Ask away my reddit friends! To prove that this is me, I'm going to tweet about it right now.

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Do you remember when we went to prom?

Jonlajoiecomedy1522 karma

I don't. You got me drunk and had your way with me.

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How do I come up with my ideas? I guess it depends. Something like "Michael Jackson Is Dead" is quite obvious. I came up with that when I murdered Michael Jackson... I mean when he passed away. It really depends. A lot of people think I'm stoned when I write my stuff, which is not the case. When I write stoned I usually end up with a bunch of nonsense scribbled down on a peanut butter-stained napkin.
"Show Me Your Genitals" was and idea I had for a while before I turned it into a song. The absurdity of being able to say something extremely offensive and sexist just because it's within the context of a song is something that I always laughed at. So I decided write my own.

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Yes, I am in a fantasy football league with the cast and creators of the League. How did I do this year? Well, I think I set my lineup at least twice, which is an improvement over last year. It's very similar to the show. Everyone is super competitive except for me. I'm Canadian, hockey is my sport.

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Movies I love: Being John Malkovich, All Monty Python, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, Terminator 2, Cohen brothers movies, Billy Madison (from my teenage years), Anchor Man, Beverly Hills Cop 3, and anything with talking animals (because in real life animals don't have human voices, but in these movies they do! So funny.)

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And sometimes I just see a pair of glasses that look pretty rapey and I make a commercial about them.

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What movies do I love? Anything starring Martin Lawrence and a fat suit.

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Alright, here we go.
How much of Taco is improvised? Well, it depends. Most of what Taco is up to in any given episode is written down in the outlines that we receive before shooting. Jeff and Jackie Schaffer, the creators of the show, write a detailed outline of each episode, but once on set, we get to play around quite a bit. It is a very fun and creative set, given the fact that improv is not only encouraged, but necessary.

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i'm pasting the original question here so we can easily find them. please upvote the original!

flippityfloppityfloo asked:

Hi Jon!

Thanks for taking the time to come to our community and answer some questions. Ever since I saw "Show Me Your Genitals", I have been a fan of yours. However, your role as Taco on The League is by far my favorite piece of work you've done.

What were the auditions like for The League?

How much of "Taco" is improvised?

What was your favorite episode to film?

Out of any role in film or television that has ever existed, which one do you wish you had the chance to do and why?

Thanks again! Also, please add the link to your Twitter post (!/jonlajoiecomedy/status/167788441294217216) in the text of your post so the users know you're legit.

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I'd have loved to play the T-1000 from Terminator 2. I'd also have loved to be one of the kids that Kevin Bacon molests in the movie "Sleepers".

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My favorite episode to shoot? Hmmm... I would say the Mr. McGibblets episode, but that involved both being naked around a 50 person crew, and then running around in a sweat machine aka the Mr. McGibblets costume.
I REALLY enjoyed shooting the Vegas episode from season 2 because I got to be in Vegas for a week with the cast and crew. I'm surprised we made it out alive.

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Alright friends, thanks a lot for this opportunity. I'm signing off. I'll be back sometime soon, so keep posting your questions and I'll try to answer as many as possible. Thanks for all of your kind words and support. I really appreciate it. Have a good night, eskimo brothers.

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Is your hit single 'High as Fuck' based on the real life struggles that you endure in day to day life?

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I actually hate being stoned in public. I get super paranoid. So yes, I wrote that song, or thought of it at least, when I got high walking my dog, and then decided to walk to the corner store to pick up some snacks.

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I get high in my apartment, and make sure I don't have to leave.

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You are brilliant.

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That's not a question. But I'll accept it anyway.

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That's not a question. But I'll accept it anyway.

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We are Eskimo Brothers. Connected through the power of a blonde in Texas. Actually ruined my relationship with the girl... Oh well.

So, do you prefer pizza or pasta? Personally, I'm a pizza man.

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Sorry dude. Hoes before bros. I like pizza. But I prefer stealing other people's pizza and ruining their meals.

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What part of Texas are you from?

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So, how do you pronounce your last name?

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However you want to pronounce it. Some people say "La-Joy", some people say "Lah-jwah". I prefer "Ke-anu Ree-ves"

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Who would win in a fight, you in real life or taco?

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Taco. He doesn't give a fuck.

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Hey Jon! Love your work! How did you get started in comedy?

Hope to see you back in MTL soon. We should get high.

