I am currently in St. Louis. I have been paddling a Jackson sit on top kayak for the last six weeks and two days. I plan on paddling back home to Pensacola and hopefully will be there by the fourth of July. I got my ride from Minneapolis to Lake Itasca (the source of the Mississippi) off of Reddit. I thru-hiked the Appalachian trail in 03 and served in Iraq in 07-08 so this is not my first adventure. I am taking the day off and ready to answer any questions.

*edit - Pictures! - http://imgur.com/a/e5dTt#0

I just got a call from my friend Kari and she is going to get the ball rolling on the next trip down the river where I assist a paraplegic to paddle the entire river. I have been planning this for a month and it looks like now it will become a reality. If anyone has any experience starting a non profit please pm me.

Also if you live in Pensacola please PM me. I have a couple of paychecks sitting in my mailbox and if I could get them to Memphis this will not be my last night staying indoors.

I started a blog but when my laptop died on day 6 I was not able to keep it up I will update it as much as I can today http://mississippiriverfloat.blogspot.com/

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