Reddit is awesome...thank you...I have an erection... lets do this again!!! snootch to the nootch!!!!/jaymewes

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RoboticParadox911 karma

Jason, I just want to say that as a man who has struggled with issues of addiction in my own life and in my family, the public acknowledgement of your own inner demons and how you managed to get and stay clean is a real inspiration to me. It takes guts to get up on stage and talk about that kind of stuff, honestly.

As for questions...who was your favorite character in The Avengers? I know you and Kevin thought quite highly of it.

jaymewes1385 karma

Thank you for the kind words i appreciate it youse all the ones who help the process for reals.

as for fav. i have to say the HULK,as bruce banner he was cool and as the hulk i loved when he grabbed LOKI and banged him back and forth like Bam BAm .....

hatryd838 karma

Who smokes the blunts?

Biff_Tannen_1955812 karma

We smoke the blunts.

jaymewes1323 karma

rolling blunts and smoking blunts...

Pindaroo788 karma

Would you be willing to do an interview on my podcast?

EDIT: Holy shit,, super awesome. Thank you Jay and thank you Reddit. Everyone keeps asking about the show.

We are Anti-Semantic Show and we talk about news and our stupid lives, then we interview people about their much better lives. This week we had Mick Foley on to talk about his new comedy career and some wrestling. I just posted it here.

Thanks again Jay! And of course, you Reddit!

EDIT 2 People who prefer RSS feed, try using as for some reason Libsyn doesn't readily give out the RSS feed.

jaymewes1306 karma

yes sir , lets do it ...

jaymewes696 karma

jumping on, ask me anything i am a openbook, follow me here on twitter or my videos over here on the tube here...snootch to the nootch!!!

SilverXGames369 karma

How do you feel about whales?

jaymewes1066 karma

I don't even know how I feel about whales... I think they're sexy.

Daciex660 karma

Hey Mewes, love your work.. Are you still clean and sober? If so, how long has it been? Congrats on the sobriety.

jaymewes1595 karma

yes sir, 2 years and 78 days....thank you

slickboarder89614 karma

Did you really have sex in Zack and Miri Make a Porno?

jaymewes1130 karma

no i had a cock sock on so just a little wood no penetration :)

Atomusk427 karma

How did your girl Jordan feel about the sex scenes in Zack and Miri?

jaymewes1793 karma

she actually liked it... she got a little wet in the ass.. NOOTCH

Punsire598 karma

What do you worry about?

jaymewes1937 karma

My dogs, my health, my family and friends. My sister especially she is the only sibling I have and she keeps relapsing and putting herself in bad situations. luckily i have not had anything bad or super stressful happen in the last 2 years or so and in the past when something really bad or sad happened I could numb myself with drugs. Not anymore so i get scared of such situations cause I am unaware of how to handle them.

Radatatin536 karma

How did you meet Kevin?

jaymewes1224 karma

he worked at a community center in highlands NJ our Home town, he used to read comics in the corner and we started chatting about batman and such...COMICSSSSSSS!!!!!

louie82371 karma

Hey friend. Would you double dutch rudder with me?

jaymewes527 karma

anytime,anytime !!! Sounds like fun

diet_mountain_dew368 karma

I saw on the Kevin Smith dialogues that he first thought you were a comedic genious when you "blew every phallic object in the room", what are your early memories of Kevin Smith?

jaymewes764 karma

i was young and just remember him being really sweet ,funny and smart kid and i was like a young padawan looking up to a Jedi master. i wanted to learn the ways of the FORCE.

QuoteOfTheHour368 karma

Have you ever repeated that dance from silence of the lambs you performed in the clerks?

jaymewes976 karma

only top my wife, she gets a little moist when i do such things, dont tell i said that tho , NOOOOTCCHHH

djstego353 karma

Who came up with snootch to the nootch? You or the fat guy?

jaymewes750 karma

i did, when i was like 14 i started harrasssing peeps and instead of saying , just kiddin ... i would say na, then it went to nootch, then SNOOTCH to the Nootch, and there it is and i still catch my self saying NOOOOOTCHHH

ll0ll0ll0352 karma

i heard a few years back you went to a rave in nashville, got naked and ran around on heroin or something. that true? it was around the time that katatonic was open.

jaymewes725 karma

probably was true, when i was in NASHville i was a mess..i would drink everynight and do lots of other things....FUN time and also Very BAD time it was.

rialtor326 karma

If you could do a equal or follow up movie to any of your films what would you choose, me personally I'd live to see a equal to mall rats

jaymewes1074 karma

that would be fun fo sure. but i think DOGMA, it could be real cool to see where it could go with another loophole more angels and demons and such...maybe a PISS MONSTER this time or a TEABAG monster ::)

covermodel322 karma

Did you donate your hair when you cut it?

jaymewes795 karma

i did to locks of love.

