Hi Reddit, Dennis here, I work for Funcom on Conan Exiles and Isle of Siptah as the lead designer. That means I make decisions for your game and introduce or scrap mechanics!

The purpose of this AMA is to connect with you, our players, and hopefully answer some of your burning questions regarding game development and let you in on some of the thought process but also fun that went into redesigning some of the mechanics for Isle of Siptah.

Let me also thank you for your ongoing support. Without you, Conan Exiles wouldn’t be what it is.

You can continue to follow us on our social media platforms and get more updates and give your input on Twitter, Facebook and our official forums.

To provide proof of my gaming passion, here is a picture of a game dev in his environment.


Thank you so much for coming everyone and thanks for sending some spicy questions Dennis' way. (YES pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza).

Please feel free to use the links above and also feel free to visit our official forums for more discussions in case your questions weren't answered. We enjoyed talking to you in a more direct way like this and will definitely do so again in the future. :)

We'll have a recap on our forums for you, too.

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Does pineapple truly belong on pizza? The age-old war rages on

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