Hi Reddit. I've been a member for a few months and I find myself wasting more and more hours of my life everyday as time goes by - Its about time I contribute !

I'm a doorman at a Miami nightclub. Let me point that there is a difference between a bouncer and a doorman. The generic doorman image is a big hulking brute dressed in all black with a mean attitude. The truth is quite the opposite. As a doorman, I don't get involved in any bouncer "responsibilities", which means I dont get my hands dirty. Also doormen in Miami are always on point with their attire. A doorman is a direct reflection of what the club expects - the doorman should ALWAYS be the best dressed person in the venue. With that being said.. ask me anything !

EDIT - 9:00pm - going to work. Thanks for all the questions ! I hope I answered most of them. be back in 6 hours to answer more.

EDIT - 5:20am - Hope I answered most of your questions. Thanks for all the interesting dialouge. I won't be answering anymore. If you head to Miami on vacation shoot me a message I'll give you some tips.

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