Hi reddit, Terrarians, musos - I'm a total noob here, but ready to rock - should be good for an hour or so of questions - AMA...

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Hey all - we're having a major thunderstorm here in Australia at the moment and I'm running on backup power so must go - thanks to rathat and everybody for your questions - this was great!

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Cool! You're an Aussie! Australia seems to be going through an indie games boom at the moment.

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Actually, still an American citizen and permanent resident here.

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You're from Australia? Awesome.

Besides Terraria, what game do you think has the best soundtrack? Hard mode: Can't say Bastion.

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I'm a huge Jeremy Soule fan, but it would be hard to pick a favorite from his work. I think Laura Shigihara (Zombies On Your Lawn) is a genius, Koji Kondo (Zelda) rocks, and the Portal 2 soundtrack is right up there, too.

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FUCK. The main overworld theme is stuck in my head now. I HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME IN A MONTH FOR FUCKS SAKE.

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Imagine how I feel...they're all stuck in my head.

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Hi - glad you like the music - ReLogic would have to make that decision. They saw my post on an indie game developer forum, and asked if I would be interested (which I was immediately after seeing some graphics and playing through a very early build - I was slain. A lot.) ReLogic is a very small team, and the budget was pretty low. They were great to work with - very creative and totally professional. Laziness probably inspired me - I play guitar and piano, and was not very motivated to learn a lot of other pieces, so I just started making up stuff, which is pretty much how I still go about it. I mainly live in Logic land, although Reason is a lot of fun as well, but in a different way.

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Do you ReWire Reason through Logic?

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Mostly, yes. Sometimes I'll start something in Reason, export it as audio, and continue working on it in Logic.

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Hello! I love your music! (for Terraria, at least; I haven't heard the rest)

  • Is there any way that people who own Terraria to get its soundtrack for free without having to dig through Terraria's files? Would you be okay with this/is it your decision?

  • How much money do you get for making the music?

  • What inspired you to become a music composer?

  • What equipment do you use?

Sorry if my questions come across as rude or demanding, I always seem to do that :\

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Nothing rude or demanding at all - no worries.

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Somewhat off topic, but I love the two (main) bass drops near the beginning and end of the "new" corruption music. (corruption, not errie)

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Thanks! Noizes R Us.

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Don't know, but now I need to hear it...

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Your music is dope.

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Thanks, dude.

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Hey - storm's passed - I'll try to answer a few more questions.

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Do you like Nobuo Uematsu's music?

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I hope you're still taking questions in 2-3 hours time. My eldest son loves Terraria! He gets home from school in about 1.5 hours. Terrible timing!

He composes music so I'm sure he would want to ask..

Where did you get your inspiration for the music?

How long did it take and how much creative freedom did they give you?

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I'll pop in later and try to answer your son's questions. This probably sounds trite, but my inspiration comes from the source of all creativity - I just try to be receptive and let it happen. I've tried forcing it, but the best stuff just comes. I answered this above partially, but after viewing early artwork, playing the early build of Terraria, and listening to some examples the develop sent, I started on the Day theme. I felt it needed to be sparse, open, adventurous, somewhat "retro" but unique and modern as well. That cue probably took a couple of days - not fast for me, but we weren't in a huge rush (which was really nice for a change.)


What is your favorite Terraria track?

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Tough one. Probably The Hallow, and Boss 2.

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Do you play Terraria, and if so, how far are you (copper stuff, iron stuff, etc.)?

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Other than an early build, no. I'm watching the play-throughs that ReLogic and others have done, so that when I buy a PC and a copy of Terraria, I'll be ready:)

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Hey, that's not fair! You deserve a free copy!

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I actually have a few comp copies, but I'm saving those for gifts.

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What was your favorite part of composing the music.

You should reply to the posts to answer them.

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Probably trying to create a musical hybrid of semi-retro 8 bit sounds and the HUGE world that Redigit has created, and that would suite the pixelated 2D look of the game. Besides trying to create something unique to Terraria and give it a musical personality with a shelf-life, I was aware that people would be playing for hours so I tried to not make it too insanely repetitive.

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I just wanted to say how you mixed 8-bit and realistic orchestral sounds was genius. Pure. Genius.

My favorite track right now is the Jungle overworld.

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DUDE! Thanks - that was the whole idea - it just felt like the right thing to do.

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I want to move to LA to be a film composer! What skills should I learn BEFORE making the jump? I have about a year's time and unlimited motivation. :)

I recently graduated with a BA in Music Composition, so I have learned the theoretical side of music, but now I have to learn the rest.

