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KosherKittens772 karma

If someone says a "your mom" joke, does it hurt twice as much?

HumusAmongUs382 karma

haha. It should right?

guitartablelamp554 karma

Do you and your moms ever talk about girls the way a son and his dad would? Or do you all turn around when a pretty girl walks by?

edit: I didn't mean as if sons and fathers talk about girls like they would with their buddies at the bar, I was trying to ask whether there was a connection between there seeing that he and his moms all like women. Maybe it can be embarrassing, but it's a bond nonetheless.

HumusAmongUs620 karma

interesting and appropriately worded question. I do not speak about girls in a sexual or pejorative manner to my moms or anyone else. I don't think my parents are attracted to the same women I am attracted to. I don't find Ellen attractive. my parents are in their late 50s, I'm 24.

qwertytwo357 karma

Why do you think a son and his dad would talk about girls in a sexual or pejorative manner?

HumusAmongUs268 karma

hmm, interesting point. I believe I should retract that statement. You are right. I believe I just don't know what a father and son talk about in regards to women. I just assume it is similar to how most men talk to each other about women.

kingore1472 karma

do you call them both mom? has there ever been any confusion with this?

HumusAmongUs1021 karma

hahahha. YES!! When I was younger I called one "momma" and the other "mommy." However, as I got older I found this to be too childish. The number of times I said "Mom. NO, not you the other one!" millions

EverySingleDay1257 karma

Ever consider assigning them UUIDs?

You know, just to future-proof the problem. In case you get more moms.

flexiblecoder224 karma

Programming joke got downvoted. :( Have an upvote!

michaelrohansmith119 karma

He should just hash them. Sha1 is highly regarded for this purpose.

Lindby207 karma

I fail to see how hashing helps. They are both known as "mom" and hashing that will generate the same hash for both of them.

sha1 of "mom" in hex -> e5e0213249cd5bd8fb9d09bb50854072d3dfa7db

HumusAmongUs479 karma

Im so lost on this thread...

Splitlimes331 karma

M1 and M2. Solved. Then they can act like the bananas in pajamas

[deleted]122 karma

as a lesbian with a partner whose name is very similar to mine - I often wonder what we will do about this when the time comes!

HumusAmongUs143 karma

yeah, it is what it is, confusing. momma and mommy worked well in early childhood.

MonkeyNacho111 karma

I find this to be incredibly endearing. Your family sounds delightful. Thanks for doing this AMA.

HumusAmongUs105 karma

you are welcome. Thanks for your kind words.

questionsquared360 karma

Did you ever go on family vacations? did people treat you differently b/c there were two moms ?

Did you ever get the impression that your parents were always conscious to avoid any situations where things might get hairy due to homophobia or something?

HumusAmongUs594 karma

Good questions.

  1. yes, of course we went on family vacations. I remember my parents complaining about how we received strange looks in Paris and how restaurants gave us poor service. I don't really remember any other time when I received poor treatment.

  2. YEAH. My parents went to enroll me in grade school and the principal told them to enroll me in a different school because that school did not take kindly to "people like you." fucking crazy. So I went to a super liberal grade school in a different school district. I didn't know about this until much later in life.

Ewan_Whosearmy1135 karma

we received strange looks in Paris and how restaurants gave us poor service

I can assure you that this had nothing to do with the sexual orientation of your parents...

HumusAmongUs23 karma

hahaha. I have been back since and I agree. That is just what my parents said.

KNessJM85 karma

What school was it that rejected you? Curious Oregonian here.

HumusAmongUs147 karma

Crest Elementary. And they did not reject me, they suggested my parents to take me somewhere else. different.

lilzilla356 karma

behind my moms' back

I would like to officially acknowledge and commend you for your correct apostrophe use. Keep up the good work, young man!

HumusAmongUs234 karma

Thank you. I'm typing so fast I must be making a myriad of errors. I graduated college and not university of Phoenix

gypsywhisperer287 karma

Was the mother who supplied the egg also the mother who carried you?

HumusAmongUs262 karma


Waterrat248 karma

Were you bullied in school because of this or made fun of?

HumusAmongUs430 karma

Yeah, at times. I live in a pretty liberal community, LIKE REALLY LIBERAL COMMUNITY, so there was not a lot of bullying, but some

Waterrat80 karma

I'm glad of that...People can be real asshats at times. Sounds like you've done quite well.

HumusAmongUs77 karma

I do what I can

Gonoan209 karma

Couple ones for me. Did you have a Male role model? If not do you think you missed out on any male bonding stuff? Did you get made fun of? Has it ever embarrassed you?

HumusAmongUs316 karma

Never been embarrassing. EVER. I never really had a male role model. Most, pretty much all, of my friends were/are boys. So if I missed out on anything, I wouldn't know

Gonoan98 karma

awesome thanks for answering!

HumusAmongUs135 karma

You are very welcome

[deleted]205 karma

Hey, it's cool you're doing this. I'm a gay chick in PDX thinking about maybe marrying my girlfriend someday as if it's no big thing. It's weird how far we've come, huh? Kudos to your mothers for raising a bitchin' kid and you for being a loving son.

