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Our new book, The Stowaway, went on sale this week (shorturl.at/qvCKT), and we'd love to chat about it with you. We'll leave the full description below, but in short, we think R.L. Stine sums it up best: "Trapped on a cruise ship with a twisted murderer onboard. Intense horror. Frightening suspense. A true mystery. Lots of twists and turns. What more could you want? This is my kind of book!"

So have at it... ask us anything!

Two years ago, Maria Fontana, the head of the Psychology Department at Columbia University, sat on a jury for one of the most depraved cases ever to pass through the hallowed halls of City Hall. Wyatt Butler, an antique watch restorer and alleged serial killer, was portrayed in the courtroom as a brutal monster. But Maria had to make the tough choice. In good conscience, she couldn't convict him based purely on circumstantial evidence, and her deciding vote set Wyatt Butler free. The media soon outed her as the lone juror and her successful and quaint life was turned upside down. The victims of Wyatt's ritualistic killings never forgave her either.

Now, she and her family have decided to take a vacation to get away from everything: a two-week-long transatlantic cruise. Nothing, and nobody should be able to bother her there. With her two twins and her fiancé Steve, she is set to put the past behind her as soon as the ship leaves port. But when a passenger mysteriously disappears, Maria is left to wonder if maybe this was no coincidence. When another passenger is discovered brutally murdered in a similar way to Butler’s ritualistic MO, the ship goes on lockdown.

Maria, one of only twelve people in the world with intimate knowledge of the case, faces a perilous ticking clock. Is it a copycat? Or is she trapped on board with the bloodthirsty maniac she chose to set free?

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SPP_TheChoiceForMe28 karma

Hey Murr! I recently found out you had children and wanted to say congrats! My question is: do you expect this to have any impact on future seasons of Impractical Jokers?

Jamesmurrayofficial20 karma

That's my boy!

Jamesmurrayofficial18 karma

Huge thanks to all our fans for the fun questions! And definitely pick up a copy of our new serial killer thriller THE STOWAWAY - you will absolutely love it!

Amazon: shorturl.at/hnJ69

Audio book: https://www.audible.com/pd/The-Stowaway-Audiobook/1250790034

Autographed copies: https://jamesmurrayofficial.com/book-events/

ishabowa18 karma

How did you get such a hot wife?

Jamesmurrayofficial40 karma

I'm funny

PainWouldntStop15 karma

murr how do you feel knowing that you made all of our days because of everything you do? i just wanna say thank you man, i appreciate it.

Jamesmurrayofficial9 karma

Appreciate you too!

IceNecessary933710 karma

is your balding head a sign of high intelligence?

Jamesmurrayofficial16 karma


ishabowa9 karma

How many seasons do you think the show will last?

Jamesmurrayofficial14 karma

Hopefully many more

Rulerofthedeep7 karma

Hey Murr when does filming for the next season of Jokers start?

Jamesmurrayofficial16 karma


Illustrious-Talk-3487 karma

Hi murr will you ever go skydiving again? Your best is the best on tv hands down!!

Jamesmurrayofficial10 karma

No chance in hell

Phandroid19917 karma

Why does Sal always take you down with him?

Jamesmurrayofficial26 karma

He has no cartiledge in his knees

Pepsi-Bear6 karma

Do you ever get embarrassed by the stuff you’re writing. I like to write stories and ideas for tv shows that come to my mind for fun, but sometimes I feel like everything I’m writing is stupid, and I get really embarrassed. It kind of feels like everyone I know is right behind me watching me write, and they all hate it. Is there any way to overcome this?

Jamesmurrayofficial9 karma

Don't get embarrassed! Keep at it and know that you can do this!!

paladyr6 karma

Will Sal and Q ever find love?

Jamesmurrayofficial16 karma

With each other?

Superslayer716 karma

Murr when are you coming to do a show on Long Island?

Jamesmurrayofficial11 karma

How's Tuesday?

manoj_mi55 karma

How is work after marriage?

Jamesmurrayofficial7 karma

Both are great!

theglovedoesntfittho5 karma

Hey Murr! How hard is it to film IJ nowadays with how popular you guys have become?

Jamesmurrayofficial9 karma

Harder for sure, but we're trying!

gamecrazyh5 karma

Hey Murr! Huge fan of Impractical Jokers. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing fun and laughter to an otherwise very dark time in this world.

Is there a fan experience from going on your solo tours or touring with the rest of the guys that sticks out in your mind as an absolute favorite? (also, my sisters want to know if the tattoo on your leg is real. They don't believe me.) Loving the new book, BTW!

Jamesmurrayofficial5 karma

Madison Square Garden was probably the best night of our lives!

manoj_mi55 karma

Will you ever take library scenes again?

Jamesmurrayofficial18 karma

We got kicked out of that university because of the library bit

_geordiegirl5 karma

Has anything scary happened to you at all at sea?

Jamesmurrayofficial4 karma

Yes! The Stowaway! A serial killer on a cruise ship: https://www.amazon.com/Stowaway-Novel-James-Murray/dp/1250263654

Cherish_x0x05 karma

What made you guys want to write? 📚

Jamesmurrayofficial8 karma

We love creating thrillers that scare people and have a great mystery to them. The Stowaway is so so good. It'll keep you guessing to the very end who the killer is!

sylhkc4 karma

Hi Murr and Darren!! I’m looking forward to your book!! Any ETA on when the new season of IJ will air?? I was laughing my butt off when you and the boys were in Dover, NJ. I grew up 5 minutes away from there in Rockaway!! Lol!