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I'm jealous. I admit it. I would love to have gone to uni and get a degree (maybe someday...). My education was from The Rock & Roll College of Obscure Knowledge - majored in Sleep Deprivation. I really like your "unlimited motivation" statement. That's probably the most essential thing. I can't recommend any agents, as I've never had one, but in LA you'll very likely want to pursue an agent AFTER you've scored a few short films, maybe an indie feature, or some television. Check out a site called Film Music Network for more info, and see what opportunities you can find locally.

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what was your inspiration for the one that goes.... clears throat:do, do do, do do do do do do, do do do do, do, dunalun, do, do, do, do do do(a high note here) do do(another high note) do, etc.?

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Double espresso.

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I want to be a composer. Any advice on what to do to break into the business? Just for background, I am a senior in high school, about to go to college, I play guitar, bass, drums, and am working on piano.

SLSinOZ12 karma

Start building up a portfolio; just start writing. Do a score for a friend's short film, a wedding video, just start. I'm a guitar player first, who plays a bit of keyboards; any music related experience and work can lead to something later; you never really know. Create your own luck and breaks. Go get 'em.

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No sheet music that I know of so far. I heard a newer version of the Day theme here on reddit today from cosmic915 (piano and strings) - they might be able to help.

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What other video games inspire your style the most? Obviously your music has kind of a retro vibe to it, what's your favorite NES game music?

SLSinOZ17 karma

For newer stuff, my favorite chiptune artist right now is Qbical - and I really like the Super Meat Boy soundtrack. I started way back in the 90's writing for the SNES system, which at that time was the general midi spec. I've just recently re-discovered the chip simulators like "chipsounds" from plogue - amazing noises. I started messing with old synths like the MiniMoog and Oberheim (real knobs!) a long time ago.

SLSinOZ14 karma

and Streets Of Rage, for sure!

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First of all, I'd like to say thank you for creating such whimsical and enjoyable music for one of my favorite time waster games.

My question however is, from start to finish how long did it take you to compose the Terraria soundtrack?

Thanks you!

SLSinOZ11 karma

On average I probably spent 2 or 3 days on each cue, which probably seems like a long time, but I knew the music would be played a lot, and I tried to put a lot into a short piece, without getting overpowering.

Izzhov7 karma

Who are your biggest musical influences?

SLSinOZ13 karma

The Russian composers like Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky, Jerry Goldsmith (heaps of movies and Star Trek Voyager theme), Danny Elfman, Jeremy Soule, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Porcaro, Eno, Carl Stalling (Warner Bros. cartoons), Winifred Phillips...

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Thanks so much, everyone - this was great! Yo, reddit. Yo, Terraria.

Chicago635 karma

What software did you primarily use?

SLSinOZ6 karma

Logic, Reason, and a great little soft synth called daHornet, from nusofting.

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No real questions, just wanted to say you did a great job man!

SLSinOZ4 karma

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

rathat4 karma

I was wondering if you also synthesized the SFX for the game?

I have always been into sound synthesis though I'm not really musical so it doesn't amount to anything I do own a few synthesizers and I've been getting really into FM synthesis especially using Sytrus which comes with FL studios.

SLSinOZ6 karma

No, that was Redigit and the ReLogic team. I have created SFX in the past, though. Some people just create FX rather that music, and some (like me, mostly) focus on music.

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First off, great job on the Terraria music. I love all the tracks in the game, and the main daytime tune in particular tends get stuck in my head very easily, which is a good thing.

Some of the tracks in Terraria are fairly short. Are there any plans to extend them?

SLSinOZ2 karma

Thanks very much - daytime was the very first tune written. There are extended versions on the soundtrack (link above).

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i like that game and that music.

SLSinOZ9 karma

Me too.

mattbrvc3 karma

What are your feelings towards the Guide? Why do I want to murder him so much?

SLSinOZ6 karma

Could be the double espresso, but I think that's a question for Redigit:)

DJshaveyshave3 karma

I really love the music in terraria, although sometimes it gets very repeditive, are you going to be adding more tracks in the future?

SLSinOZ3 karma

Glad you like it! That's one of the challenges of game music - writing one to two minute pieces that get repeated over and over, and yet (very hopefully) won't drive players totally nuts. It's always a compromise. As for more tracks, that's up to the developer.

jbschirtzinger3 karma

Do you identify a musical "vibe" when you are composing music for games first? Do you just start writing music? Do you get a feel for the world? What does your creative process usually look like?

SLSinOZ6 karma

I try not to over think it. First I listen to the developer's input to try and get a vibe for what they need; then if there are graphics or a build I'll try to get a vibe off of that as well, and as you say "get a feel for the world"; somewhere in there, most of the time, a spark ignites and I'll start writing, whether it's a melody, or a groove, or a noise. Then I keep going. And going...