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I love getting high with strangers in their parent's basement. Thanks, I'll take you up on that. I went to theater school in Montreal (Dawson College) and was in a band for about 5 years. The band broke up, I was out of work, and bored, so I started shooting videos for fun. I learned how to edit and all the production stuff along the way. I had no idea it would lead to a career in comedy. I was never the funny kid growing up, so it's still weird for me.

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Just wanted to say hey and I love you!

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I love you too, stranger with no face.

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Can you post a twitpic of your genitals for verification?

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My genitals are for my eyes, and my sister's eyes only.

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I saw you at Mckibbins on what looked like a date a month or two ago, does it piss you off when people come up and ask for a picture or does it help you get laid?

Jonlajoiecomedy733 karma

When they stop asking, it means I'm out of a job. No, I don't mind. And yes, it helps me get laid.

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Hey Jon, I love you. Any chance you'll tour America? Specifically, Austin.

Jonlajoiecomedy676 karma

I LOVE Austin. No plans yet, I'm taking some time off of touring to focus on some other things like the videos and hating Los Angeles.

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I know your co-stars in the league play fantasy in real life, so my questions are:

  1. Do you play with them?

  2. If so, is it as competitive as the show fantasy league?

Jonlajoiecomedy721 karma

Just realized how this works. I'll start answering the questions in the right place. For the first few answers, scroll to top.

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You're compared to on a few sites of "totally looking like" Keith Buckley who is the frontman for every time I die. proof

I've never seen you both in the same place at the same time... Evil twin? Alter ego? ARCH NEMESIS?!?!

Jonlajoiecomedy321 karma

Holy shit. He does. I think he just made a "Jon Lajoie" mask like Liam Neason in "Darkman" (wow, that's an obscure reference)

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Big fan (2 years strong..) Who is Steve? and what is he up to now adays? Can you tell us a bit about him?

Jonlajoiecomedy330 karma

Steve's real name is Nino. He's been a friend of the family since I was a kid. I grew up going to church 3 times a week, and he was and still is a member of the congregation there. He lived at our place for a while, and has always been a honorary Lajoie. He now hangs with my brother Jason (Cliff Baconcock from "Not Giving a Fuck") at least 3 times a week. He's the way he is in the videos. He's a little slow, that's all. He's a good friend, and a hilarious dude.

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Your YouTube videos often reference movies that you hate - so I was wondering, what movies do you love?

Love your work! You're a hilarious guy.

Jonlajoiecomedy242 karma

See above. I didn't know I was suppose to answer directly here...

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Wow, huge fan from Italy here! My question: do you get mistaken for a serious rapper sometimes? Cause every time I show some of your more "serious" (i.e. NOT mcvagina) clips to my friends, not understanding English (shame on Italy) they mistake you for a tough rapper :D

Jonlajoiecomedy306 karma

I am a serious rapper, mothafucka. Honestly, I try to make songs that sound like serious songs, so I don't take offense. I have family in Palermo my Italian friend!

jontalktome107 karma

What other musical comedians do you look up to?

i.e Tim Minchin, Bo Burnham, Bill Bailey

Or just comedians in general.

Jonlajoiecomedy959 karma

I actually just chatted with Bo Burnham at the Improv in Hollywood last night. I think he's great. I'm a fan of Tim Minchin as well. Although my favorite musical comedians are Maroon 5. Those guys are hilarious.

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What do your parents think about your videos? 'Show me your genitals' must be a great topic over family dinners.

Edit: I can't spell

Jonlajoiecomedy400 karma

My parents are surprisingly cool about the videos. They are pretty religious, and don't really get my sense of humor, but they are supportive none the less. Just to give you an example, I wasn't allowed to watch He-Man when I was a kid, because there were too many "evil" things like skulls and spells. They're cool about it, but my mom can't wait for me to be in a Disney movie. My dad recently came to one of my live shows for the first time, and he didn't disown me, which is way more than I expected.

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What's your favorite Kevin Bacon movie?
On average, what is the texture of your poop?

Jonlajoiecomedy249 karma

Tremors. Mushy.

ferodactyl99 karma

Any releases planned in the near future?

Jonlajoiecomedy340 karma

I'm not a planner. When I come up with an idea, I usually tend to write it, shoot it, and put it out immediately. If I don't have ideas, I don't force it too much. I'll probably put out another album near the end of 2012, after the zombie apocalypse.

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please make more videos like Drugs Commercial. please.

Jonlajoiecomedy222 karma

I'm working on one now. I'm waiting for Tom Waits to be back in town.

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You may have been asked this many times... But do you ever plan on making more Regular Everyday Normal _______? I feel that this one is not finished and that there may be more in the future? Thanks!

