I teach American Government, Economics, and APUSH at a high school in Kansas and also have a YouTube channel known as Mr. Beat

Here's my presidential election video series.

Here's my book.

My AMA from four years ago.

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Roisu1715 karma

Hi Mr Beat! I love your videos, I used them for my CLEP to help me get on my teaching course.

I'm just wondering if you feel restricted in what you can teach living in Kansas? Is there ever a topic where the parents complain you're being too liberal even though you're just teaching History? (like the Tulsa Race Massacre, or a famous gay historical person?)

beatmastermatt13 karma

Well thank you and glad they help!

Yes. The high school where I teach is in a fairly conservative area, and I've had parents upset that we teach about other world religions in our geography and world history courses. We also apparently have some parents who are triggered by the 1619 Project. Overall, though, it's not too bad.

manzoman968 karma

Hi Mr. Beat! Big fan of your channel.

With election day on the mind, do you see the electoral college being replaced in our lifetimes?

beatmastermatt12 karma

I do. I predict within a generation it's gone, or at least reformed. I see ranked choice voting gaining the most momentum as the preferred way to vote in the next few years. It will certainly help ease the painful partisanship the U.S. is experiencing right now.

Admirable_Fail86806 karma

Hi Mr Beat, I love learning about American history through your videos. I was wondering if you would be in favour of an amendment to the constitution that would allow naturalised citizens to run for president?

beatmastermatt7 karma

I'd be down with that. They used to nickname that "The Arnold Amendment" as many wanted to see Arnold Schwarzenegger become eligible to run for President.

Wesleyhampton5 karma

Hi Mr. Beat! I’m a college student studying to become a social studies teacher, and your videos really inspire me. I have two questions; 1. What is your favorite specific topic to teach? And 2. If Medicare for All was passed in the US today, would the Supreme Court strike it down as unconstitutional?

beatmastermatt3 karma

Yay! Good luck to you, and you're absolutely going to love it.

  1. I love teaching the Cold War. Specifically, the 1960s.
  2. No, as if they try to take Medicare for All down, they'd have to try to take out Social Security and all of Medicare, too.

Wesleyhampton3 karma

Thanks Mr. Beat! I appreciate the response. I also forgot to ask, do you have any tips for an aspiring teacher?

beatmastermatt5 karma

Remember it's all about relationships. You just gotta love people. If you can easily find the good in everyone, it will be easy for you.

pateltothemetal5 karma

Hi Mr. Beat, I love your videos and have been a subscriber for 5 years. Are we overdue for a great president? Yang or AOC are my likely favorite candidates for becoming great presidents.

beatmastermatt4 karma

We are very overdue for a great President, and yes I could see Yang filling that role for sure.

TheSamosaMan5 karma

What’s up Mr. Beat I hope you and your family are doing well during these times. My question is: What is your stance on guns, are you pro gun or for gun control? Thanks

beatmastermatt5 karma

Same to you and yours.

I generally am a very pro-2nd Amendment person. I don't own guns, but letting Americans have some sort of self defense that scares off tyranny in any way I think is good. That said, there can still be reasonable gun control, and I do think some further restrictions are reasonable.

JZSpinalFusion5 karma

How are you handling teaching during COVID?

beatmastermatt5 karma

Surprisingly well. About 15% of our students are remote, and those are the ones I worry about the most, since it's hard to keep them engaged and motivated. At school, we have had few cases and the kids are excellent at wearing masks. That said, I have it better than most teachers since I have smaller class sizes and a large classroom. Plus, I had already designed my curriculum to be online-based years ago.

Bad_Meme_Maker3 karma

Hi Mr. Beat! Big fan. (I’ve seen all of your supreme court briefs and presidential election videos)

Do any of your students joke or talk about your videos in class?

beatmastermatt2 karma

Thank you!

No they do not. Most of them couldn't care less, although one the every day was impressed that the "Mr. Breast give me money" meme went kind of viral.

Ryan294783 karma

Hi Mr. Beat, i’m a fan of your videos. Are you going to update your book every four years?

beatmastermatt3 karma

Well thank you, and yes I am!

Ryan294782 karma

That sounds like fun, do you have any thoughts about the potential closeness of the senate race in Kansas?

beatmastermatt2 karma

I think Roger Marshall wins. The Republican Party has been ruthless with their attack ads against Bollier, and folks still believe a lot of those ads.

PicaRuler3 karma

Fellow Kansan here! What kind of guitar do you have in that case back there?

beatmastermatt3 karma

It's a Johnson. And Kansas Represent!

