Hi Reddit, this is Dr. Ferguson (@drferguson_critterfixervet) and Dr. Hodges (@drhodges_critterfixervet)! We’re looking forward to answering all your questions .

We’ve been best friends since college and now 20 years later we co-own two Critter Fixer Veterinary Hospital locations in rural Georgia - treating over 20,000 animals each year - and we also have our very own Nat Geo WILD show (season 3 premieres March 26 and catch up on previous seasons on Disney ) where we have a blast filming the antics of our vet hospital. We grew up around a variety of animal species in Georgia and discovered our passion for healing them at a young age. We both wrote our own books C Is For Critter Fixer by Dr. Ferguson, and Bet On Yourself: From Zero to Millions by Dr. Hodges. Outside of animals we share the same passion of mentoring young professionals in our neighborhood and helping our community in any way we can.

Dr. Ferguson here - I embarked on a career in veterinary medicine long before college, spending summers volunteering at local veterinary clinics. I then received my undergraduate degree from Fort Valley State University and later earned my DVM from Tuskegee College of Veterinary Medicine.

As for my (Dr. Hodges’) education, I too went to Fort Valley State University, and then earned my DMV from Tuskegee College of Veterinary Medicine, but at first I was particularly interested in aquatic species and pursued my undergraduate degree in fisheries biology before realizing my love and interest in animals expanded to all species.

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kingsfold69 karma

I've never seen your show but it sounds good. Right now I am sitting in my house crying because my hen is dying. She is 10 and my best friend. I feel like I'm falling apart. How do you deal with the emotional side of the job?

CritterFixer_DrH102 karma

Sorry to hear about your hen. I treat quite a few chickens, and they make amazing pets. There are definitely ups and downs to the job, but typically I try to think about the happy times. I'm sure you had 10 glorious years with this hen. She sounds amazing. Wishing you comfort in your time of grief.

frieska65 karma

I study animal nutrition and we often hear that vet students take maybe one or two semesters of nutrition courses. What would you say are the biggest gaps in knowledge concerning animal nutrition amongst veterinarians and pet owners? What kind of advice do you typically give clients about choosing food for their companion animals?

Kind of on that thread, if you could change anything about biology/animal science education, at any level, what would it be?

Thank you! Was so excited to see an AMA involving veterinary medicine and I'll have to check out the show :)

CritterFixer_DrH61 karma

Dr. Ferguson - I would say that nutrition maybe one of the least studied subjects in school, although it is definitely one of the most important. We rely heavily on animal nutritionist like yourself for information and case studies. I try to take it on a case basis. Try to be age specific and disease specific on my recommendations

rambleandromp53 karma

Can you tell us your most memorable and professionally fulfilling moment as a vet so far?

CritterFixer_DrH136 karma

Dr. Hodges - watching a kid who I first met when he was in 7th grade go on to vet school. I wrote his recommendation letter and watched him join this illustrious profession

CritterFixer_DrH115 karma

Dr. Ferguson - That is a touch one. The field of veterinary medicine is filled with fulfilling moments. I think the times when pets come in and it seems like it is not going to be a good ending, but we are able to get baby back to good health and reunite with owner. Those moments are so special. It shows how strong the human animal bond is.

fionasmom9649 karma

What is your next career goal as a team?

CritterFixer_DrH120 karma

We just bought a 150 acre farm, and our goal is to produce superior Angus cows and calves. Having our own farm has always been a dream of ours.

rambleandromp45 karma

What's the biggest mistake you see from pet owners/rescuers coming to you for help? Things we should be aware of to better help animals?

CritterFixer_DrH115 karma

Dr. Hodges - loving animals to death. Giving too many treats or giving animals human food. I know it's tempting, but try not to do that

rambleandromp29 karma

oh no, it's me :( she loves french fries

CritterFixer_DrH53 karma

Critter Fixer Dr. Ferguson - Oh no!! French Fries!!!

gingerkid201035 karma

I am thinking about a career change into veterinary medicine. I have a mild allergy to cats and dogs that just developed in the past 3ish years. I am also slightly concerned in the debt to salary ratio when you are finished up with school. Could you shed a little more light on your experience with that?

