Hello Reddit, Anthony Fantano here, the Internet's busiest music nerd. I run a YouTube channel where I review a lot of music. A lot.

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PaperPunch10885 karma

I met you at the travis scott concert and we talked for a bit but when I asked for an autograph you called me a “light 4/10 boy” and made me fortnite dance for the autograph. My question is why did you do that?

theneedledrop12241 karma

you deserved it.

Revuul3988 karma

If The Needle Drop wasn't successful, what would you see yourself doing right now?

theneedledrop6144 karma

political reporting or accounting.

joe267133487 karma

what current movement or genre in music do you think will have the biggest impact going forward over the next decade? what artists specifically will be looked back on in ten years as highly influential to the direction of music?

theneedledrop5725 karma

probably guys like frank ocean or some of these emo trap artists. i know the catalog doesn't seem like much, but they're hitting an emotional nerve with current generations few other artists are.

LorenzoApophis3446 karma

Did you ever hear anything from the guy who wrote that Fader article? Like an apology?

theneedledrop4464 karma

lol no

goujaan3135 karma

who is the second busiest music nerd????

theneedledrop7884 karma

nardwuar :-))))))))

denyuldrumma2770 karma

How often do you relisten to old albums that you gave “meh” reviews, (5-7)?

theneedledrop2974 karma

usually they're just 7s, and only once in a blue moon. skipping the tracks i disliked.

leXar4h12731 karma

have you ever thought of reviewing classical music?

theneedledrop4666 karma

yes, but i know little to nothing about it.

i'm probably too dumb to process it or something.

burdemmik2479 karma

What led you to become vegan?

theneedledrop4459 karma

liking animals.

liking vegetables.

being vegetarian for a while and learning to cook more without animal products.

TheFilmSlacker2468 karma

What's been the most fulfilling aspect of gaining an audience through music criticism?

theneedledrop3805 karma

i get a lot of cool recommendations. :-)

Adruas2207 karma

Have you always had the best teeth in the game or did the dentist help?

theneedledrop3828 karma

the teeth are all natural. just starting telling people they were the best and it worked.

tho if i ever see anderson .paak it's on.

milky_sasquatch2069 karma

Anthony, what does an artisr need to do to get a 10 in your opinion?

theneedledrop3813 karma

there's no set criteria. the number is just a reflection of my level of enjoyment.

Thebighairygumba2012 karma

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

theneedledrop4143 karma

ken fantano.

he chills and plays mario kart 8, mostly.

BlackGravitySheep1776 karma

What musical trope do you think will rise to popularity in pop music after trap elements start to die out? Love your videos by the way.

theneedledrop5018 karma

future music will just be whatever makes ppl dance on tiktok. the end is near. get ready.

ButtamilkJesus1637 karma

What is your most played album of all time?

theneedledrop2650 karma

not sure. i stopped scrobbling years ago.

cranfordbeagle1511 karma

What were your favorite artists/bands you listened to when you were growing up?

theneedledrop3148 karma

rage against the machine

the offspring


weird al


boyz ii men



green day


those were some of my early tapes, and then there was all the hits i'd record off the radio with my lil boom box.

iHugHobos1501 karma

Best kind of melon?

theneedledrop3013 karma


SkeffT1336 karma

How many more classics does Kendrick need to solidify a top 5 all time rapper spot?

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thelostepisode1285 karma

Favourite video game soundtrack?

theneedledrop2247 karma

i like a lotta the SNES hits: super mario world, chrono trigger, earthbound, donkey kong country 1 & 2, zelda a link to the past

theneedledrop1704 karma

and pretty much every mega man game.

LessCharmThanTrash1232 karma

Spaghetti or Ravioli?

theneedledrop2763 karma


younggeechie1221 karma

Does your job effect how your enjoy music in your off-time?

theneedledrop1886 karma

not as much as just everyday life getting in the way, no. sometimes i'd rather listen to laurie anderson than fix the dishwasher, ya know?

AgentBronson1181 karma

Will you please do a Redux Review of Plastic Beach? It seems to have grown on you in the past few years and I'd like to see if it's earned yellow flannel status!

theneedledrop1214 karma

thinking about it.

