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Huge fan, I'm the guy who made the first College Freshman and I would like to give you some closure about it. I'll give you the low down on how your fame came to be.

About seven months ago I was about to enter college and do a scholarship program. I was nervous like any college freshman and wanted to joke about the things I did. On this fateful day I decided to google "College Freshman" and find the first image that looked good. After uploading it to quickmeme I tossed a caption on it and uploaded to reddit. I never thought it would take off the way it did but over the next few days I saw something I did blossom into something all over reddit.

Anyway, do you still have the hoodie?

EDIT: It appears the people of Know Your Meme have another picture attributed to being the first. They clicked on "oldest" in the "featured" category. They should have used the "upcoming" link as seen here.

EDIT 2: Know Your Meme has been updated and corrected.

gtk18650 karma

Not sure if this is legit or not, but the first time I received any sort of info on me being a meme was at the end of July last year so there's a chance that this is true. No I don't have the hoodie. Thanks I think.

Vaypo1223 karma

What was the original intent for this picture? Some sort of brochure, or school website or something?

gtk181682 karma

It was an interview for Reader's Digest I did as a freshman. The topic was people that are in touch with technology, and since I played Halo and had a laptop and a Sidekick, I was allegedly in touch with technology. The caption under the photo was something like "College freshman Griffin Kiritsy... blah blah" and it went on Reader's Digest online, and subsequently entered into the web forever.

AbanoMex1150 karma

i think you are pretty cool, even if you die everytime.

gtk181639 karma

Great question... thanks though.

ogin993 karma

What are your plans or ambitions for life after memedom?

gtk182235 karma

Who says I'm going to let my memedom die? I plan on being the College Freshman until .... I die.


  1. In what ways has being a meme had a negative effect on your life?

  2. Also, positive?

  3. Have you had intercourse as a direct result of the fame?

Thank you!

gtk181718 karma

I haven't really had any negative effects from it. People have come up to me and recognized me as "that guy" but other than a few hundred random friend requests and follower requests there hasn't been too much of a positive effect either. I haven't had intercourse as a direct result of my internet fame either. Yet.

Tropist516 karma

How often do people ask if you are GGG? Because I would totally do that. Just to be a dick.

gtk18608 karma

Not often... UNH isn't a big school so people have a general idea of who I am and what I look like. But I'm sure people like yourself (who, I'm assuming, know memes well) have probably had similar thoughts.

heymanitspikachu878 karma

It's an honor, sir. Do you ever find yourself laughing at your own meme?

gtk181518 karma

Absolutely... People that make them are a lot funnier than me and I've seen so many of them played out over the years that it's impossible not to.

h413y850 karma

How did you discover that you were a meme?

gtk181318 karma

My brother's friend from California (a dedicated redditor) posted a link to his wall with the simple question, "Hey is this your brother?" ... And it was.

yeahyouhearme822 karma

Do people run up to you and say "you're that meme!"? And if they do, is it awkward?

gtk181388 karma

Yeah the conversation usually goes like this: "Hey! You're that meme guy!" (pronounced may-may) and I respond: "Yeah, that's me." And they say something to the tune of: "Cool." Then we part ways.

CaptainChewbacca809 karma

Have you seen Rampart? Do you want us to?

gtk18936 karma

No and it has Woody Harrelson so yes.

redpoemage806 karma

How did your Freshman year go?

gtk181338 karma

It was cool. Met a lot of my best friends in the dorm and failed a couple classes. Hence being on the 4.5 year plan.

