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Diet_Coke62 karma

How did they seize your cryptocurrency, would you have been able to save it if you had anticipated the raid?

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Jerry1388856 karma

What kind of encryption had you used? We need more info here on what they cracked!

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AppleDashPoni102 karma

"proprietary cryptography" there's your problem. Use open standards. Never roll your own. If you're using public, open standards like RSA, AES, PGP, and related things, nobody can crack them without the key, not even the government. Either you had no/useless encryption or had the keys stored somewhere, or had been keylogged or something similar. edit: Or were using an insecure password that was easy to guess.

Adventurous-Edge2787-6 karma

I didn't say that's all I used, did I? I'm aware that proprietary cryptographic methods shouldn't be used alone but in parallel with other methods and they were. But again, once they have your devices, they have it all.