BESIDJU__1104 karma

Pink Floyd best to worst ?

theneedledrop1849 karma

i'd like to say "yes," but then you'd be expecting more than i think i can deliver.

Neitio1051 karma

How do you avoid burnout with your insane level of output?

theneedledrop1585 karma

not sure. enjoying what i do and making sure i'm taking decent breaks. doing other things? spending time with loved ones, cooking, exercising, chilling.

fiene9131040 karma

All time favorite Kendrick verse?

theneedledrop2309 karma

might be his whole deal on how much a dollar cost or u.

TheBaconator1151005 karma

What is the last song you have listened to or are listening to now?

theneedledrop1514 karma

listening to the new jessie ware album rn. it bangs.

gordo2008992 karma

I am from Brasil and love your Channel. What's your favorite Brazilian artists/albums?

theneedledrop1729 karma

os mutantes and sepultura are two of the best there ever was.

ana frango electrico is a new favorite. <3

TheDJMaxey884 karma

What kind of videos/reviews are your favorites to make? Love the content and you've helped me find artists I didn't know about before.

theneedledrop1174 karma

positive reviews and let's argue videos, right now. :-P

OprahsThiccToes867 karma

what era of musical exploration do you feel like was the strongest? as a followup, do you think music is currently headed in a direction that is favorable?

theneedledrop1681 karma

not sure about the first question, tbh.

i think music will continue to move in a good direction as long as the culture it comes from remains in control of its creation and dissemination, not greedy record labels. what we have now isn't perfect, but the internet gives more artists control than before. more control and a fairer financial deal is what artists need to seek otu in the future.

barl09860 karma

What genre fusions have you not seen explored much but would like to see/think would be interesting?

theneedledrop1748 karma

dance pop and black metal.


jbabich98824 karma

What’s your process Of reviewing these records? How many listens do you give it before you have a final opinion ?

theneedledrop1290 karma

typically it's 4-7 depending on my familiarity with the artist, genre. it's just a lot of listening, searching, writing, re-writing.

__whyalwaysme__796 karma

How do you feel about your image in certain communities as being a 'meme'?

theneedledrop1650 karma

i'm fine with it. honestly, i feel like if people are meme-ing, they're engaging. that's what you want as a content creator.

younggeechie748 karma

Has your meme status elevated your career, or vice versa?

theneedledrop1266 karma

probably. memes make the world go round.

sheepycomehome742 karma

what are your head dimensions?

theneedledrop1718 karma

watermelon dimensions

pohpihifol736 karma

Do you ever take breaks or vacations? It always seems like you're putting out content.

theneedledrop1345 karma

rarely, no.

i don't know how to stop.

maybe i have a problem.

KappaMcPussy655 karma

what's the best and worst reaction to a review you recieved by a musician?

theneedledrop1934 karma

a very nice e-mail from the guys in WEEN telling me a classic review i did was one of the best they've ever gotten and was more impressive than all the coverage they got through the 90s, LOL!

Tha-Jew-Tang-Clan652 karma

What’s your favorite music from before the modern rock n roll era like Woody Guthrie and Louis Armstrong? Etc really anyone from before the 50s.

theneedledrop851 karma

probably pre-war blues or very very old gospel music.

TheLedgend27601 karma

Would you ever drop any original music??

theneedledrop1086 karma

probably, but i'm not sure i have any interest in becoming a commercial artist, honestly. i respect the grind and obviously i couldn't be doing anything i'm doing without commercial music existing. i just don't have any interest in making it or promoting it like it's my job or paying my bills depends on it.

Virtemption599 karma

What made you start reviewing music and albums in general?

theneedledrop828 karma

just wanting to share my thoughts and see if i'd get any others in return. covering music professionally just seemed like the most sensible way of making it a part of my life in a way where it could be constant around the time i was trying to forge a career path.

