Hello everyone – it’s David Tennant! I portrayed the tenth Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who and I am here today to talk to you about the second season of my podcast “David Tennant Does a Podcast With…”.

On this season, I am sitting down (virtually) with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Dame Judi Dench, Jim Parsons, Stacey Abrams, Elisabeth Moss and more. This is following an incredibly fun first season where I spoke with the likes of John Hamm, Whoopi Goldberg and James Corden. Each episode gives you an inside look at these stars’ lives, packed with revealing conversation, surprise stories and, of course, lots of laughs! I’m looking forward to sharing these with you.

Episode one is live today! Listen to it on Apple Podcasts.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/u8oszwx0ztc51.jpg

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TheoTheroneQandA8930 karma

David, as a decent person, a father & a british man, how do you feel about the fact that you had to microwave tea in Broadchurch? - question sent by Marion

realdavidtennant17768 karma

I was REHEATING the tea, not microwaving it from cold. I’m not an animal

spinworld4505 karma

Kilgrave was one of the most unsettling villains I’ve seen on screen. Did you ever creep yourself out when you were in character for that role?

realdavidtennant4916 karma

I’d have been a pretty useless villain if I creeped myself out. I saved that up for JJ

mrtum30004319 karma

I can't find many interviews about your role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire... what was it like being in such a big franchise and do you have any fond memories of being on set?

realdavidtennant8458 karma

I wasn’t on Harry Potter for all that long. I think I did 10 days or so over a year, so I always felt a bit like a visitor. But it was great to be part of something so extraordinary. They only gave me a little chair though, so when everyone was sat around Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon and Alan Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe all towered over me in these fancy cast chairs. Still a pleasure to be there though

acg123453951 karma

Hi David, massive fan!

During your time on Doctor Who, what were your favourite episodes to film and would you like to appear in an episode with Jodie Whittaker?

realdavidtennant7957 karma

Pfffft. I can’t nominate a favourite. It wouldn’t be fair. It would be like choosing your favourite child, and apparently you aren’t allowed to do that.

worsethanastickycat3146 karma

Hello! Who would your dream podcast guest be, anyone that you would love to have on but don't think would ever happen?

realdavidtennant5296 karma

William ShakespeareOr Obama

SparkyTheDiamondDog3105 karma

Hi David, big fan, Having read Good Omens, I believe that you helped make possibly the most direct 1:1 adaptation of a book ever created. Absolutely fantastic job. I would love to know what was your favorite scene in it to film and why?

realdavidtennant3938 karma

The opening of ep 3, where we travel through history with Az and Crowley was just such joy to film.

screamerofstars2973 karma

Hi David! You’ve been involved in so many iconic nerd properties over the years, from Marvel to Ducktales and even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Would you consider getting involved in more franchises with big fan followings? Is there a franchise that you would love to cross off your acting/voice acting bucket list? e.g. Transformers, Power Rangers, Star Trek

realdavidtennant5275 karma

Star Trek would be great. After talking to George Takei for the podcast I’ve got a bit immersed in it.

alovelystar2580 karma


Are you actually answering these questions, or are you drinking wine while Georgia types out replies?

realdavidtennant4218 karma

I wish I was… Where the f**k is my wine...? GEORGIA!!!!!!!!

cosmicrystal2245 karma

Hi, David! Adore the podcast. What's a favorite story or fact you've learned so far, either about a guest or your own experience in creating the podcast?

realdavidtennant3864 karma

George Takei’s childhood is pretty extraordinary, and awful and shocking, and how that has informed his life is amazing

Friendly-Calendar-472139 karma

You once said in an interview that you “love characters who are clever and smart, and you have to run to catch up with.”

Who would you say out of everyone you’ve played is the biggest reflection of this?

realdavidtennant3724 karma

Well The Doctor is pretty smart. So is Hamlet. Crowley in Good Omens too. Anyone who is wittier than me… which is most characters in the end...

Rumblestocking2105 karma

Hi David!

What are you most proud of in life?

