Hey community,

I know this is highly unusual for a mod to do, but I was just as interested as you all were in the NYPD cop post. I just wanted to let you all know that the OP asked to have the thread removed because his identity somehow got out in the midst of the thread and did not want his AMA to jeopardize his job. I have complied with this request.

I'm sorry about this turn of events, but I thought it was important for you all to know why the post is no longer available, and wish OP best of luck on staying out of trouble with his department.

EDIT: I don't have all of the details on this, but there's some concern that a party-spoiling AMA subscriber or even the mods were responsible for a breach in trust here. From what I understand, someone in OP's department saw the AMA, put the details together and reported it.

I've said elsewhere here that it's not my business to go into who or why OP's identity was disclosed, but I do think it's important for everyone to understand that this wasn't a rogue redditer out to prove a point and it was absolutely not a mod.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

metaranha1101 karma

I'm just as disappointed as you are...I thought his AMA was extremely valuable, and I wish it hadn't come to this.

robocop1283 karma

Can I ask what happened? How could someone identify someone from the NYPD with just a few comments?

metaranha140 karma

You'd be surprised...Every AMA has the potential to do this to the OP especially if they are trying to remain anonymous.

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I really don't know the answer to this. The takeaway is that he felt his identity was compromised and wanted it to be removed. I reluctantly but understandingly obliged.

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There's really no perfect way to get rid of these. I've told OP to go through and delete anything he doesn't want read later and that's about as sure fire as it gets.

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The way I understand it currently is that this is what happened.

silentmikhail51 karma

Can you atleast tell us what was the highest rated comment on the post and what his response was?

metaranha107 karma

The highest rated comment besides the verification wasn't really a question, but a comment. I do think it's very poignant though so here it is:

User comment:

We don't hate you, well I don't. We hate the actions of some of your co-workers.

OP response:

It's hard to believe that most of the time.

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Nah, by OP's account, the discussion was enlightening and he's more or less glad he did it you know, aside from the whole potential to lost his job thing.