding), anything regarding my past or my present. AMA.

So, AMA.


Final update: Back home, ready to answer all your questions!! Trying my best to get through 'em all over the next coupla days. Thanks for taking part!!!!

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DaveMcElfatrick225 karma

Thank you. How nice.

Shitty_Watercolour1573 karma

You don't need me to paint this, but you and your comic are both seriously awesome.

edit: as requested, shit-o-meter turned up, up, up and up.

DaveMcElfatrick302 karma

Hell, send me a copy. I dig it hard. Thanks.

hoochsta887 karma

How large is your penis!

DaveMcElfatrick387 karma

A little above average. I've heard no complaints.

optimusid671 karma

Of all the comics you've made, which one is your personal favourite?

IDlOT518 karma

Sign my comment please!


DaveMcElfatrick228 karma

Dave Mick Elf Fart Dicks

DaveMcElfatrick207 karma


DaveMcElfatrick388 karma

transmetrospider135 karma

Alternatively, which is the one you like the least? You know, that one that everyone always asks you about and you think "ugh, do people even like my other shit?"

DaveMcElfatrick17 karma

Oh I have a ton of those. Ones I've made personally, anyway.

vretavonni631 karma

What's your favorite thing on the internet?

(I'm sorry for the lame question but I hope you can give us something interesting)

Mypetkiwi591 karma

What is the most controversy you have received from a single comic?

DaveMcElfatrick283 karma

Oh lawdy, I don't really remember. We haven't had a huge amount of controversy in a long time over the comics. I think people come to expect it from us now. Kris made a couple of Obama jokes that we got some angry e-mails about. I recieved some angry e-mails about a comic I did about Kurt Cobain. People are actually okay with us now. Back in 2005-06 they were all over throwing us under the bus via e-mail.

matrix8967499 karma

Hey man, just wanted to say I love what you and the other guys do. I remember a shitty time in my life, I took a week and rolled through the archives to present, and it made that time way less shitty.

Q: How in the buggering fuck do you guys churn out so much content without sacrificing quality. Do you guys just meet up once a month, plan the months hilarity, or does someone get a call at 2:00 am saying "hey, can you cover today?"

DaveMcElfatrick105 karma

A lot would argue that we do sacrifice quality on a regular basis... we've been losing fans since 2005 (man these comics were funny in January but now in November they're sucking) yet thankfully we've been gaining more at a higher rate. You'll always get that type. Sometimes we'll discuss ideas amongst each other, sometimes we'll make them up ourselves, sometimes we'll get lazy* and ask for a cover.


Gar-figrollin387 karma

1.You have probably answered this before, but how did you meet the other C&H writers?

2.What was the first time meeting them IRL like?

3.Moving to the US - terrifying?

DaveMcElfatrick604 karma

1.) Over the internet cause we were kinda losers who got bullied a bunch as kids so we stayed inside and drew comics on our PCs and uploaded them to the internet. We all liked each others stuff hey here's how it happened.

2.) We had fun, though I found Rob and Matt weird cause they were american and I wasn't used to stepping foot outside of my hometown.

3.) Yes. TON of culture shock, even if you all speak english.

Bav-man320 karma

Is it true that artists and musicians live income-tax free in Ireland?

and if so, why leave and go do art in America?

DaveMcElfatrick413 karma

aye, tax free. Suppose it depends on how you're earning normally )

TDOie283 karma

Tayto or King?

DaveMcElfatrick621 karma

fuckin Tayto man, really?

elephantrambo278 karma

Are you aware that Dr. Dre is in fact not a practising doctor?

DaveMcElfatrick290 karma

I thought he was a cardiologist, since he deals in fat beats

soFuckingRad218 karma


DaveMcElfatrick48 karma

Occasionally. We've had trouble with sites like Funnyjunk before, and had to ask them to take them down. We don't mind people sharing our stuff as long as it at least has an URL to our site on it. ie. our watermark, which some people even take off.

neuromorph196 karma

What are your thoughts on Charles Carreon (Funkyjunk's lawyer) and on the response that Matthew Inman (the Oatmeal) gave him?

How would you have handled similar claims from Carreon?

DaveMcElfatrick63 karma

Uhhh, I would laugh in Carreon's face. I think the man is clearly insane.

bassguitarking117 karma

What is your favorite kind of Irish Whiskey?

DaveMcElfatrick326 karma


simplybusiness113 karma

What part of Ireland are you from?

DaveMcElfatrick214 karma

I'm from the north, in Coleraine, County Derry.

PeopleAreRain74 karma

1) Favourite movie? 2) Sex with Hitler or Stalin? 3) Favourite type of sandwich?

DaveMcElfatrick56 karma

1.) uhhhh, Ghostbusters? Top of my head there. No, Aliens. Fuck, I dunno.

2.) Hitler. Don't have sex when there's red.

3.) Philly Cheesesteak is rockin'.

toycack55 karma

A lot of the C&H comics show absurd social happenings (depressing, funny, angry, etc.).... have any of those based off of things that actually happened to you?

DaveMcElfatrick10 karma

Oh yeah, a bunch of them for sure. Some are silly true stories told to me by friends.

flounder1948 karma

Who was the first famous person you jerked off to?

DaveMcElfatrick22 karma

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I really can't remember. Oh wait, I can. It was Gail Porter back when she had hair. Hi Gail, if you ever read this.

MultiNationalUnited35 karma

Could you win in a 1v1 against a velociraptor, no weapons involved? What's the biggest dinosaur you think you could take?

DaveMcElfatrick13 karma

I could take a compsognathus I think. That's about it. Maybe Barney.

[deleted]31 karma

Let's say you have a TARDIS. What would you do?

DaveMcElfatrick40 karma

Just rub my willy on it a bit then walk on. Never quite got into Doctor Who.

worststorytellerever17 karma

Do you want to get married? I love Ireland.

DaveMcElfatrick17 karma

Sure thing.

TheNextBestGuess14 karma

What is the best piece of hate mail you have ever received? That one you have printed out and tacked up somewhere for everyone to laugh at occasionally.

DaveMcElfatrick11 karma

Had some muslim kid telling me he was going to murder me if I drew Mohammed back in 2006. Someone bought Matt a subscription to Guns N Ammo magazine once. They had it delivered to his mom's house. Weird.