Big fan :)

realdavidtennant4692 karma

My family

MegaPhoenix19931922 karma

What is your favorite Shakespeare play? and Why?

realdavidtennant3223 karma

Hamlet probably. It's transcendental. Although I reserve the right to change my mind about that at any point...

hometown-unicorn1551 karma

Hi David, thanks so much for doing this! Do you have any books or albums you discovered in quarantine that you’d recommend?

realdavidtennant3694 karma

I’ve got 5 kids, Quarantine hasn’t really allowed much time for anything beyond keeping everyone in one piece!

amadaun7771544 karma

Hi Mr. Tennant, I am a big Good Omens fan, and I was wondering what did you enjoy most about being a part of that show, if anything?

realdavidtennant2882 karma

Probably working with Michael Sheen, and strutting about like I owned the place, although the trousers were very tight...

airs_with_fire_yogi1456 karma

You and Neil Gaiman are probably my favorite "cult celebrities." What is your favorite moment or interaction when working together? Was it creative, fun, serious, weird? All the above?

realdavidtennant2140 karma

Oh it's still to come. Stay tuned….

MovieFreak41435 karma

Huge fan of the podcast and your other work. How did you decide on the format for your podcast? What made you want to go the long-form conversation route rather than another type of podcasting?

realdavidtennant2493 karma

Here’s The Thing - Alec Baldwin’s podcast. He had such great people on it, he was perceptive and cool and… I think I just want to be Alec Baldwin probably

imtheshortest1327 karma

Hi David!

How are you?!

What's something on your to-do list that you haven't check off?

realdavidtennant2288 karma

I’ve got a big pile of papers and things that I am studiously ignoring.I’m looking at them now.They don;’t seem to be going away...

HoldTheRedDoor1048 karma

First time caller, longtime listener.

How did you prepare for your role as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones? Any particular comics and storylines you liked the most?

Who would you want to portray in DC if given the opportunity?

realdavidtennant1588 karma

I’m very happy to play whoever DC suggest. Kilgrave is a brilliant character and there are different versions of him down the years of comics. The version I had to deal with was the one from Melissa Rosenberg and her brilliant team’s scripts, so I focused on that I suppose. The history of the character was interesting as a fan of comic books, but our version was specific to the world of Jessica Jones.

DrM0n0cle997 karma

Are you my mummy?

realdavidtennant1587 karma


MariaSBNYY85843 karma

What is a movie and or song that always makes you cry no matter how many times you watch or hear it ?

realdavidtennant1762 karma

It's A Wonderful Life. The scene in the bank.And White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin.

justluurkinn829 karma

David, what’s your favorite country that you’ve visited?

realdavidtennant1839 karma

I have to say Scotland don’t I? Although I love California (I know that isn’t a country!)

Carolinesnk652 karma

If you were a guest on a podcast like yours who would you like to be interviewed by?

realdavidtennant1148 karma

William Shakespeare.

realdavidtennant1158 karma

Or Obama

LastOfTheMoohanicans637 karma

Marmite? Yes/no?

realdavidtennant1052 karma


divlji_zumbul628 karma

I absolutely love What We Did On Our Holiday. How do you find working with kids? Is it easier or harder than working with adults?

realdavidtennant994 karma

well those kids were amazing. Kids are very good at pretending, which is the whole point of acting really so they tend to be quite inspiring.

Jannipants620 karma

David, what inspired you to have Stacey Abrams on your upcoming podcast and is she evey bit as awesome as she seems? 😊 I live in Georgia, and if it weren't for widespread voter suppression, I am convinced she would be our state's Governor right now.

realdavidtennant1065 karma

I think she is magnificent. And then I heard she was A Doctor Who fan so I chanced that she might respond. She proved to be even more extraordinary in person.

whatanidiota586 karma

Hi David! Thanks for doing his AMA and giving us the chance to tell you how awesome you are. Here I go: you're awesome!

My question: If the whole acting thing hadn't worked out, what do you imagine you'd be doing instead?

realdavidtennant1100 karma

Probably teaching English or maybe drama. But I fear I wouldn’t have been very good at it.

cprl_mm584 karma

Hi David. In your career you had pretty wide variety of roles - from sci fi icons to Shakespeare. We as viewers get to enjoy it so much, but how do you choose them? What are you looking for in the each next job you take? Thank you and have a good day!

realdavidtennant1113 karma

Something different

Something fun

Something challenging

A good story

Good people to work with

Or ideally: all of the above!