SnooHabits94373 karma

Hi Mr. Beat! I really enjoy your videos. Watching your ranking of the US presidents, I was curious if your opinion of Obama has changed? I remember you saying that sometimes it depended on how you felt during that time and moment. I suppose I am mainly curious because I see a lot of people look up to Obama as one of the better presidents, so I thought it was interesting that you ranked him fairly low in the video.

Thanks, and keep making content!

beatmastermatt3 karma

Obama looks better and better as the years pass. I definitely would rank him a little higher now. I tend to value diplomacy so much more now, and Obama was good at that.

DuDeWzAp1 karma

Would you move him one grade up in your tierlist?

beatmastermatt1 karma

Yeah I think so

GoomyGod1232 karma

Hey Mr Beat! I have been watching you for around a year! Am gonna get your book for Christmas! What was your favorite video that you made and what was your hardest video you made?

beatmastermatt1 karma

Thanks for supporting me!

My favorite video I made is probably the Kansas Nebraska comparison video, just because I've only lived in those two states. The hardest video to make might have been the Political Compass Test for every President video. I literally did lose a lot of sleep taking all those tests.

miles_allan2 karma

Hey, Mr. Beat! I love your channel, especially the Supreme Court Briefs. Everyone loves Presidents, but who are the most interesting Supremes? And which court case rulings in history were the biggest surprises to their comtemporary populace?

beatmastermatt3 karma

Groovy thank you.

Aretha Franklin was the most interesting Supreme. Ha!

But seriously I've always been fascinated by John Marshall, Antonin Scalia, and of course RBG.

Brown v. Board was probably the biggest surprise. I'm sorry if that's kind of a lame answer.

Practical_Glove_21252 karma

Do you typically vote Democrat? You've made comments in your awesome videos that you don't like tariffs and the war on drugs. You also said that the 2008 democratic primary was the first primary you ever voted in, so do you feel you typically vote democrat?

beatmastermatt2 karma

I typically vote third party actually, but mostly since I live in a red state.

YungSasukeSiouxChief2 karma

Mr. Beat! You're videos are great! I'm currently a college sophomore who is minoring in education. Is an education minor enough to land a high school teaching job or do most states require a major in education?

beatmastermatt1 karma

A minor will get you a teaching license pending certain tests in some states. It helps if you teach math, science, or SPED.

Tazerdon2 karma

Hi Mr Beat, your videos are amazing, I recently watched a whole bunch of your presidential election series videos. What would you say your favourite presidential election is?

beatmastermatt3 karma

Thank you!

It depends on the day, but as of right now my favorite presidential election is the Election of 1948 since it was so unpredictable, it was during a crazy time in American history, and featured three likeable candidates.

IrateBarnacle2 karma

Hi Mr. Beat! Love your content on YouTube and bought your book.

For the sake of argument, let’s say the electoral college is here to stay. What kind of reforms to it do you think would be acceptable?

beatmastermatt3 karma

Holy crap thanks for buying my book!

I guess I would be fine with it if we kept the Electoral College and every state does what Nebraska and Maine does, with every state splitting up their electoral votes based on their districts. But only happy if each state then implemented ranked choice voting. Shout out to Maine for being so ahead of the curve with democracy btw.

Venbot3611 karma

wouldn't this just amplify the effects of gerrymandering?

beatmastermatt1 karma

It certainly wouldn't help to end gerrymandering much.

Catfan18982 karma

Hey Mr. Beat! I love your videos! Especially as a fellow history teacher in Kansas!

If you could make your own custom elective with whatever curriculum you wanted what would it be? I'd personally love to do a history of video games class.

Keep up the awesome videos!

beatmastermatt2 karma

Represent and thank you! Such a good freaking question. Pop Music History? But perhaps more importantly, I would make a Critical Thinking class, where we focused a lot on logical fallacies and analysis of interpretations of evidence and facts.

Sammysammy82 karma

Hey Mr Beat! Huge fan of all your videos especially the Supreme Court and presidential election videos, making it so easy and fun to learn about history and politics. When do you think we can expect the latest addition to the Presidential elections in American history?

Keep up the great work!

beatmastermatt1 karma

Well thank you! Cool to see viewers already in the comments.

I aim to release the Election of 2020 video in February 2021.

Happens_2u2 karma

Which zoo animal do you think you could take in a fight?

beatmastermatt2 karma

A red panda, maybe.

imaredditcelebrity2 karma

Hi, Mr. Beat! I'm a massive fan of yours. I was inspired by your stuff over the years to get really interested in the history of Presidents. I've played many of your videos 8 or 9 times over several years. A few years ago, my teacher showed your video on the presidential cabinet in class, and I think that drove me to get 100 both semesters for that class alone.

With all that having been said, how are you going to get all of the information from this election into the next PEOAH video? It seems like there's an absolutely massive amount of stuff to include, and it may be difficult to fairly and non-biasedly cut it down.