DankFrank700 karma

What were you listening to when the picture was taken?

gtk181038 karma

Nothing. It was just for the shoot so the phone was off.

ruready4thepenis700 karma

Lets say that the doctor has given you 24 hours to live. On the way home a mysterious man appears on the street that has some crazy, mystical powers. The man offers you a second chance at life, but in return you have to grant him permission to magically turn all of your freshman meme photos into an equally popular meme about moms doing anal. Then he presents to you a picture of your mom naked getting nailed in the ass. Very hardcore and very recognizable as your mom. What do you choose?

gtk181735 karma

Gets presented with these options... Dies.

cuppehcake678 karma

how many of those memes actually happened to you when you were a freshman?

gtk181549 karma

The laundry jokes, the bragging about parties I went to, and all of the dying ones happened to me. I did have some posters in my room but they were generic sports posters and shit like that. I also made at least a few friends eating at the dining hall by myself, but I don't like admitting that.

warmfun619 karma

Can we be together? I'm a man by the way.

gtk18978 karma


bnghle234616 karma

Griffin, you have a great name. What's your middle name?

gtk181052 karma

So creepy.

WaterYouDoing572 karma

Have you moved yet?

gtk18995 karma

This is a super creepy question.

TheAtomicPlayboy557 karma

Would it have killed you to do the same pose for verification?

gtk181212 karma

Yes. The second photo almost killed me. A third would have been too painful.

kellephant536 karma

What was/is your major?

Do you fear your internet fame will effect job prospects?

gtk18894 karma

I'm an English major, and I think it will probably either be a neutral effect or a positive one. I've been able to make a lot of connections from people just in the last couple weeks, so hopefully it'll be just a positive effect.

redman587530 karma

favorite meme besides yourself?

gtk181095 karma

Success Kid, Philosiraptor, and Joseph Ducreaux are all pretty awesome. I feel compelled to be well-versed in meme culture so seeing some of the shitty ones on the Facebook pages all over the place is pretty frustrating.

ApeWithACellphone449 karma

Have you seen any shitty ones of yourself?

gtk18910 karma

Yeah, people that don't know what my meme is supposed to be are pretty hilarious when they try.

strongscience62514 karma

What advice can you give to incoming college freshman so they don't get themselves killed?

gtk181031 karma

Never, ever, play beirut with any sort of hard liquor. So many popped blood vessels and there was puke EVERYWHERE.

Carninator415 karma

Who should play you in the upcoming Hollywood production?

gtk181076 karma

Michael Cera... I'm easily as socially awkward as he seems to be.

[deleted]383 karma


gtk18893 karma

I just look Asian when I smile. That's not racist. Just a fact.

johnsmcjohn371 karma

Do you still have the sidekick from the picture?

gtk18569 karma

I think I do somewhere. I haven't thrown it out as far as know.

Phoozle90659 karma

If you sign it, it'll probably be worth thousands of dollars one day

WhizardHat1015 karma


SundayVerdict879 karma

Ones of dollars.

GreatBosh629 karma

I'd buy that for a dollar!

gtk1891 karma


SdstcChpmnk345 karma

Do you know who did it? Who made you into the internet starlet that you are today?

gtk18561 karma

Nope. Some random person found the photo online and used it as far as I know. If it was someone I know, they have yet to tell me.

pajamakitten344 karma

How much shit did you get for being a meme?

gtk18709 karma

Half my friends hate it a lot, and half of them think it's hilarious. I've definitely taken a lot of shit for it though.

DharmaBeer308 karma

Which one is your favorite?

gtk18819 karma

Easily "Buys All Recommended Textbooks." When I got back to school this year I saw so many freshman going into the store before classes started and getting all their books. It was hilarious.

webby_mc_webberson236 karma

I understand you're a senior now. What are you going to do when you graduate?

gtk18479 karma

Nothing in my field. English was a pipe dream that never panned out. Hopefully sales of some sort... I was a business major before I switched.

Hurricane_Viking121 karma

What do you think would happen if you and Sheltered College Freshman girl got together?

gtk18475 karma

She's hot. Sex.

Austin_Destroyer39 karma

If you could be any other meme, who/what would you be?

gtk18211 karma

GGG probably. There's really no one on the internet that wants him to die. Everyone wants me to die.