Jamesmurrayofficial6 karma

Next year!

AlcibiadesBro4 karma

What has been your most memorable fan interaction?

Jamesmurrayofficial12 karma

A dude asking me at halftime at Giants stadium in the mens room if I was filming the show

ishabowa3 karma

Worst punishment ever for you?

Jamesmurrayofficial10 karma


tammym19723 karma

Murr! How do you guys decide who is punished on Impractical Jokers? I know it's not based on who wins or loses and is pre determined. And also why are you and Sal punished more than Joe for example? Is it because he is shameless? Thank you for your time!

Jamesmurrayofficial8 karma

When one of us uses the bathroom, the other guys secretly plan their punishments!

Cherish_x0x03 karma

If you guys could of gave joe gatto a tattoo what would you make him get?

Jamesmurrayofficial11 karma

I'd tattoo Sal's face over Joe's

Kit_Kat_2463 karma

Hey! I have tickets to see you in Florida and I was trying to buy backstage tour with you but it sold out. Do you know if you will have more? I would love to meet yall.

Jamesmurrayofficial8 karma

Reach out to Joe Turrigiano at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and hopefully he can help you out

ElJraldo3 karma

Hey murr, was there ever a punishment on the show that never aired? And if so what was and who was the punishment for?

Jamesmurrayofficial9 karma

Only one. They made me ride a mechanical bull. Ultimately we thought it looked like too much fun

CaptanSpaulding3 karma

Will there be another season of Dinner Party? My wife is dying to know!

Jamesmurrayofficial4 karma

We hope so!

Bun_Flipper3 karma

Hey Murr I have to ask when did u start balding ?

Jamesmurrayofficial9 karma

At birth

DiamondGirl4733 karma

Hi Murr! I came to your trivia night a month or so ago to promote the new book. I'm looking forward to receiving my copy! You are such a sweetheart! I'm an A&E writer and would love to interview you about the new novel. What's the best way to get in touch with you to set up something?

Jamesmurrayofficial2 karma

Reach out to Nicole at [email protected]

RagnelI3 karma

hey fellas how’s it going?

Jamesmurrayofficial6 karma


ms98nyg3 karma

Other than crydiving, what was the worst thing the other guys have done to you on the show? Love ya Murr!

Jamesmurrayofficial10 karma

My drivers license still has no eyebrows

northernsimp3 karma

If all four of you got into a street fight, who'd win?

Jamesmurrayofficial9 karma


NumroUno2 karma

Hey Murr big fan, i got a question and a request if you mind, where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years time do you think that you’ll publish more books? and the request is can you say “Hey Mohammed what’s up?” thanks

Jamesmurrayofficial7 karma

Totally - I have 3 more books coming out next year - a kids book series called Area 51 Interns. And Darren are are working on new thrillers now

JrzyGrlinGA2 karma

Hey Murr & Darren! It's Beth. Just wanted to say thanks again for the book launch & after party Tuesday night. Did you keep celebrating after it ended? LOL!!

Jamesmurrayofficial6 karma

We opened a bottle of wine and watched a movie!

JrzyGrlinGA2 karma

Nice!! What movie?

Jamesmurrayofficial6 karma


Dazzl1ngHaz32 karma

If you guys had a lightsaber battle who would fight for the light and who the dark?!?

Jamesmurrayofficial3 karma

Dark side all the way, and I'd win

Majestic-Drummer-4232 karma

How are you murr?

Jamesmurrayofficial4 karma

Lovely, you?

threewhiteroses2 karma

Hey! What unexpected ways has covid changed the way you film since you interact with strangers for the most part?

Also, welcome to the area! Hoping to run into you sometime.

Jamesmurrayofficial5 karma

Lots of filming restrictions!

Bshillz2 karma

Will you and the guys ever come to Philly and film there for IJ?!

Jamesmurrayofficial5 karma

I'm appearing on Friday in Collegeville PA (not far from Philly) meeting fans and signing books! You should come: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meet-murr-at-the-towne-book-center-collegeville-pa-tickets-170150090501

K9NM2 karma

Do you know if any more tour dates will be added to the new tour?

Also, if you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jamesmurrayofficial5 karma

Yes! And Star Trek Voyager

Lauren_7141 karma

Are meet and greets still a thing? If so how do we purchase tickets

Jamesmurrayofficial2 karma

I am the only one that still does meet and greets. You can find them here: https://jamesmurrayofficial.com/murr-meet-greet/

souljap0nyboy1 karma

What does your wife think of your ferret tattoo?

Jamesmurrayofficial6 karma

Her favorite thing

paladyr1 karma

Are you the hardest working joker?

Jamesmurrayofficial10 karma

Best looking for sure

Kaptainkarl761 karma

What is your opinion on GoBots?

Jamesmurrayofficial2 karma

Transformers all the way!

GotVengeance1 karma

Hey Murr! Any plans to have live shows in Canada?

Jamesmurrayofficial5 karma

Niagara Falls next year and more to come

confrin1 karma

Murr what was your first reaction when you saw impractical jokers the movie ?

Jamesmurrayofficial5 karma

Very proud we were able to pull it off