Edit: This video is most definitely NSFW!

Hey guys, thank you so much for all your questions! We received thousands of comments in such a short period of time, and now is what you have been waiting for. The boys answered 51 questions, in two 15 minutes videos. Enjoy!

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Robb, Mike and JP answer Reddit's questions! Pt. 1

Robb, Mike and JP answer Reddit's questions! Pt. 2

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Phillyz109 karma

Thank you guys so much for doing this! And thanks for answering my questions! Means a lot to me.

drunkandondrugsshow74 karma

Glad you enjoyed it!

Orbixx76 karma

Thanks for following up, fellas.

drunkandondrugsshow69 karma

You're welcome, thanks for having us; it's been a great experience!

_alexkane_5 karma

It says: This video is private.

drunkandondrugsshow24 karma

Sorry about that, took YouTube a few seconds for the change to go through. Should work now!