I've held many cybersecurity roles over the years, spanning defensive and offensive tasks. I've participated as a hands-on practitioner and a business-focused manager. I developed a popular approach to analyzing malware and the REMnux toolkit used for such tasks. I was one of the first people to have earned the prestigious GIAC Security Expert (GSE) designation. I got into blogging by challenging myself to write a post per day. I've co-authored security books and courses. I'm a Faculty Fellow at SANS Institute and the Chief Information Security Officer at Axonius.

What would you like to know? You can ask me anything, but I'm probably best equipped to answer questions about cybersecurity :-)

Here's my proof: https://imgur.com/qFnHG3N

EDIT: This AMA session has concluded. Thanks for your participation!

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Feel free to ask away, and Lenny will respond!