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juliemitchell11 karma

Feel free to delete this question if it’s not appropriate but if assisted death is legal in your country for your condition, is it something you are considering if you get to a certain quality of life?

not-a-word36 karma

I’m not sure if they are, but I contemplated suicide so many times in my life, but I realize in the end is better to feel something than nothing.

johnnypanicked6 karma

This might sound very very crass, but what gives you the courage to keep strong and moving on despite the unfortunate circumstances that life has very unkindly given you?

I'm absolutely amazed by your spirit.

not-a-word4 karma

I promised my mother that's passed away last year that I was going to be strong for her, どうもありがとうございます.

getyourownpillow3 karma

what do u plan to do when ur deaf and blind?

not-a-word7 karma

I plan on being deaf and blind.

ihasana2 karma

Are you Japanese or did you travel there for the experience? If you have a chance, I would suggest travelling as much as possible to learn about the different cultures and the world in general (I know bad timing with Covid but I think it's justified in your situation if you have been vaccinated). Travelling the world opens your mind and senses in a lasting way.

not-a-word8 karma

I was born in Japan, sadly I can barely afford wifi, I won’t be able to travel anywhere before I become blind, but let’s hope I win the lottery.

jamigat1 karma

Do you believe in God, or any religion? If so, how does that affect your outlook on things?

not-a-word5 karma

Reincarnation, I’m not afraid to die.

demigodxl-40 karma

Why are you posting Eminem’s dead friend proof as your “proof”? Take this fake post and get lost RIP deshawn holt

not-a-word12 karma