Also, how many votes do you think Kanye West will get? (I made a bet it would be in the 5 digits whereas someone else bet 3 digits).

Thank you! Keep up making good videos!

beatmastermatt1 karma

Wow, that means a lot. Thank you!

I predict this will be another longer episode, but honestly the primary season was less long and there really wasn't that much drama on the Democratic Party side. Much of this episode will be framed around the pandemic and the polarized sentiments toward Trump.

Kanye will get 500,000 votes.

imaredditcelebrity2 karma

Thank you! Excited for it! It'll be interesting if Kanye gets that many votes because he may well get more than the Green Party at that rate.

beatmastermatt1 karma

I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen.

Majestymen2 karma

What's your favorite election to talk about?

If you're ever at a party and people inevitably ask you about some fun election facts, what's the first thing you tell them?

beatmastermatt2 karma

The Election of 1912. Teddy Roosevelt got shot right before a campaign speech. The 50-page text of his campaign speech folded over twice in Roosevelt's breast pocket and a metal glasses case slowed the bullet, saving his life. He gave the speech anyway and refused to go to the hospital.

Meester_Tweester2 karma

That was very interesting to learn about, it was a 4-way race

beatmastermatt3 karma

I wish more elections had four contenders.

coryrenton2 karma

which president had the most scandalous secrets that were not known to the general public till years after leaving office?

beatmastermatt3 karma

Maybe Harding? Harding had multiple affairs and a bunch of shenanigans at the White House, and during the time hardly anyone knew.

MaximumYogertCloset2 karma

Hello, Mr Beat

  1. What is your favorite foreign culture?

  2. Washington or Oregon, which one is better in your opinion?

beatmastermatt1 karma

  1. I really dig Dutch and Swiss culture
  2. Washington, although both are amazing

Internationalhomeboy2 karma

Hey Mr. Beat. Wondering if you use your videos as materials in your class and if so what do your students think of them?

Also, since you’ve been kinda teaching online via your videos for years I was wondering if that experience has helped or shaped how you conduct virtual classes as I know first hand a lot of teachers have struggled adjusting to the online format (assuming your school has been online)?

beatmastermatt3 karma

Yeah, I use my own videos often, and my real life students do get sick of them I think! Online teaching certainly has been easier for me compared to most of my colleagues, but thankfully they are mostly adapting well at my school.

Angelgreat2 karma

Hi Mr. Beat, I love your videos and channel. I have some questions for you: 1. How are you handling the pandemic? 2. Who do you think will win the election? 3. Why do people confuse you for Mr. Beast?

P.S, If you reply to this, don't forget to also reply on twitter so I can be reminded that you replied. :)

beatmastermatt1 karma

Thanks for watching! 1. I am handling the pandemic well mostly since I still get a lot of family time in and am lucky to not lose any loved ones from the virus. 2. Biden I made a video explain why 3. Because he is my son.

Nozdormi2 karma

Hi Mr. Beat First of all let me say, as others have, that im a big fan of your content, i really apreciate your channel and the effort you put on your videos, and hope you continue to have a lot of success with this project <3

Now my questions are

1-What are in your opinion the most valuable pieces of art, literature, music, etc in all american history?

2-Who has been in your opinion the best american Writer/Author?

3-Who has been the best american musician/composer?

4- Whats a piece of art, literature, pop culture, etc that you hate that most people associate with America.

Thanks in advance for reading my questions

beatmastermatt2 karma

I appreciate your kind words!

  1. I honestly have no idea and would need to give that more serious thought before answering.

  2. Mark Twain

  3. Jimi Hendrix

  4. Reality TV

Meester_Tweester2 karma

Hey, I like your videos and I like trivia about the presidents. I'm not planning to be a historian but sometimes I read up on some things if they interest me. Which presidents do you think people should know more about? I know some of them aren't mentioned much in the mainstream.

beatmastermatt2 karma

James Garfield was pretty fascinating. I also think Calvin Coolidge is way underrated.

foxestrots2 karma

I know you'll get this question a lot, but I thought I'd ask you straight up:

Who do you think'll win?

I love your videos, they're incredibly informative and well made.

beatmastermatt5 karma

Well thank you so much!

I think Biden will win. I actually released a video explaining why last week.

dangussss1 karma

Hello Mr. Beat! What era of history is the most interesting to you?

beatmastermatt1 karma

Definitely the Cold War, where there were times when it really did seem imminent that it could all end at any moment.

UnveilingCow_91 karma

Hello Mr. Beat, I'm a big fan of your channel and I really enjoy your election and supreme court brief videos.