PS. I once broke up with a girl and said, "It's not you, it's me... I'm the one that feels like I can do better..." It did not go down well.

Jonlajoiecomedy120 karma

Well, that's a tough one. I've kind of exhausted the topic. I've milked that cow dry, so to speak. But who knows, maybe?

Dont_listentome86 karma

How many people have you killed in the past year?

Jonlajoiecomedy339 karma

7... Million.

sippin_criss85 karma

Hi Jon!

How drunk were you when you did your Christmas video featuring The Cable Guy soundtrack?

When you came to Victoria, BC a few years back and the entire crowd was singing, "She's covered in vomit and human feces, that's how I know that she needs me" was one of my fondest live show memories, thanks.

Jonlajoiecomedy182 karma

That always makes me laugh. An entire theater singing along to 2 Girls 1 Cup... It never gets old. The reference does though.

LMA190882 karma

Hey Jon! Just 1 Question. What is your most favorite Work you've done?

Jonlajoiecomedy234 karma

Hmmm... I'm not sure. "Fuck Everything" was a fun one to write. I have a lot of fun writing the commercials like "Hands" and "Retaphin." I don't know... Usually the one I REALLY like are the ones that get a lot of hate, like "Best Song" or "Drinking Beer and Smoking Cigarettes".

Void2373 karma

Have you ever gotten serious backlash for your content?

Jonlajoiecomedy209 karma

Not really. I'm never trying to be deliberately offensive. I just write what I think is funny. And sometimes that involves kids with cancer, suicide, death, pedophilia, and other taboos. I think most people get that I'm not trying to be offensive just to be offensive.

LaArmadaEspanola64 karma

Hey jon

just wondering who the funniest person from the league is in real life, other than yourself of course

Jonlajoiecomedy156 karma

They're all pretty goddamn funny. Not sure. I'm the worst when it comes to laughing during takes. I've ruined soooo many shots. Paul Scheer cracks me up. Steve (Kevin) gets me with his pitiful looks towards Taco. I love being in scenes with Nick (Ruxin), just that dynamic makes me laugh. I'd have to say that Jason (Raffi) is the hardest to keep a straight face around.

uhnettec61 karma

What got you started in comedy song writing? Where you always creating funny lyrics and stuff even as a kid? What was one of your biggest setbacks before you hit it big?

Jonlajoiecomedy162 karma

The first comedy song I ever wrote was "High as Fuck". I had never even thought of musical comedy. The reason I wrote it was because I was shooting videos with a pretty shitty camera, and the sound quality was terrible (for an example, see "Breathing Commercial"). I figured out that with my editing software I could import external audio and sync it up with the footage, and then mute the footage, giving the videos a more professional sound quality. And well, what's the best way to do that? A music video. Having been in a band for 5 years, I knew how to record music, so I wrote "High as Fuck", then went to Saint-Bruno park in Montreal alone with my mp3 player and shot a bunch of footage. People responded well to that song, so I decided to keep going in that direction.

omiyage58 karma

Hey Jon, would you rather be famous by your musical skills or your humor, if you could be perfect in only one.

Jonlajoiecomedy200 karma

I'm not sure. They're both very different things. I love music and I love comedy. Here's a question for you guys. Reply honestly. I hate when actors (or comedians) release "real" music, so I get it. How would you react if I released a "real" album? Serious music. Just curious. I don't have any plans to do so, don't worry.

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Jonlajoiecomedy70 karma

A thrift shop on the south shore of Montreal called "Village de Valeurs" Cost me a total of 6 bucks, with the cell phone.

ShavidDayne18 karma

Do you ever get discouraged when videos like the Tennis Ball/Walmart commercial get hated on?

Jonlajoiecomedy49 karma

Not really. If I think it's funny, that's all that matters. If I'm not proud of something I made, then I'm pretty hard on myself. But in the end, I'm just playing around and having fun. I find it hilarious how pissed off people can get at a silly video I made in one afternoon for kicks. I know that I can never please everyone, and I don't try to. For example, I knew my latest video "Drinking Beer and Smoking Cigarettes" would get a lot of hate. But it makes me giggle because it's so stupid, and if it makes one other person giggle, that's all I need.

Fooly_41115 karma

Who were your biggest comedic influences if any?

Jonlajoiecomedy54 karma

Kids in the Hall, Monty Python, early Adam Sandler, The Goon Show (old British radio show), Ricky Gervais, SNL, Mitch Hedberg, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Bill Hicks...