So I get on Reddit the other day and I see the video of Jeremiah Denton communicating "torture" by blinking Morse code.

Many of you first found out about this historical fact seeing the video on Reddit. I've known this story since my childhood. My kindergarten, 4th grade teacher, and mentor through high school is Jeremiah's son. I was floored to see the video on the front page of reddit.

A few people asked for an AMA, and lots more got excited when I said it was a possibility to do an AMA. Well, here it is. I got in touch with his son, my mentor, and he agreed to help answer questions. We agreed to take the top 10-15 questions and get them answered. We're both excited to do this.

So fire away Reddit, and work your magic.

Edit: I know you're supposed to answer right away, but I'm dealing with a man who doesn't use the internet, relaying questions to an even older man who also doesn't use the internet. Your patience is appreciated!

Edit 2: I am working with the mods to get verification. Thank you for your patience on this. These questions are great, please keep them coming!

Edit 3: People are getting frustrated with the time response. Verification and questions will be addressed tonight when i get home from work.

Edit 4: Alright, I'm headed home from work now. I'll be talking to my mentor this evening, and I'll update again after that discussion. Thanks everyone for asking great questions.

UPDATE The mods and I are still working on verification, it's a little tricky. A picture of him holding a piece of paper would be best; however, my mentor has very limited abilities with computers. Sending an email with a picture is unknown to him, let alone uploading it to the internet. I'd go take the picture myself if we didn't live in different cities. Hopefully a solution will come to the surface soon!

As far as the questions go, this is what my mentor and I discussed:

  • He is stunned by the response! He never imagined that people would take such an interest in the subject.
  • A lot of the questions he found awesome, a lot he found irrelevant and unnecessary. He'll be selecting which ones he finds the most interesting and pertinent.
  • He will field some himself, and will find the time and approach to ask his father others. This won't be an immediate response. In his words "it's not simple to call up my dad and say: 'Hey dad, remember that time you were tortured?'"
  • You've given him questions that he never thought to ask his father. He is legitimately curious about the answers.

I'll relay the answers when I get them, and hopefully with verification! Thanks again for your interest and great questions!

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Can we please get some kind of verification?

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check pm