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trollabundin11 karma

Do you have ethical concerns like objectifying subjects, presenting them as objects of the gaze, study, or pity? How do you think your positionality (your identity, social status, etc.) affect representation?

isaacmendita3 karma

I personally care deeply about people along with their privacy, so for myself and the project that I’m doing, I will never objectify anyone. The second question is tough, but a big part of who I am greatly represents my heart towards people, so I would say that it affects in a positive way.

EmMeo8 karma

Why did you decide on the long format for the stories?

isaacmendita10 karma

I personally believe that these stories are as short as I could make them since it’s just a small part of a person’s life. The format ended up longer due to more detail added to give readers a better image of what’s happening.

EmMeo3 karma

How do you feel that will play into marketing? Long form has a much tougher time on social media, which is arguably one of the most important ways to market this kind of content.

isaacmendita1 karma

I have an instagram account that focuses on sharing a few pictures and a “key” line from the stories as a teaser. However, I redirect it all to the website once I publish my posts.

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Are you telling these stories as an outsider or as someone who has lived in a low-income/marginalized community? If you are telling these stories as an outsider, what do you believes qualifies you as the proper person to tell these stories, or what can you offer to tell these stories in an impactful, meaningful way?

isaacmendita8 karma

I tell these stories as someone who comes from a low-income/marginalized community. I really want people outside of communities similar to mine to understand that our struggles isn’t only about “drugs, gangs, and violence.” Our biggest struggle is never about those, rather, an internal battle of finding our true selves and our own worth.

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Why have U removed the post?

isaacmendita3 karma

For some reason it’s been removed, however, it wasn’t me who removed it

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What post are you talking about?

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Who has had the most influence on you in life and who are they to you?

PS read your stories and thoroughly enjoyed both. Looking forward to more

isaacmendita4 karma

My parents. They’ve given up everything in our home country just for my siblings and I to have a better life in North America.

Glad you liked it! Follow my account on instagram @urbandisparities or subscribe to my website for updates.

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What did you see that a lot of people don't know/realize?

isaacmendita14 karma

Sorry! Forgot to add in my actual answer. I guess it’s more of the fact that often, the main struggles that people face isn’t really monetary, but internal battles that make them feel irrelevant or no value. It puts them in a position where they are dehumanized at times, resulting in giving up in life and their dreams.

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Has your research affected your own political views?

isaacmendita2 karma

Good question. I would say yes since it’ll something that has moved me emotionally and mentally.

Inthecourt2 karma

Nowadays stories like these would be used to promote a sort of "woke" culture.

But from what I read, there was a genuine empathy being shown for Micheal and Hassan. I have a respect for the stories you wrote.

That said, how can others learn to get out of their comfort zone and help people in need?

isaacmendita7 karma

This is a really good question that I hope will be answered as I continue on with this project. But sometimes it’s just as simple as recognizing people and treating them as humans. You don’t necessarily need to always give money or food. A conversation goes a long way and sometimes that’s all that people ask for.

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What is one thing you have discovered while doing this project?

isaacmendita4 karma

That everyone has their own unique stories . Even if they come from the exact same neighborhood and have experienced the exact same things.

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For me? Corned beef w/ rice.