Twyll2 karma

Any advice for an aspiring video game composer? I want to eventually become a designer, but I also write music (English/Music Composition double major) and am thinking of trying to do writing/music for smaller games.

SLSinOZ7 karma

While you're building up your music portfolio/demo reel, just get started; take action. Your writing could come in handy and possibly get you in the door with an indie or smaller game studio; there are lots more job opps available for writers and designers than for composers, but if you're lucky enough to work on a game, you would probably be more likely to have a chance at doing some music as well. Just a suggestion.

LesMoores2 karma

I've never heard of you before but I love when composers on here with some credentials do AMAs. So, much appreciated.

I'm an aspiring composer myself and have been scoring for about 5-6 years.

My question is, which do you consider most valuable, hustling to get gigs on your own or becoming an assistant to someone already established, and working your way up?

SLSinOZ2 karma

All of the above, but in my experience, hustling to get gigs on your own. Wish you serious good luck - keep me posted on your activities.

radarbeamer2 karma

Hi Scott. I'm a huge fan of your work and listen to the Terraria Soundtrack all the time. I myself am trying to get into the video game music composition business and was wondering if you could take a listen some time. This is a concept album based on Minecraft I made last year: http://radarbeamer.bandcamp.com/album/building-blocks

Should I give up now?

SLSinOZ2 karma

Don't give up!!! Even if I didn't dig your stuff, I'm just one guy. I'm listening now to your "Building Blocks" preview on BandCamp - cool - in the ballpark - I want to hear more. Keep me posted.

Trogdorocks2 karma

I would just like to say, THIS MUSIC IS AWESOME! You actually made short loop music sound good.

SLSinOZ3 karma

Thanks, man - that's all my old school training coming into play.

irwinator2 karma

do you know if terraria will be available to macs in the future?

SLSinOZ4 karma

That would be nice - I'm a mac guy. My wife has Windows installed on her iMac, but she's always on it, and a new PC isn't in the budget yet. (I can run down to the nearest internet cafe' though...)

jofish092 karma

My friend and I love the Jungle Music. It's so calming!

SLSinOZ8 karma

It is - I listen to it sometimes in the car when stuck in traffic - helps prevent road rage.

Dysrhythm2 karma

I've never played the game, but I absolutely love the soundtrack. What inspired you during the process of putting the thing entire together? Thanks!

SLSinOZ3 karma

The game itself and Redigit's vision and guidance. He sent a few examples with suggestions, and then basically turned me loose, which was very cool.

HyperAnthony2 karma

Hi, thanks for the AMA!

Do you have any plans to release a track for the Snow Biome? I enjoy winter themes in games and would love to see one in Terraria!

SLSinOZ5 karma

No, but great idea.

CrunchMunch1 karma

Are You gonna make more music for Terraria? :)

SLSinOZ6 karma

Possibly - that's up to the developer.

nachoman4561 karma

Do you think you'll do more video game soundtracks? Was this your first one? What do you usually write music for?

SLSinOZ2 karma

I hope so. I've worked on a few games before Terraria. Here's a partial list: http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,18497/

oliviach1 karma

Hi, I love the music in terraria! I just have a few questions. My boyfriend is making a game but he doesn't know where to get a composer for the music (and he doesn't really have much money).. any advice? any advice on game making in general? Thanks so much :)

SLSinOZ4 karma

Try the indie gamer forum - that's where Redigit found me:) There is a site here in Oz called tsumea with lots of great info and links to game developers and talent. These days indies have a great shot - so many of the big developers are laying off employees, who go and start up their own studio.

zkevin1 karma

Where did you go to college?

SLSinOZ10 karma

I didn't - was too busy playing guitar in bands and working.

r_dageek1 karma

What did you use to compose your music? What is your favorite song (composed by you or otherwise)?

SLSinOZ7 karma

I used lots of coffee, my brain, my musical instincts, my experience, and mostly Logic. My favorite song of all time is Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg.

intelligent_american1 karma

Out of all the games you could have chosen to do music tracks for, why Terraria? By the way, I love the soundtrack in Terraria but I'd just like to know :]

SLSinOZ4 karma

Actually, I'm not one of the super famous game composers and don't get a whole lot of offers, but Terraria was one of those that I felt I really should do. I loved the whole vibe, and the fact that they're an indie studio. I'm grateful for the opportunity and to have been involved.

taft1 karma

big fan of the game, thought that the Hallowed theme was perfect, really added a lot to the experience

SLSinOZ2 karma

Thanks, I just tried to make it sound like the picture Redigit sent me.