(I admit, I'm a little choked up reading how much you love your moms. As a small girl, I never thought this sort of thing was possible).

HumusAmongUs205 karma

I wrote my college paper for the common app. on having lesbian parents. I love them so dearly; I am forever in debt for the lessons and love they have provided for me. I couldn't imagine life any other way

BiggieOrTupac202 karma

Biggie Or Tupac?

HumusAmongUs363 karma

The flow side of me says Biggie, the west coast in me says Tupac. Biggie

darbywithers190 karma

How do you feel about the politics surrounding Gay Marriage, specifically the argument made by opponents that same sex couples can't raise a child properly?

HumusAmongUs405 karma

Well, I graduated a top 50 small liberal arts school, making the deans list the last two years. I work 4 jobs at the moment and most people I meet seem to like me. I would say that argument is pretty idiotic and uneducated. Almost as idiotic and uneducated as 'gay parents raise gay children...'

darbywithers187 karma

Have you ever been in a political discussion of that nature and got to be like, "well, actually"....

HumusAmongUs457 karma

YES!!! I have had maybe one or two debates with conservatives that had those spurious beliefs. The line "well, my parents are lesbians, and I'm straight" has a lot of clout.

psychgirl88152 karma

How do they try to respond?

HumusAmongUs546 karma

it's usually so shocking they clam up and back down. I also am 6ft 3in 200 lbs. It's pretty intimidating when I get heated about an issue. That comment is, in my memory, the end of the conversation.

TehCodis180 karma

How old now? Curious what kind of reactions you got from both teachers and classmates growing up.

HumusAmongUs490 karma

Im 24 years old. I graduated college two years ago. Teachers LOVE IT. girls LOVE IT. It has honestly been my pickup line for the last few years.

nerddtvg116 karma

How exactly does that pickup line work?

I just don't see it...

HumusAmongUs585 karma

pickup line is the wrong word. I usually just tell a girl within the first few minutes of meeting them that my "moms" do or said something interesting or funny. this leads to "moms?" which leads to success. sometimes...

stupidgroupie166 karma

I just wanted to let you know that, when it comes to lawyer couples who work together, I know your feel bro.

Do you think that two attorney parents has made it easier or harder to argue with them or other people? I always got cross-examined when I was in trouble.

HumusAmongUs229 karma

FUCK, always. Somehow my lie would unravel and I would end up contradicting myself.

cassieee159 karma

How did your moms decide which one would conceive and carry you? I feel like that's an awfully hard decision to make.

HumusAmongUs165 karma

you know, I don't know the answer to that. I never asked them. Sorry, some obvious questions I just have not thought to ask.

Thespianna136 karma

This is awesome! I'm a huge suporter of LGBT rights, and seeing someone like you--a successful human being who happened to have same-sex parents--makes me happy to know that all of the lies that get thrown around about children of same-sex couples are total crap. :)

That being said, I come from a very conservative hometown and haven't encountered anyone in this situation before, so please excuse my ignorance if any of these questions seem obvious or offensive!

Do you feel at all cheated out of having a father? Do you ever wish that you had been raised in the "typical" mother/father family situation?

Do you have any siblings? If so, did your parents use the same sperm donor and did the same parent carry you (and supply the eggs)?

What would you say has been the most rewarding thing about being raised by a same-sex couple?

Thanks for the AMA!

HumusAmongUs205 karma

Do you feel at all cheated out of having a father? Do you ever wish that you had been raised in the "typical" mother/father family situation?

never, EVER. I am so lucky to have parents that care about me, whatever their gender

Do you have any siblings? If so, did your parents use the same sperm donor and did the same parent carry you (and supply the eggs)?

I feel more cheated because I never had any siblings. I really wanted a brother or sister. My parents said that they loved me so much they couldn't imagine having another child.

What would you say has been the most rewarding thing about being raised by a same-sex couple?

Women really like me to begin with and they like me even more when they learn my parents are lesbians.

Thespianna47 karma

Very cool, thanks for the answers! And I have to agree with you about having loving parents, no matter what their genders may be. Many, many kids aren't so lucky. And I could definitely see this being a plus with women! :) Again, thanks for the AMA!

HumusAmongUs67 karma

Think about kids that have a single mother or single father. Sounds much more difficult. And thank you for your kind words.

InternetMakesMeThink136 karma

Do religious assholes ever come up to you and try to say what your parents believe in is wrong? Or say that you are "a spawn from evil"?

HumusAmongUs632 karma

I have a christian fundamentalist aunt. She has never said a word... She enjoys living.

wiltimermort107 karma

Did you ever have "The sex talk" with your moms?

HumusAmongUs199 karma

that was awful. They would get their male friends to talk with me sometimes. My moms got me a book and told me to read it. They should have talked to me more about sex, honestly. I just remember it being awkward, but I do not think that had anything to do with their gender, just I felt awkward about it.

herderbyken100 karma

Are you still in contact with the 'friend' who was the donor? Do you refer to him as family?

