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Hello everyone :D!

As the title mentions, YouTube is my full time job, I helped found The Game Station YouTube network, and I have been playing StarCraft non stop for over a decade.

Decided to do another AMA (my wrists have finally recovered from all the typing in the last one, found here:


Edit: My channel if anyone cares (

2nd Edit: Am uploading a video confirming the AMA now

EDIT AGAIN: Please upvote questions you want the answers to. I'm answering as quickly as I can but want to make sure I can get the most interesting questions answered as well :D

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TotalBiscuit1179 karma

Will you sign my nipples?

huskystarcraft838 karma

Are they big enough D:?

InsidiousObserver360 karma

Has being a pro e-sports caster ever gotten you laid?

huskystarcraft631 karma

I wouldnt say my profession has dictated my success with the ladies, more my attitude.

AquaBear324 karma

Yo, so I'm gonna be in LA for the next couple of months - what'll it take to buy you a drink/soda of your choice?

huskystarcraft396 karma

I appreciate the offer! I also appreciate you offering something other than alcohol because thats all anyone ever says "can I buy you a beer?".

nothing against drinking, just appreciate the courtesy :D! Upvote for you sir.

AlxH243 karma

will you sneak in behind dodger during one of the podcasts?

huskystarcraft440 karma

I keep trying this actually but she always locks her door during the podcast. I even went out and bought supplies to make a custom sign that said


Went to go show it off to the stream only to find out the door was locked :(

Chronoecho173 karma

Hey husky!!! Long time fan. have you ever had a stalker/person who has harassed you? Or found out personal information and thus had to change a phone number or something?

huskystarcraft327 karma

Hmmm lets see. Great question!

There are definitely creepers out there. Thankfully since I'm a dude I dont get very many stalkers because... I imagine most stalkers are male? Either that or all the female stalkers realize there is much better options out there.

I have definitely been 'macked on' at events by some girls. I'm not into that but I guess its a sign that girls are into nerds now?

frankmug154 karma

What's your current opinion on LAGTV?

huskystarcraft59 karma

Answered this several times. There is no drama :D

adamd613153 karma

Has anything romantic ever happen between you and Dodger? Ever? Hugs don't count.

huskystarcraft235 karma

This is my favorite question. As many of you know Dodger and I

dowon1014147 karma

Husky big fan!!! I wish I was as good as you on SC2, but question is: Diablo 3 is coming out next tuesday, are you going to be playing? And if you are how are you gonna juggle between D3 and SC?

huskystarcraft271 karma

I am going to be playing D3 A LOT. To be completely honest I have toned down my gaming when it comes to titles outside of StarCraft 2, but Diablo 3 is going to be a huge exception.

I completely love all Blizzard games (played wow for 4 years, WC2 and 3 religiously, even played all their console games as a kid).

As far as balance goes? Right now all I do is sleep and play SC2. Guess I have to remove sleep!

ukstubbs128 karma

What is the story behind you saving TotalBiscuits's family as Tb put it?

huskystarcraft365 karma

Honestly I think that's something only he should be able to talk about.

I absolutely love TB and completely respect his privacy.

iamakeyboard127 karma

Thank you for your videos. That is all. Please continue to incorporate more weird mini-funny stories in them (eg. "Oh look it's a Queen, doing Queen things, like knitting.").

huskystarcraft149 karma

Thanks! I try not to go crazy with the tangents but some times i just have ot say the random things that enter my head...

sprintingthadistance124 karma

Husky... If you could become a unit in the Starcraft universe (1,2,or broodwar) which would it be and why?

huskystarcraft311 karma

Definitely the carrier!

Not only do I get to say CARRIER HAS ARRIVED any time I go somewhere, but I also have 8 minions to do my bidding. Win/Win

HiHiBrandO115 karma

How is life in a house full of people who share your passion towards video games?

huskystarcraft84 karma

I honestly couldnt ask for better roommates. Its amazing how productive being around others who share your same interest can be.

If theres one thing I've learned, surround yourself in good people. Good company not only makes your life less stressful, but more productive too!

turnerator66103 karma

What has been your favorite moment in your starcraft 2 casting career to date??

huskystarcraft218 karma

My absolute favorite moment to date? TRICKY!

