In less than a month, all theaters are being forced to use purely digital projectors. Projection itself has become a dying art.

Feel free to ask me anything about projection, movies, or working at a theater in general! :)

I have some cool pictures to submit if this gets popular. :D


EDIT: Thanks for the upvotes guys! Wow, over 30! :)

EDIT #2: Over 80 upvotes! Wow I feel special. :) Here's a picture of a face of a projector. You can see the "header" film going through it. The header is the clear piece that we use to thread the projector - AKA, to get it ready for the show.

EDIT #3: Ohmygoodness, the front page... this is amazing! This is a picture of the top of the platters, threaded with film. (There are three platters, you can only see 2 here.)

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