Ashamed_Expert_6804596 karma

What are the best ingredients to put in a vegan burrito?

theneedledrop1253 karma

beans, rice, guac, corn, salsa, hot sauce, sauteed peppers.

mdRAW557 karma

What are your guilty pleasure listens?

theneedledrop2045 karma

none. enjoy what you enjoy.

i don't give a fuck if anyone catches me listening to ICP or billie eilish. if i like it, i like it.

leeeharveyoswald479 karma

Anthony, I love your hair . What's your secret?

theneedledrop885 karma

cut it short

Lakegrin451 karma

Is this still the thread you'll be using?

theneedledrop431 karma


theory_extinct446 karma

Have you ever heard Holiday Rap by MC Miker G and DJ Sven?

theneedledrop492 karma

yes, goddamn. haven't thought about that track in years.

Ajl280612384 karma

How do you stay so thiccc while being vegan?

theneedledrop743 karma

when you go vegan, you still have access to fats, proteins, calories, and exercise. all the other vitamins and minerals, too. just don't starve yourself and hit some weights or bodyweight exercises.

Chadwck379 karma

Do you think that UK culture makes it harder to understand the messages in UK music?

theneedledrop727 karma

i don't think UK culture makes it HARDER, but because it's a culture Americans aren't familiar with the dialect seems alien and lingo goes over their heads. so, yeah, it can create a bit of a barrier, i suppose. however, i think that's something people should get over to try and enjoy something that's different and exciting.

MissingMilkCartonKid367 karma

What is your go-to song to eat Italian food to?

theneedledrop550 karma

LOL, i don't usually like listening to music when i'm eating.

CQMach888352 karma

Do you find it hard to approach music from a different culture of origin? For example, when reviewing K-pop or maybe rap in another language, does not being able to understand the lyrics affect your enjoyment of that music, and does that reflect in your reviews? I thought it would be different when it comes to a single critic, rather than places like Pitchfork who may have a more diverse staff on hand to give opinions.

theneedledrop620 karma

i'm not gonna lie; it can be. i think i just try to do the best i can do translate what the enjoyable qualities of the album will be for a listener who won't go into it naturally understanding those aspects of it. because music is so steeped in whatever culture it comes from, the types of barriers are going to be there. and that's ok. not everyone can understand and be an expert on everything. and at the end of the day, i'm just trying to engage enjoyment. it doesn't matter of me if i'm enjoying a weezer album or a natalia laforcade album. i'll do my best to state what it is about the album i find to be special.

vsimon115332 karma

Your thoughts on Capital STEEZ?

theneedledrop576 karma

one of the great losses of the 2010s. could have helped change music if he stayed with us, i think.

StraussyMousey329 karma

What do you think of Billy Joel?

theneedledrop569 karma

dig the hits, never got too deep into his discog, though. nothing against him as an artist tho.

vvprincipito315 karma

Haiiii King fantano crocs when?

theneedledrop424 karma

i gotta hit up crocs for the endorsement.

EatingSkin295 karma

thoughts on the new microphones record?

theneedledrop329 karma

excited to listen to it, for sure.

ThePseudo9248 karma

Abel or Frank? Better singer?

theneedledrop713 karma

abel is a more skilled singer, but frank's got better songs, imo.

fromthe5238 karma

Favorite young thug song?

theneedledrop449 karma

good question. this is probably one of my favs:


plusols222 karma

Do you watch any music reviewers (other than yourself)? If so, who would you recommend?

theneedledrop536 karma

personally, i like a lot of the content on YT that's more commentary and essay-based. guys like deep cuts, blacky speakz, finn mckenty. i still watch dead end hip hop and spectrum pulse, tho.

Edited_lamb357196 karma

Hey Anthony, I'm a big fan of your content, so cheers for putting the time in to entertain us all.

I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but which review of yours would you most like to change the score of in a retrospective? Has reception of your score ever caused you to reconsider?

Thanks again Anthony

theneedledrop233 karma

any of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiXWqnT-NCg

a few times, but that desire usually goes away quickly.

Yetan555187 karma

Hello, sorta of a new fan. I found you while looking up clippin newest album.

