So when I was 17 years old (now 26) my brother had a party at our house. He wis 2.5 years my elder. After the party closed up a few people stayed over.

One such was cute but chubby girl, lets call "Alicia" I say lets call her Alicia, because that is her name is real life. It's Alicia. Anyway, she knocks on my door and asks if she can sleep next to me for all the other beds were taken and the couch was as well, I told her sure thing!

Anyway, about an hour later out of a drunken sleep she rolls over and stops me of my underwear and stars riding me. I get very, very excited as you can imagine for this is my first time. I somewhat sit up so I can thrust as she rides. Anyway, I get way to into and really start thrusting as does she. Are rhythm failed and she violently thrusted one way and I the other. POP! The loudest noise popped from inside her and extreme pain filled my entire groin region. I literally passed out for 2-3 mins. By then my brother and his girlfriend were around me and they the girls were assessing the damage. I was already starting to bruise and demanded to be taken to the hospital. Anyway, the prognoses was not good. I had severely fractured (still called fracturing even no bones are involved) my penis. In his words (the worst I've ever seen.)

I ha d an operation to fix the tears and whatnot, but still was unable to get an erection. After 6 months with zero erections I became depressed. So I decided to get a surgery to help me achieve an erection.

What I had installed (lol) was an inflatable penile prosthesis. Once things are starting to look like I may get lucky, I press a button located underneath and to the side of my shaft, that actually allows a big to inflate and make me hard. The erection isn't as powerful as my old natural erections, but it does allow for me to achieve orgasm. Anyway, This story also doubles for my most embarrassing so, shoot me any questions or stories of your own!

Summary (Broke penis on first encounter, now have an inflatable penis, girlfriend loves new robotic penis and calls it the iPenis.)

Edit: Guys: I'm not ignoring your proof requests, my entire office is now on to this post and they are actually chanting 'proof, proof, proof' as well. I can't very will flop it out and take a picture of the suture scars, but in good time I promise to provide adequate proof or you can down vote me to oblivion. I'm running home for lunch, I'll gather proof for you guys. Thanks for the hilarious questions.

Edit 2: (NSFW) Also Mom/co workers do not click - I had my girlfriend text me a picture I sent her a few months back. We have a ongoing joke regarding the pump. Anyway, this is as erect as I can get. What you can't see is the inflatable device, which runs atop the penis shaft. This would be around 10-20 pumps on the inflatable prosthesis. Sorry about the erection picture, it just allows for you to see the pump better for the skin is stretched over it more.

Edit 4: Sorry about the bad grammar, spelling and writing of my story. This was written on my iPhone so it came out a bit ignorant, my apolgies.

Edit 3: Thanks for your kind words guys, but I think my boss is a little upset with my lack of actually working today, so I better do some real work for a bit. Keep asking away, I'll try to get to all of your questions if possible later. Have a great day!

Edit 4: Sorry about the bad grammar, spelling and writing of my story. This was written on my iPhone so it came out a bit ignorant, my apolgies.

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ipenis471 karma

I get really bad photoshopped pictures texted and emailed constantly. I feat this incident will never die -

Joobeejoo471295 karma


ipenis945 karma

well it's not really a robot in there, The inflation is done manually by me or my girlfriend. It takes less than 15 secs, if I hurry! Like a poster said above, much like the old Reebok Pumps, about the same amount of time to to that perfect fit!

IdLeicaRefund1263 karma

If your girlfriend is giving you a blowjob, is there a chance that she'll hit the button every time she bobs in, causing your dick to get bigger and bigger and finally explode in her mouth?


ipenis786 karma

lol, no.

macdeezel705 karma

this almost makes me fear having sex.


ipenis717 karma

this is actually quite common occurrence, but usually no surgery required and if it is, you'll be able to achieve erection without the prosthesis. Mine was a rare case and very severe. Moral of the story, know how to have sex.