I would have to say making the Banelings music video. I guess thats more YouTube related, but to be able to mesh my favorite game (StarCraft) into my least favorite song (Justin Bieber's 'Baby') and have it be a success was quite the awesome feeling.

remulasce100 karma


huskystarcraft175 karma

Husky has been a nickname I've had since at least high school. I basically had to choose between that and something Griffin related, which is totally overused :P!

I just always though the name Husky sounded cool, the dogs are badass, and it also almost always starts a convorsation when I meet someone new 'Are you a furry?' 'Did you go to so and so college?' 'did you used to be fat?'

It never gets old :D

FragRaptor93 karma

What is the super secret project? :P

huskystarcraft107 karma

Hahha love this question! (yay for people totally up to date on what we're doing).

All I can say is that it is indeed super secret but also that I'm super excited. There will be a lot of voice talent from my close friends (many of which you probably already watch on YouTube). I can just say that I'm SUPER excited for it and I hope it turns out.

ZeroEmpires89 karma

As a huge RTS fan have you ever played Age of Empires 2? Also, did you know that there is still a really big scene around the game with big money tourneys and everything? :O

huskystarcraft106 karma


(tell me more about these tournaments)

P0in7B1ank76 karma

What made starcraft YOUR game? Why do you like it?

huskystarcraft112 karma

Honestly my love for StarCraft is by complete chance. At the time of its release (when I was like 10 years old) I was playing a lot of the original Command and Conquer. My friend got a new game called StarCraft and I asked for it for Christmas a while later.

After that I was just always addicted. There probably hasn't been a single month since the game has been released that I havent played either SC1, BW, or SC2.

Coooturtle76 karma

What other games do you like to play besides SC (and CS)

huskystarcraft321 karma

My favorite fps of all time is Counter Strike.

My favorite RPG of all time is Fallout 2.

My favorite puzzle game of all time is.... FUCK YOU PUZZLE GAMES

My favorite turn based game of all time is Heroes of Might and Magic

My favorite Card game of all time is MTG :D!

Ragingraven4274 karma

If you could choose another job besides being an (amazing) e-sports caster, what would it be?

huskystarcraft181 karma

Male Nurse.

I tried doing the schooling and really struggled with all the classes. I completely respect male nurses (and anyone in the medical industry really)

IAMAHIPO_ocolor65 karma

Husky, how exactly do you make money from YT? I use adblock, but like to give support to people who I think deserve it- you being one. I thumbs up videos and add stuff to favorites when I remember. How does this all work? Do you get a certain amount of money per comment/like/favorite, or is all based on ads viewed?

huskystarcraft209 karma

Any revenue is based purely on ads.

Commercials pay more than the little banner things on the sides/bottom of the video.

Honestly if watching ads bugs you I totally dont blame you for using an ad blocker. The StarCraft community has one of the highest ad block rates on YouTube because we are crafty little fuckers.

spiersar62 karma

what were you thinking when you commentated your first game, and what was your inspiration to do so?

huskystarcraft127 karma

Oh man, GREAT question!

My inspiration was definitely Tasteless. He was the first english caster that I had ever watched at that point.

During my first cast I was mostly just focussed on not sounding like a total idiot. After a month or so I started to feel a lot more comfortable.

It is EXTREMELY weird hearing your own voice uploaded onto the internet though. As if hearing it in family vidoetapes wasnt bad enough...

Numbsphynx61 karma

What BroodWar player do you think is going to be the most feared when they switch to SC2.

huskystarcraft146 karma

I'm hoping Stork does well if the players do indeed witch to SC2 full time. Jaedong is my favorite player and I'd love to see Flash actually lose a game.


if blizzard asked you to be in the Starcraft movie what character would you like to play?

huskystarcraft162 karma

LOL what an interesting question.

I dont think my acting skills are anywhere near up to par for something like that, so hopefully I'm guy who gets ripped in half by zerglings #2

JayGryph57 karma


huskystarcraft60 karma


Can also be seen as a chicken in my newest music video

Risotto8657 karma

Least favorite aspect of your job?

huskystarcraft132 karma

Least favorite aspect? Probably travel exhaustion and the amount of hate I receive.

I've gotten long used to it by now and actually enjoy it. Just took me a while :)

mr_entastic55 karma

What's your opinion on the new units in HotS, and how do you think they will change the game?

huskystarcraft110 karma

I try not to talk about the new units until the game is actually launched.