Thank you!

CritterFixer_DrH52 karma

Dr. Hodges - Those are worthy concerns. Tuition is definitely high these days, but veterinary salaries have also gone up over the years. Typically new veterinarians can still live a decent lifestyle even after those loan payments are made each month. Now the allergies may be a littler harder to overcome... You might want to look into large animal practice.

CritterFixer_DrH29 karma

Dr. Ferguson - I fully understand your concerns. The debt is certainly higher that when I graduated. The field of Veterinary Medicine is a rewarding career. Their are so many financial opportunities (within field). I am sure with your passion and drive, paying back student loan will not be a problem

jesskatesays34 karma

Medical and research science fields often note that low levels of diversity lead to negative outcomes for minority groups. With only 2% of veterinarians being black, how do you think that might impact animal care outcomes? Or in another words, what are the benefits of a more diverse field?

CritterFixer_DrH54 karma

Diversity benefits the profession. A diverse population brings different perspectives and outlooks, and helps us see things we might not have seen.

fionasmom9632 karma

Do you have pets of your own? If so, what kind?

CritterFixer_DrH72 karma

Dr. Hodges - I have a Cane Corso, a German Shepherd, 2 French Bulldogs and a bearded dragon. It's a full house over here!

fionasmom9630 karma

Are there any animals you’re scared of when they come into your office?

CritterFixer_DrH47 karma

Dr. Hodges here! I'm scared of the African Bush Viper! We had one come in the hospital, and this thing is one of the deadliest animals in the world. I was really scared that day

jesskatesays28 karma

What are your favorite “so ugly it’s cute” animals?

CritterFixer_DrH74 karma

Dr. Hodges - I think axolotls are the cutest

CritterFixer_DrH46 karma

Dr. Ferguson- Haha. That makes me laugh. I think I would say the sugar glider. They have huge bulging eyes, but at the same time they are so cute.

CritterFixer_DrH25 karma

Thanks so much for joining us today! We loved talking with all of you. Be sure to watch Critter Fixers on Nat Geo WILD and Disney+!

CritterFixer_DrH23 karma

Hi Reddit, it's Drs. Ferguson and Hodges! Thanks for signing on today - we're here, so Ask Me Anything!

fionasmom9616 karma

If you were to pursue another profession besides veterinary, what would it be?

CritterFixer_DrH38 karma

Dr. Hodges - I'd definitely be a rapper!

CritterFixer_DrH30 karma

Dr. Ferguson- I love athletics, particularly football. Having played in college I fell in love. If I wasn't a veterinarian I would be a coach.

raekira14 karma

Have you learned how to flip a pig? It was on Dr. Oakley, be a great crossover event!

CritterFixer_DrH20 karma

Dr. Ferguson - Since I injured myself last time out, I think I have aged out (old man) of these events LOL I think I will leave that to the young vets.

cryfi10 karma

What made you both want to go into veterinary medicine? Also was it hard to start in a field where so few people look like you?

CritterFixer_DrH26 karma

Critter Fixer Dr. Ferguson - I had the dreams of wanting to be a Veterinarian since the age of 8. Thanks to a childhood pet that was injured and I was able to nurse her back to health. It was difficult at times because their were not a lot of examples or mentors that were Veterinarians that looked like us.

CritterFixer_DrH23 karma

Dr. Hodges - I always loved animals, and I thought it would be amazing to help them. It was pretty hard to find acceptance, but if you really want something you have to go after it

PrivatePickle1097 karma

Do you like dino nuggets?

CritterFixer_DrH13 karma

Dr. Hodges - I've never had them, but I'll give them a try!

CritterFixer_DrH11 karma

Critter Fixer Dr. Ferguson They look delicious. How do they taste?

PrivatePickle10911 karma

They taste like chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs.

CritterFixer_DrH14 karma

Dr. Ferguson - Cool, I must try them.