Have you ever listened to Trevor Something? Do you have a favorite album of his?

theneedledrop220 karma

can't say i have, but thank you for hopping aboard! <3

RiseCoochiekawa175 karma

Favorite video game?

theneedledrop365 karma

maybe secret of mana

pablo1905167 karma

How often do u shave ur head?

theneedledrop412 karma

every few weeks? you can literally gauge this for yourself if you just look at my youtube history, lol.

bcerv99161 karma

I notice that you put emphasis on the mixing and mastering of a song when reviewing, my question is have you ever heard a song that still sounded great even though the mic may have been a little muddy or not up to par with commercial standards?

theneedledrop248 karma

sure. all the time. how a song is presented sonically is important, but it's not everything. things can still sound a bit "off" and the music still be perfectly good / enjoyable.

MtgWarlock144 karma

Pancakes or waffles?

theneedledrop313 karma

i dunno how to make vegan waffles, tbh. if i did tho i'd probably fuck more with a waffle.

flowaboy111 karma

First album you remember loving as a kid?

theneedledrop232 karma

evil empire, maybe.

schuy_bruh110 karma

What are your thoughts about the drill rap scene in NYC right now? Any favorites?

theneedledrop195 karma

i didn't know it was taking hold in NYC as well.

well, i guess i was aware of pop smoke, but would like to know more.

thisdj9597 karma

What album have you changed your opinion on the most since you reviewed it (good or bad)?

theneedledrop116 karma

i've done a few vids on albums i've changed my mind on, but i'm not sure which one i've change don THE MOST

r7465_83 karma

Do you agree big KRIT is the best rapper of the 2010s??

theneedledrop131 karma

not the best, but one of the best.

gboyx36077 karma

What is your work ethic? How are you able to pump out so much content?

theneedledrop138 karma

give up your sanity? lol.

i think it's probably a case of just enjoying what you do.

AnathemaToOthers67 karma

What’s your favorite up and coming artist that you’ve yet to mention on video?

theneedledrop145 karma

up until recently i would have said backxwash, but i'll just say BACKXWASH

simsim4437 karma

What's your favourite interview with an artist and why?

theneedledrop88 karma

probably my new lingua ignota interview. hayter was just throwing out great answers and killed every question.

thedummyplayer33 karma


theneedledrop100 karma

not now.

DocKillinger31 karma

Best Zeppelin album?

theneedledrop59 karma

physical is my personal fav

HuskerDu121 karma

Have you ever been in a poly relationship?

theneedledrop72 karma

lol no

casseroleboy18 karma

Favorite emo record?

theneedledrop37 karma

diary comes to mind pretty quickly. just great performances, songs, production all-around. not so steeped in misery it's self-indulgent or killing the quality of the music.

Yoinkmaster29712 karma

Why did you feel the need to make a video mocking Death To Mumble Rap when, in reality, we all know it's by far the greatest song ever created?

theneedledrop22 karma

it was ripe for meme-ing and i thought luke would be a good sport about it. he was and seems like a good guy. loved my interview with him.

MemeyLolie12 karma

what are your thoughts on iLoveMakonnen and his music?

theneedledrop22 karma

mostly neutral on it at this point, tbh.

BearlyStable11 karma

Can your wife be in more videos?

theneedledrop183 karma

not interested. too many creep-os out there. the bigger TND gets, the more important it is to keep a barrier between what i do and my private life. my loved ones are a part of that private life, and my wife has been a driving force in my decision on this.

kidoido5 karma

Anthony, how did your collaboration with James Acaster come about?

theneedledrop8 karma

he was just a fan of what i do and through my platform would be a good place for his thoughts on music and his book. he's got killer taste so i invited him on to say his piece.

DisgustingMoleRat3 karma

What's your favorite album of all time?

theneedledrop11 karma

not sure i have one at this point, tbh.

FrankieTomasicTV1 karma

main inspiration for reviewing music, melon?

theneedledrop2 karma

just other youtubers and late 00s content creators "reviewing" things they were passionate about. i figured i wanted to take the music reviewing experience and turn it into that.

RPZ_Frcture1 karma

What are your thoughts on the newest The Alchemist and Boldy James album?

theneedledrop3 karma

it's ok. alfredo's much better, IMO.