HumusAmongUs275 karma

HELLLLL NO. Sperm Donor. In his emails, he wants me to call him "dad." I don't have a father. I have two mothers. I do have a sperm donor, that's him. I have emailed him a handful of times over the last few years. never any real interest in getting to know him. the comments below go into more detail.

Tzeentch9997 karma

Has it made you extremely good with women? I mean you were sort of surrounded by women growing up so you have a behind enemy lines so to speak view.

Do you think you aren't very masculine because of this? There is a great line in Fight Club about we are a society of men raised by women. Do you feel you have more feminine behaviors/characteristics having been raised only by women and not having a male role model?

HumusAmongUs172 karma

Firstly, Yes. I can sweet-talk a middle aged woman better than anyone I know. Girls my age love it when I tell them my parents are lesbians.

Secondly, I played football and basketball in high school. You would probably describe me as pretty masculine-certainly you would not say that I am feminine. Remember, all my friends were boys. I had a lot of male influence from my friends growing up. I can't fix anything and I don't know the first thing about cars if you want to call that a "feminine behavior."

chicarrones96 karma

One day my partner and I are going to be moms together. What advice do you have from us from the child perspective?

HumusAmongUs181 karma

have two children, at least. I really wish I had a sibling. Explain things to your child at a young age. AND GET LEGAL CUSTODY FOR BOTH YOU AND YOUR PARTNER, if possible. my parents are both lawyers and figured it out, but I think it is important. if you have any specific questions I would be happy to answer!

Tm076 karma

A little personal, but curious, have you been part of a study? So far random ones have been done, they show some difference between other males. Usually heightened levels of compassion, and dedication towards things.

Do you feel the above is accurate for you?

HumusAmongUs113 karma

never been apart of a study. Never knew any existed, really. I think I have strong levels of compassion and love. This is totally my opinion and has no factual basis, but compared to my friends, I think I am more balanced than the average male. Totally subjective

Also, I am pretty open and expressive. I have no problem telling people I love them whether it's a girlfriend or a family friend or a friend. But maybe that's just how I am.

Tm039 karma

A lot of studies go around randomly about single parent mothers, and most of the time they co-inside with dual parent mothers. It's a lot about the social stigma is being raised, ie, how dad's tell kids not to cry, but mothers tend to let the kids cry it out when young. Stuff like that is thought to make a real difference later in life.

So maybe the fact you are so open is because of it.

Curious extremely unrelated, and there is no studies that I know of that back this, but do you have a strong self image of yourself? Or are you very self conscious. I'll stop bugging you after that one :P

HumusAmongUs83 karma

Please, do not think of yourself as bugging. I am 6ft 3in, 200 lbs. both my parents are attorneys, they make a good amount of money. I graduated from a top liberal arts school. I work 5 jobs trying to make it in this shitty job market. I would say I'm too self confident, bordering on cocky. I think I need to tone it down a little and this has nothing to do with my parents, just me.

EDIT: I have 4 part-time jobs, but sometimes I hit a wrong key. My B

jbg8972 karma

I don't know who you are but I'm proud of you.

HumusAmongUs158 karma

I don't know who you are either, but I'm sure I would be proud of you too

supergalactic62 karma

My dad was raising me to be the kind of man he was. When he passed away, my mom and my sister raised me to be the kind of man they want a woman to be with.

HumusAmongUs21 karma

haha. Lovely wording.

anniexlol51 karma

Were your moms' friends with your biological father before he filed the court petition. What I'm asking is, did you meet him? are you still in contact with him?

HumusAmongUs76 karma

I was in weekly contact with him until I was in the second grade. I then stopped seeing him. I asked my parents a few weeks later why I wasn't seeing him anymore and they explained. I have not spoken with him since. He has attempted to get in contact with me my whole life. emails, bday presents, showing up randomly at my basketball games. Trying like hell to get in contact with me. Never really had much desire to talk to him.

jbh135751 karma

what is your favorite kind of cheese?

HumusAmongUs107 karma

goat cheese

bacon_butter45 karma

Do you have a fun mom and a strict mom? (or are they pretty united in parenting you?) If so, in what ways? (I initially wanted to ask which one is which, but I realized I don't know either of them.)

HumusAmongUs63 karma

both are somewhat loose. They are lawyers, so when I fuck up, I GOT DRILLED, but overall I would say they let me do what I wanted growing up, within reason of course. They gave me a lot of freedom.

Aulio27 karma

Couple questions:

What was it like when you had friends over who's parents would come to meet your parents? Did they react differently when they saw that you had two mothers or were they accepting of it?

Did people in school act differently towards you because you had lesbian parents or did not many know? I have a close friend who was raised by two men and I've never seen any hate towards him, so I was wondering what it was like where you grew up.

HumusAmongUs49 karma

  1. my community is so liberal, I do not remember any weird parent-to-parent interactions.

  2. everyone knew. my community is so liberal, and I am 6ft 200lbs, and I was always a HUGE kid growing up, I don't think anyone dared to make a mean comment. When I was older, one kid made fun of me once, but that was only once.