Jamie_W310 karma

Top three weirdest places you've jizzed on your own?

jaymewes638 karma

on a my sleep...burger king bathroom

widening_gyre284 karma


jaymewes988 karma

don't do drugs for pussy

[deleted]266 karma

Hello JASON!

I am an old man. Whenever I want to appear "cool" to the kids these days, I always whip out snootchtothenootch!!!. Sure, they laugh at me for a minute or two, but then it's all good. It's what the kids are saying these days.

I can't tell you how happy I am that you are doing alright.

Work that shit.

jaymewes363 karma

THank you and yes i hope SNOOTCH to The NOOTCH stays sexy to the end of time !!!!!

spacedfan262 karma

Whats your Favorite Non-KevinSmith Movie that you've done?

jaymewes548 karma

non kevin smith movie ,,,,ooops sorrry, that would be THE LAST GODFATHER, i got ton work with harvey keitel and play a mobster... lots of fun and very cool to be in suit and shooting guns ....

jaymewes391 karma

mallrats for sure,it was my first studio and very surreal to be on with full crew and hotel ETC......

Edvurt260 karma

what good is a plate with nothing on it?

jaymewes771 karma

to throw like captain americas shield ?

Wership255 karma

Is Jason Mewes a boobs or an ass man? (to say both would be cheating)

jaymewes770 karma

ass ass ass ass

naturallyselected007240 karma

You seem like you might have had a few good stories in your life so far, whats the funniest true story you like to tell people about?

jaymewes722 karma

Christmas Eve... waking up with my couch in flames because i fell asleep with a candle lit - had no heat or electric...and i put the fire out with my piss bucket... story is funny now. wasn't funny then.

kinkakinka226 karma

Either you're early or the mods fucked up. Regardless, I love it!

jaymewes338 karma

thank you for lovin it :)

Mobius006186 karma


jaymewes396 karma

try produce more tv or web series and direct eventually. i love the whole process of making projects.

[deleted]183 karma

do you have a hard time staying clean when your life partner is getting high all the time? as a person who is struggling with addiction myself, i find that the people around me make it really hard to stick with it.

also, this isn't a criticism of kev. i love me some successful fat man.

jaymewes536 karma

no because to me smoking weed is like smoking cigarettes... its no big thing... there is no temptation with weed for MEWES...

slurmsmckenzieparty182 karma

How awesome was it to get punched in the nuts by Mark Hamill? How awesome was it to do that scene in general with him?

jaymewes426 karma

it was a dream come true... and i got to have a bong saber fight with a jedi knight

thewire_greatestshow150 karma

Do you think phantoms is the bomb in real life?

jaymewes266 karma

i did enjoy as much as it was entertaining but not sure if i would necessarily say it was THE BOMB

je30001122 karma

Did you see the Batman porn parody?

jaymewes765 karma

no i have not. i don't think i want to because i only want to see batman crushing criminals not crushing pussy

vierasniper112 karma

Did you have fun While Making Noobz? How did you end up in it?

jaymewes203 karma

it was lots and lots o fun, they just contacted me and asked ,sent the script, i loved it and bang. it was def fun to sit play GEARS of WAR for a whole day and shooting it.......

phusion-98 karma

Hey Jason, just giving you some props like the rest, lots of Kevin and Jason fans up in this bitch.

I always feel good after watching you + kev on screen, certainly a dynamic duo.

I watched a video on Kevin's blog, it was of you in a hotel room after a binge of some sort. You were thanking Kevin for everything he did for you... it was a touching moment and I know you had a rough night.

I was very excited to see you in Zach & Miri, what a great role. Will we be seeing you on the silver screen any time soon?

Did you always have a thirst for acting or did Kevin get you into it?

jaymewes217 karma

thank you for the kind words... never had a thirst or even though of acting as anything but shits an giggles until after Mallrats... after Clerks I went back to roofing full time

rattlemebones96 karma

So who gets more chicks, you or Kevin?

jaymewes552 karma

were both its a tie

wickler0294 karma

Who came up with the idea of the blueprints in Mallrats? Did you draw them?

jaymewes175 karma

Kevin's idea...Scott Mosier drew them

dws51582 karma

I'm going to miss you as the janitor in 'Todd and the Book of Pure Evil'! Was that a fun show to act in, and would you act on T.V. again?

jaymewes126 karma

it was a lot of fun to act in...LOVE that show...and would love to work on another TV SHOW

Benacor67 karma

Have you ever ACTUALLY given or received a Dutch Rudder?

jaymewes165 karma

ever since Zack and Miri ive attempted to do so but no one will ever give me one...

dkjuggernaut41 karma

Comic Book Men is coming back.

Are we going to be seeing you messing around in the shop again this season?

jaymewes56 karma

i hope so... i love love comic book men the show, the shop, and the boys...

MrNekro35 karma

Love Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, man. Keep it up. please.

My question: What was the hardest story for you to share? Your favorite?

jaymewes68 karma

love the podcast... will try to do as long as you keep listening talking about my mother gets me choked up and it's difficult... it think i might be afraid to cry on stage...