My question is about the electoral college. Five presidents in American history have ascended to the presidency despite losing the popular vote. I'm aware throughout history the electoral college has been very unpopular at time, and there have been efforts to abolish it. Most recently in 1970 when an amendment to repeal it gained broad bipartisan support and was endorsed by Nixon and overwhelming passed by the house, although it ultimately fell short of it's needed support. However, half a century later support for the electoral college's abolition is largely divided upon party lines.

My question is how is, why do you think the electoral college was never abolished despite broad support; and why do you think it's become such a partisan issue?

beatmastermatt2 karma

Thanks for watching!

I think it's become a partisan issue because Republicans have gained so much from it in the last 20 years. Ultimately, those in power will go to great lengths to keep their power, even in a democratic republic.

kaizoku2241 karma

Why do Republicans hate Democracy and high voter turnout so much?

Isn’t that the most scathing indictment you can make of them?

beatmastermatt1 karma

Republicans do worse when voter turnout is higher.

ForegoneLyrics1 karma

Hi Mr. Beat can you make videos about Canadian Elections and/or Canadian political parties, I know we are boring in comparison but I’m sure you will make it interesting.

Also what’s your favourite Canadian city?

beatmastermatt2 karma

I would love to, but first I'll try to talk J.J. McCullough into doing it. :)

My favorite Canadian city is probably Vancouver.

ForegoneLyrics1 karma

And what’s your second favourite Canadian city?😆

beatmastermatt2 karma

Maybe Quebec City?

excitedburrit01 karma

What, if any, Supreme Court reform do you support?

What are your thoughts on social media regulation?

beatmastermatt1 karma

Term limits at 24 years

Social media giants have become as powerful as the government, and antitrust enforcement needs to apply to them.

TheD1v1s1on51 karma

Who do you vote?

beatmastermatt1 karma

Typically I vote for candidates from all types of political parties

historysmilo1 karma

Hi Mr. Beat!

  1. Will Zanytime release an album?

  2. Will any of the red states turn reliably blue in the next 10 years?

beatmastermatt1 karma

haha hi! 1. Did you mean Electric Needle Room? Zany Time is my secret channel. Please don't tell anyone about how horrible my sense of humor is. 2. Georgia will be reliably blue imho

ihullzie1 karma

Has your top ten list changed in the past 2+ years and do you still rank Coolidge and Washington highly?

beatmastermatt2 karma

Breaking news....I now rank Eisenhower higher than Washington. But Coolidge is still about the same spot. Check out his autobiography.

kaizoku2241 karma

What do you think JFK would have done if he wasn’t killed?

beatmastermatt2 karma

Brought the troops home from Vietnam. Scale back CIA-backed foreign coups. Pushed for Civil Rights legislation.

kaizoku2241 karma

So basically the best post World War II president?

beatmastermatt1 karma

He could have been yes. I rank Eisenhower above him.

it-rene1 karma

Given with how all over your views are, would you consider yourself a swing voter or do you always have a general idea on who you'd vote for?

beatmastermatt2 karma

I'm typically a third party voter, but that's mostly since I'm in a reliably red state. But yeah, if I lived in Florida I'd be a swing voter.

spicyasfuk1 karma

Hello. Nice to meet you. I don’t know you, but I have an economic question.

Federal debt as a percentage of gdp just recently hit 135%. As far as economies go it’s very difficult for them to go backward after a cross of 130%. Do you think this is the beginning of the end for the US economy and will they most likely lose there reserve currency status in the near future? Is the US economy in serious trouble regardless of who wins the election or am I missing some other variable here?

beatmastermatt1 karma

They are in serious trouble if the trend continues, yes. The next ten years are critical in terms of reigning in deficits.

sion071 karma

If I'm not too late, roughly when can we expect the new presidential elections in American history?

beatmastermatt1 karma


JesseDLC1 karma

Hi Mr. Beat!

I'm a college student who has always been so interested in U.S History, and specifically the presidents. I'll keep my question simple, since I have so many running through my head. Who do you think is the most overrated president that people seem to praise more then he really deserves? My personal opinion has shifted towards Reagan filling that role but what about you?

beatmastermatt2 karma

Abraham Lincoln. He was not the best we had, yet most historians say that.

dimsimjim0 karma

What consequences are the most likely to come from ACB being confirmed?

beatmastermatt2 karma

I do think Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey are in danger of being overturned. Overall, however, I do think ACB won't be that much of an activist justice.

cotryan0 karma

Do you think the United States has lost its world “superpower” status that it gained and maintained after WWII and the Cold War to China? Will the United States gain this status back?

beatmastermatt1 karma

No, at least not yet. It's still the top dog in terms of the military, but China is indeed making some stealthy moves.