Knothead13547 karma

I hate to be the one but .... Proof? Pics or GTFO! lol

Jennypjd531 karma

Show us robo-dick, NOW!

ipenis302 karma

its not a very impressive specimen.

jesse061289 karma

The people demand robo-cock!

ipenis196 karma

haha, you guys are cracking me up.

ipenis263 karma

okay! pics and proof coming after lunch hour. Lol. Sorry mom

PFR28347 karma

I am picturing the setup of the oldschool Reebok pumps shoes. Please tell me the button is shaped like a basketball.

ipenis357 karma

You would be surprised at how similar! It takes several manual pumps to get it hard, its exactly like pumping up those old Reeboks! Its hilarious you asked that, b/c its literally identical.

PFR28248 karma

Then I am assuming it has a deflate button for when you are "done." I know its not funny but I chuckling just picturing your penis shooting out air and hissing while it goes limp.

ipenis1188 karma

It will naturally lose air over time but there is indeed an inflation button. My girlfriends will mimic a robot voice as I push the deflation button and she will say, 'End, robotic erection.... Sexual Activity Achieved. Success, success. Congratulations on successful semen transmission.' and on and on lol.

caltrask55308 karma

Holy shit that's a beautiful dick!

ipenis221 karma


glycosylated236 karma

What's that cost? Can I install that in my biceps to look strong?

ipenis315 karma

All in it was around 10k! Well worth it to have sex, though

ipenis229 karma

Okay, some people are wanting a better explanation of how this setup works. There are all different kinds and models of these prosthesis. Mine, the pump ball is next to the shaft as shown above. While its a pump, its mostly a 'fluid' pump, not air (of course there is some air, but 90% fluid. You pump the fluid from what I call the storage tanks to the shaft of the penis, when the fluid feels the balloon above the shaft, success - Boner achieved. the fluid will slowly leak back into the storage sack, but there is a deflation button as well. No air leaks out of my penis hole or anything like that. Its just a transfer of fluid from a holding tank to my shaft. Back and forth, forever.

mr_startup219 karma

I have to ask, was there blood?

ipenis613 karma

Blood in my urine for over a month. The first week, literally chunks of dried blood. It was bad man.

honeybunnyblossom204 karma

Can you still ejaculate?

Is it possible to over-inflate or is there a limit? Since skin can stretch.

Do you have to push the button periodically during sex?

Really sorry this happened to you. So traumatising.

ipenis376 karma

Ive never tried to over inflate, for if there is even a micro hole in the prosthesis, it would not hold air adequately enough, and it may require another procedure, where I can promise you is not pretty and I would not want to have again.

I can ejaculate! Thanks for your sympathy!

Marcob10152 karma

I hope you wore a condom.

How were the encounters with Alicia after that tragic event? I suppose it was really awkward to bump into her.

How did your parents react?

ipenis414 karma

My parents were more disappointed in the party being there without their knowledge and blamed my brother for the broken penis! hah. I got a new mustang out of the deal. A sympathy mustang always helps. Also, me and Alicia are still friends. It was just a drunk hookup. She was very sweet afterwards. Visited me in the hospital, brought me food etc. No more encounters with her though. I take full blame for what happened.

mr_startup142 karma

So, does it hurt now when you get an erection?

ipenis219 karma

not really. My erection isn't as rigidly hard anymore. It use to go straight north when erect, now it sticks straight east/west

Lt_Shniz132 karma

Does it feel any different from natural erections?

ipenis221 karma

yes very, I've lost a slight sensation that I used to recall. Also, my penis used to get so hard, it would slap against my stomach if I pulled it back and let go. My penis never gets above straight now.

ipenis98 karma

updated with a picture, I will attach medical records/memorabilia when I get home for work. Im sure the picture attached is going to be a running joke in my office now for years to come, but for you reddit, I obliged your requests. Please ask more questions if you have any

gogoravens97 karma

Is your penis any thicker when inflated?

ipenis108 karma

actually less so, unfortunately

deezil78 karma

Is the sex still good on a quality standpoint? Do you still have normal orgasms?

ipenis109 karma

its worse, but manageable. I do achieve normal orgasms.

daBedroomIntruder40 karma

Can you walk around with wood all day if you want then? Have you ever accidentally pushed the button?

ipenis101 karma

never accidentally pressed the button, its actually well hidden and kinda hard to press, but my girlfriend has mastered its' location and when she starts to get horny, she'll press it, actually pretty funny. Now all day, the inflatable ballon gets a little tired and deflated very, very slowly