There were quite a few requests from this thread for me to do an AMA. I am pretty busy and will try to get back with people when I can. Also, I am new to reddit and not the most computer savvy guy so bear with me.


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Thank you for your public service.

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No worries...just pay it forward!

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Already posted the video for my non-reddit friends. Hope it gets traction.

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Thanks! Appreciate the repost!

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"I believe those who feed the homeless are Al Queda sympathizers..."

"Anonymous is definitely a terrorist organization...members need to be executed without trial"

If I ever see you in life, I'm buying you a beer. You need your own show.

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I will never turn down a cold beer friend! Thanks!

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Do you deliberately wear short cut T-shirts to show off your biceps?

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It was laundry day, so I had to wear my little sisters shirt! Was it that obvious?

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Do you really feel that police should only enforce those laws which he or she feels are correct?

For instance, after court-ordered desegregation, police played a significant role escorting black students to school (e.g. If the officer is racist (common for that time), should he not have to do so?

And if police are given the right to enforce laws by choice, who would they be accountable to?

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That is a difficult question but you could also point to the historical use of police enforcing Jim Crow Laws, The Fugitive Slave Laws, ect.

Unfortunately, the police have the luxury of operating as a monopoly. They have no accountability because those that pay for their services are forced to pay for them. If I am not happy with the services provided by OPD I am not free to stop paying for their services and employ another department. When entities are not forced to compete for your tax dollars they have little, if any, incentive to adequately perform their duties. In this instance those duties would include protecting your life, liberty and property. Good question though!

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What would happen if you tried to give food to the police officers?

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I don't want to give away too many details but a "Free Doughnuts" event at the Orlando Police Department (which falls within the 2 mile radius of this specific ordinance) may or may not be in the planning process.

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I just found someone who also spells it "doughnuts" rather than "donuts." I'm not alone in the world anymore, Reddit!

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Don't tell anyone but I had to google it to see the proper spelling!

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Is there anywhere I can get updates on this? I live here on orlando and would love to join.

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I will be at Lake Eola at 5:30pm this Wednesday documenting the arrests! Please come out and join us!

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Can you explain more about the situation in the video? Was this a rally in support of feeding the homeless?

Were you face to face with any police officers during your protest and if so, did they "get the joke?"

Have you protested any other events like this in the same way?

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I have been involved with activism for several years and have tried many different approaches. I feel I have had the most success with the over-the-top sarcasm. My goal was to be interviewed and use it as an opportunity make a mockery of our local governments claim to arbitrarily enforce unjust laws. I was actually threatened with arrest not long after this interview was recorded for approaching the cops and informing them that I saw women trying to vote and African Americans using the caucasian only restrooms in the park. I will be attending the next feeding on Wednesday the 13th at 5:30pm at Lake Eola Park. A few months ago, Officer Travis Lamont of the OPD broke the neck of an 84 year old WW2 veteran so we had a protest in front of the police station. Naturally I stationed myself across the street with a sign that read "Lamont for Sheriff" and pretty much did the same thing.

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Sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

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Love your approach, it's the onion head butting the fuck out of reality. Full throttle support to this; most brilliant.

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Did the guy interviewing you really not realize how incredibly farcical you were being? ..really? D:

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Shortly after the interview it became pretty obvious to everyone that I was not a fan of OPD. All of the activists already knew who I was and most of the LEO's. I did get an opportunity to speak with the gentlemen who conducted the interview and he said he thought that I was just really extreme.

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So they chose not to air the interview?

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That is correct.

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So is the southern accent for real? Or is it the only way to get into "character"?

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It's for real. I grew up in Kentucky.

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where in? I ended up moving north when i was 18 and pretty much lost my accent. then again, I am from looavul.

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Hartford aka BFE. I have lots of family and friends in L-ville though!

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You are cute and may have potential to achieve mild Internet fame if you keep on this persona and make some nicely edited Youtube videos (top Youtube personalities make ~100K, I believe). Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the input!

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Dude, that was simply awesome. All I had to say.

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Did you do it all just for karma on Reddit?

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Proof added

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You risked so much for karma? YOU ARE THE GREATEST KARMAWHORE ever!

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Explain karma?

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How did the African American interviewer react after your reference to slavery?

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I didn't actual reference slavery but I did elude discriminatory "laws" that were once used to enforce segregation. He seemed pretty indifferent to be honest. I wasn't even sure if I was going to go down that road but I was already committed at that point.

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If you were 13 and you had the chance to go to space camp with randy from American idol would you take?

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I don't know who Randy is but I would have a difficult time passing up a trip to space camp.

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My brother works at space camp. We can make this happen.

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Sweet! Let's do it!

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How do I join the American Totalitarian Institute?

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You can sign up at either of the following web pages:


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Tell me sir, how does a police officer keep his job while picking and choosing what rules and laws to enforce? They signed contracts, they have supervisors, they get calls to respond to. I can't imagine these police officers having this much choice to enforce certain rules.

EDIT: Question: How can you work as a police officers and only enforce those laws you feel are morally right?

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Let me be clear by stating that the job of a LEO is not an easy job. My father is a retired Deputy Sheriff and I have witnessed first hand the stress that this type of job can cause. Police officers can always use their discretion. That is why sometimes when you are pulled over for speeding you are given a citation and other times you are given a warning.

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Other than cop watch, do you participate in any individual rights advocacy?

Also, I too live in Orlando. How can I get involved?

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If you are free Wednesday. Come to to Lake Eola at 5:30pm. There is another scheduled feeding. I will be there as well as tons of other activists.

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What kinds of other protests have you done?

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I popped my protest cherry at the 2008 End The Fed Rally in Jacksonville, Florida. I have participated in and organized numerous demonstrations since then. Everything ranging from Anti-War rallies to Tea Party events.

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Do you plan on becoming a politician?

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Have you been involved in any "real" activist groups previously?

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I am affiliated with several different grassroots organizations. I am the former president of UCF's Young Americans for Liberty and a County Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty but I usually act a private citizen and not on the behest of any specific organization.

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Isn't YAF a conservative youth organisation?

SarcActivist17 karma

It is. I am affiliated with YAL. Young Americans for Liberty.

You can actually read my write up on this media stunt as I am a contributor to their website.

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Awesome work, mate, top job. It must be satisfying having a hundred thousand people watch and appreciate your work, I must say.

Anyway, apart from interning at the "American Totalitarian Institute, where is it that you intend to go in your life?

SarcActivist33 karma

Thanks! I am not really sure at this point. Life keeps throwing me curve balls. I would like to continue being a liberty activist. Perhaps work on some documentaries or start an alternative media site.

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Favorite flavor of ice cream? You seem like a rocky road type of guy.

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I'm going to have to go with peach Sherbet....can I do that?

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Do you have aspirations for comedy or acting?

Are you a student? If so what are you studying?

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I do not. I am studying Pre-Clinical Health Sciences! Not really sure why though.

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You stayed very calm the whole time. Was this the first time you had done something like this before?

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It was not. I have called into talk radio shows many times with the same objective in mind. I have also conducted similar interviews.

The most recent one was in response to Officer Travis Lamont of the OPD breaking the neck of an 84 year old WW2 Veteran. At this demonstration organized by Orlando Copwatch I showed up with a sign that read "Lamont for Sheriff" and conducted a few interviews in character.