The reason for this is because they will add and remove units if they think they suck. I've talked to a lot of people 'in the know' and trust me, what we saw at Blizzcon is no where near what we'll see at HOTS release, which should be expected IMO.

I hope Blizzard just adds units that serve lots of roles, instead of being gimicky harassment or counter units.

exect450046 karma

Can we expect more ladder anxiety games in the near future?

huskystarcraft52 karma

Have had little to no time at all recently for ladder anxiety but I do plan to do more! I recently lost 9 out of 10 games (if you watch my most recent live stream) but on recently was able to gain some of those losses back.

Time to practice and come back swinging!

[deleted]44 karma

Why do most successful youtubers move to L.A.? It seems like the unofficial capital of Youtube.

huskystarcraft49 karma

Getting ready for bed but wanted to answer this question really quickly.

The reason a ton of top youtubers are moving to LA is the same reason people move here for acting. Its just where all entertainment stuff is located (obviously is stuff everywhere, but this is the entertainment capital of the world).

All the resources bleed out into new media, studios are being established, a lot of the other channels are already here, very interesting culture, amazing weather, and just all the tools you need to grow your brand.

As they say 'its all about who you know'. Well, all the people you'll want to know in new media are probably in LA

superd00per43 karma

huskystarcraft42 karma

This. Was. Way. Too. Funny.


thiswasnttaken40 karma

What is your favourite Nerd Alert song?

huskystarcraft89 karma

Honestly my favorite Nerd Alert song is one we havent released yet. Hope you guys enjoy the next one :D

rivertroll35 karma

Who is your favorite porn-star?

huskystarcraft108 karma

I actually dont know a single porn starts name other than Ron Jeremy... and i've also never seen his porn.

I guess since I like new media so much I'm more of a fun of amateur?

jmw133731 karma

Where do you see the future of E-sports going? Do you think the dynamics of teams is going to change, in terms of how teams are arranged/sponsored?

Thank you for doing this, big fan!

huskystarcraft59 karma

Esports is always changing.

Just a couple years ago having koreans on foreign teams was not even a thought that would EVER enter anyones mind. Now it is the norm.

I think the future of Esports is looking bright but its going to take the continued efforts of as many people as possible to raise the bar. Until we're producing content as quality as the stuff you see on ESPN, the outside world is not going to respect us like they do them.

AquaBear30 karma

Have you ever used your famous "I'm going to nydus your main" pick-up line successfully?

huskystarcraft104 karma

This line works every time. And if they look confused, not worth your time!

andachair28 karma

I just found out Dodger is a girl-has anyone told her yet?

huskystarcraft52 karma

Its a secret we've been keeping from her since the beginning. Please do not screw this up for us.

ThisIsMe00722 karma

Do you ever plan on going to some other country, for extended amounts of time? Like Khaldor or Tastless/Artosis?

huskystarcraft59 karma

I will most likely not move out of the USA unless something unpredictable happens. I enjoy where I'm at in life right now as well as the people I'm around to uproot and start over.

I do really want to visit Sweden and Korea though :)

azhang041121 karma

What is the greatest game/series you have ever casted? What made this so great?

huskystarcraft48 karma

Probably the finals of the HDH invitational. It was Whitera vs Idra and its hard to really convey the atmosphere of that whole tournament.

If I recall correctly the HDH was one of the first 'big' prize pool tournaments (at that time only a couple grand) and the underdog in the series ended up taking the whole thing.

ObviouslySarcasm15 karma

What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

huskystarcraft62 karma


I tend to like the 'simple' versions of things. Cheese pizza, cheese burger ketchup only, etc.

Its the simple things in life, I suppose!

TerraSanator6 karma

whats raywilliamjohson like in real life?

huskystarcraft12 karma

I'm going to be completely honest here and dont care what anyone who hasn't met him has to say about it.

I fucking LOVE ray in real life.

I personally dont watch his videos (have seen some of course) but he has such a good attitude when it comes to business that it blows my mind.

The main thing I like about him is he doesnt fuck anyone over but doesnt let anyone fuck him over as well. His work ethic is insane (makes a ton of songs, weekly videos, vlogs, etc and keeps on going) and he just all around kicks ass.

I've been to a couple house parties that he's at (casual stuff with friends) and I'm just always impressed with how put together he is. Say what you want about his videos but he's a very smart guy.