Well I am quite overwhelmed by how well this was received. Had a really great time answering your questions reddit. Take care.

I was set to study engineering but my then girlfriend broke up.

My previous plan of becoming a soldier (I hoped to qualify for special forces selection in the German Federal Army) was shattered during my medical examination (eyes) so I was really fed up with life in general. I managed to scrape together some 2000 Euros by putting all my belongings on ebay. Two weeks later I was off to India where, with two of my friends, we set out to look for spiritual teachings to find true meaning in our lives. After a long search for instructions and a proper teacher we ended up in a small monastery a bit outside of Kathmandu.

Here is a picture of my friend at dawn after "morning" meditation. Ask away.

Better late than never: Proof! (as suggested by Vampyroteuthidae)


I am a medicine student now.

How to meditate: I suggest anyone interested to read up on shamatha meditation.

Women are just as welcome as men.

I am not batman.

Meaning of life I found for myself: After a huge amount of thinking about if a self, an I truly exists, everything fell into place. Our belief in an inherent self is what drives us into selfishness and suffering. Since then I try to be selfless and help those I can. It´s what makes me happy, and maybe one day, my practice will bring me to a level of insight that might allow me to teach the lessons on the nature of mind to those that feel they could benefit from them.

EDIT 1: it´s 3.30 am here, I will get some sleep now. Keep posting your questions, I promise I´ll answer them all! Good night!

EDIT 2: Unfortunately I still can´t get a picture of my passport. Any ideas to provide proof is welcome.

EDIT 3: Please feel free to pm me if I missed your question.

EDIT 4: Format, FAQs.

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