I hope this works, because this could be a good time...here's the link to watch: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/scottbradlee

Just type requests to me here, and I'll keep refreshing the page.

This is an experiment, so let me know if the sound, etc. is working.


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scottbradlee212 karma

i think ragtime radiohead deserves an upvote. just sayin

scottbradlee142 karma

Thanks for watching, everyone! That was CRAZY. I definitely didn't expect 700+ people watching. Thanks for teaching me the 'pokemon' theme song, too.

I'm going to try to do this again- I will give advance notice on my facebook page.

Later, Scott

thesneakysnake131 karma

You making a ragtime album of popular songs = shutup and take my money. Really, your stream is phenomenal.

scottbradlee92 karma

look me up on itunes- i have a medley of 20!

scottbradlee100 karma

wow. those are a lot of songs. i need a tip jar

scottbradlee46 karma

if you've been enjoying this, give me a "like" on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/scottbradleemusic

AlisVolatPropriis34 karma

my son just said you could even make bieber sound good LOL

AlisVolatPropriis34 karma

he said you play like a god.

he's 8 by the way! you made his night!

scottbradlee24 karma

thats awesome!!

Christenah19 karma

Anyway you could do Bad touch by Bloodhound gang or Sir mix alot, Big butts ? =P . I know someone who'd really appreciate it and I'm taping this for her

scottbradlee15 karma

whats her name?

scottbradlee6 karma

more requests! lets do this