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wijiji316 karma

Is there anything else you could do to manage your anxiety?

MilkshakePizzaAyy55 karma

Thank you for listening :)

S-071-John14 karma

What made you decide on music as a tool to help manage your anxiety and shyness?

MilkshakePizzaAyy33 karma

My father plays music in bars for a living and I have always wanted to try make music in some capacity but I was always too nervous.

S-071-John8 karma

That’s very cool you found a method that works! I’m looking forward to seeing the videos!

MilkshakePizzaAyy11 karma

Thank you very much :)

Quiettte12 karma

Is there anywhere else we could follow/keep up with your music or is your YouTube where you're mainly focusing? Genuinely loved Chicken Nugget (highlight of my day honestly) and would love to see what else you make!

MilkshakePizzaAyy10 karma

Thanks for the kind words! I will be putting anything I do on youtube. I will have the song on music streaming places over the next few days too. Also made an insta: @ anniebarsmusic.

hidead66669 karma

Why the name chicken nugget for the song??

MilkshakePizzaAyy17 karma

Who doesnt love chicken nuggets?

Honestly though, I started singing the chorus to the beat and it kinda got stuck in my head so I went with it.

sushipusha7 karma

Will you write a song called Bad Social Anxiety?

Good for you BTW!

MilkshakePizzaAyy9 karma

I will certainly try, and thank you :)

Freedom2Feel4 karma

What programs did you use to record the song?

MilkshakePizzaAyy13 karma

I used an oldish program called cool edit pro. I found it easier to use than the newer ones

rrussotwo4 karma


MilkshakePizzaAyy17 karma

Nope, I am from Ireland!

Beezus1454 karma

In true Hip Hop fashion will there be a remix?

MilkshakePizzaAyy20 karma

Oh for sure. Just have to wait for Eminem and Lil Wayne to agree to jump on it haha

The_Erd_Oys1 karma

We simply use chickens and stuff to overcome things and such. This song pretty much sums it up: https://youtu.be/Rm6s34RqZ_c

Now that we've both released songs of chicken theme, what next? Will you want to collab or go on tour with us?

MilkshakePizzaAyy8 karma

I dont think there will be any touring for a while yet haha. I dont want my nugget getting covid.