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Category Nomination User
Best Question (that was answered) "What [does Carole Baskin] think happened to [her] missing husband?" u/jimmystt6
Most Awkward Question (that was answered) No winner (no nomination) -
Funniest Question (that was answered) "What was the best part of filming Rampart?" (Here's the context) u/najing_ftw
Best Overall AMA Topic It's Christmas Eve, and I'm a parish pastor. Ask me anything! u/revanon
Best Overall AMA Answer Most of what I do with most of my evenings, once my kids go to bed, is fire up Don Jon. u/hitrecordjoe_
Best Unanswered Question No winner (Unanswered) -
Most Unique AMA Topic (Crosspost) Hi, I'm Elizabeth Louise, a professional harpist who performed for 14 years for Walt Disney World's Victoria & Albert's Restaurant AMA OP (AMA): u/HarpistElizabeth; Crossposter: u/nonsenseword37
Moderator Picks and Honorable Mentions
Most Unique AMA Topic (#1 top 2021) I’m a lobster diver who recently survived being inside of a whale. AMA! u/bloxiefox
(#2 top 2021) I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and author of “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Ask Me Anything. u/thisisbillgates

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VectorRuse232 karma

wow, this is actually not that interesting at all.

Che006355 karma

How can we improve for next years Best Ofs?

ukimport212 karma

Bring back Victoria?

Che006327 karma

I am not in control of who is and isn't part of our moderator team. We nonetheless are doing our best to maintain r/IAmA as a high quality AMA place.

mur21654 karma

I don't want to use the word 'recap' (especially w this group) but maybe some high/low lights from the year? A quick review of some of the more popular threads? The top 5 up voted posts/comments/etc. Remind us what happened this past year.

Che006327 karma

Noted, thank you

EdgiPing41 karma

Why the Nomination Thread doesn't show the number of votes on the actual nominations?

Che006322 karma

Thanks for reminding me. Contest mode has been turned off. You should be able to see the nominations

Trumpers4Treason15 karma

What do you mean Steven Segal isn't in here?

Che00638 karma

There was no nominations for it. Apart from mod-picks this is completely community driven

Hot-Moose487915 karma

Jesus this place went downhill since Victoria.

Che00639 karma

How can we improve?