Hoods_77560 karma

Hi David! A lot of the characters you've played have distinctive styles. Do you have a favourite costume you've gotten to wear?

realdavidtennant1113 karma

I have a white shirt that is my favourite shirt ever, its from All Saints and I got it on a job…but I can’t remember which one. But also getting to plunder every Paul Smith suit in NY that was in any shade of purple or Blue for Kilgrave was very pleasing. I didn’t get t keep a single one!

TitaniumTriforce511 karma

If you had a functioning TARDIS, when/where would you immediately take it?

realdavidtennant1920 karma

Either to the Cavern to see the Beatles in the very early 60s, or to the first performance of Hamlet at the Globe Theatre. Or perhaps I’d choose to get involved in some recent moments of history and save us all from the variety of disasters we have voted ourselves into.

doctoryana497 karma

Hi David! I've been a huge fan of yours for years now. Just wanted to ask how have you coped during lockdown? Personally, it's maddening not to be able to travel but I can't complain about more time with family.

Congrats on the new season of the podcast!

realdavidtennant977 karma

Well I was supposed to be working away this whole time so its been lovely to be with the family. Its a bit frustrating to have to scrap plans and slightly unnerving not knowing what the future holds, but we have space for the kids to run around and everyone in my house really likes each other so I feel very lucky.

realdavidtennant435 karma

Well I was supposed to be working away this whole time so its been lovely to be with the family. Its a bit frustrating to have to scrap plans and slightly unnerving not knowing what the future holds, but we have space for the kids to run around and everyone in my house really likes each other so I feel very lucky.

vevamar447 karma

Hello, mr. Tennant! Thank you for all those wonderful characters you've given to the world.

I'd like to ask if it there is much difference between playing character in a film or just giving it voice? I mean preparation, understanding personality, etc.

realdavidtennant837 karma

well you don’t have to learn the lines for a voice part. I guess its more of an imaginative leap if you are on your own in a voice over booth to being on set surrounded by costumes and a whole cast of actors all doing their thing. But it's all pretend in the end. It's all about connecting with your inner playground

AnthonyCrowley4004402 karma

Hi David! What are some methods you use to prepare for your roles/advice to aspiring actors to get in character?

realdavidtennant969 karma

Be on time, Learn your lines, be nice. The rest is up to you.

granitefeather395 karma

What's been the most challenging part of making the podcast so far? The most delightful?

realdavidtennant805 karma

For this season, the little micro second delay that speaking over the internet produces takes a bit of getting used to, and there were occasional glitches with variable internet here and there, but I don’t think you can tell in the finished edits. It's a bit of a fiddle doing things remotely but at least I didn’t have to travel very far to get to anyone!

averyalaska247 karma

Hi David! On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate scotch eggs?

realdavidtennant592 karma

Depends on the scotch egg. There is a range from Black pudding and warm runny poached egg at one end all the way to spam and cold, grey hard boiled at the other. I mean, I’ll have a go at any of them but some are better than others.

hannnahbanana8230 karma

I would love to listen to you interviewing a West Wing cast member. Who would be your dream guest out of that cast?

realdavidtennant402 karma

Well yes, and Elisabeth Moss is on the podcast this season, but I’ll take pretty much any of the others too.

kozinc212 karma

Who'd you most want to have a podcast with that you can't at the moment?

realdavidtennant472 karma

Shakespeare, or Obama

KJDoesStuff189 karma

what was your favorite role to play and why?

realdavidtennant342 karma

It's probably Hamlet

grapesofrage188 karma

Hi David! If you could have any historical figure on your podcast, who would you choose?

realdavidtennant358 karma


mrkdwd186 karma

You trailed off there at the end, who are you doing a podcast with?

realdavidtennant324 karma

haha, well today it's Jim Parsons, next week someone new: https://apple.co/davidtennant

StormPilotTrash142 karma

First of all, huge fan!! Secondly, who is your dream guest for your podcast?

realdavidtennant368 karma

Shakespeare, or Obama