Hey everyone! Sorry I couldn't answer more questions. They were great and I really appreciate all your thoughts. Check me out on social and I'll do my best to keep you entertained. Bye for now! Kyle

I’ve worked a lot with David Lynch.My favorite role of all time is Special Agent Dale Cooper.I once found an ear in a field that got me into a lot of trouble.I’ve been Ruler of the Known Universe, ran a rock quarry, and played keyboards for a famous rock band.I like to cook while sipping …pursued by bear I recently worked with Tom Hardy on CAPONE and with Ethan Hawke on TESLA as THOMAS EDISON. I played FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT in an 8-part series for PBS called ATLANTIC CROSSING which will be out later this year.I make wine in Walla Walla, Washington. The brand is called …pursued by bear, which is a reference to a Shakespearean stage direction from the play, The Winter's Tale. I have five wines, …pursued by bear Cabernet, baby bear Syrah, blushing bear Rosé, bear cub red blend and Twin Bear Cabernet.You can find me on social here: - Instagram – Kyle_Maclachlan - Twitter - @Kyle_Maclachlan - Facebook – KyleMaclachlanOfficial - TikTok – @Kyle_MaclachlanProof: https://i.redd.it/q1crqppgjr551.jpg

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AreYouMeIAmYou1986 karma

One of my favorite things about your portrayal of Dale Cooper is that Coop seems to have a constant sense of wonder. He seems to approach every situation as if it's the first and last time he will experience it. Smell those trees! Was this a conscious decision on your side as an actor?

And thank you for inspiring me to give myself a little present every day. Damn good advice.-

Kyle__MacLachlan1753 karma

Much of Dale Cooper was in the script. I just breathed life into him!

JeppyBass1655 karma

What makes you and David Lynch laugh the most on set? P.S. You are the best! ☕️🥧

Kyle__MacLachlan1487 karma

The unexpected! ☕️

MuadDave1296 karma

Loved your performance in Dune (see username).

What was it like working with Dennis Hopper? He seemed a little too accurate in his portrayal of Frank Booth. Was he really acting, or was that just Dennis?

Kyle__MacLachlan1330 karma

Dennis was amazing to work with. I was basically just reacting to everything he did. Super nice guy, too. Now HE had some stories...

disbljp1295 karma

Without even seeing the script would you return for another season of Twin peaks?

Kyle__MacLachlan1755 karma


cdowneyg961 karma

Is that gum l like going to come back in style?

Kyle__MacLachlan742 karma

You never know!

ls988647 karma

Hello Mr MacLachlan. I know virtually nothing about filming so forgive me if my question strikes you as ridiculous / kooky. How did you film The Return Part 17 scene where Dale returns to 1989 & wants to take Laura back home? They digitally inserted him into the existing FWWM footage, I understand. But that part where the present-day Dale talks to & takes the 1989 Laura by the hand wasn’t the part of FWWM. When Laura wants to know who he was & says she’d seen him in her dreams - I meant that. So I’ve been baffled for a long time. I hope I was clear enough. Have a great day, I love following you on Twitter.

Kyle__MacLachlan839 karma

Careful editing! And we shot in a fairly dark location. I thought it was really effective.

TimecopVsPredator583 karma

Hi Kyle. Big fan. What was your favorite episode to make of Portlandia?

Kyle__MacLachlan853 karma

They were all fun and Fred and Carrie, along with our director Jon Krisel, made each show special. I think working alongside Michael Nesmith was pretty awesome. I was a huge fan of the Monkees when I was a kid...still am!

sevengazillion580 karma

Hello Kyle!! I was wondering if you were happy with the world’s reaction to season 3?

Kyle__MacLachlan1097 karma

I loved what we created. That made me happy.

OGBatman547 karma

You are truly a legend! How do you prep your damn fine coffee?

Kyle__MacLachlan728 karma

weigh it!

dick_shawn_fan459 karma

You did a magnificent job in Twin Peaks, I'd like to say.

But I want to ask, did you read Dune before you got the part?

Kyle__MacLachlan969 karma

Yes! Read it first when I was about 15, and once a year after that! I used to write quotes from the book on Mrs. Crago's blackboard(my junior high English teacher)

MoKenna458 karma

Who is the hardest Twin Peaks actor to get a read on?

Kyle__MacLachlan849 karma

Gordon Cole ;-)

algaco445 karma

Hi Kyle! Fellow PNW-er wondering what your favorite brand/blend of coffee is? And if you have a moment, maybe your favorite beer too?

Kyle__MacLachlan1021 karma

Gotta go with my coffee blend, roasted at the Walla Walla Roastery in Walla Walla...melange. Good stuff! Evil Twin for brewski 🍻

heidismiles385 karma

Thanks for doing this! You are super fantastic, and I'm a huge fan!

Is David Lynch as hilarious as he seems from the show?

What's your favorite Twin Peaks moment?

Kyle__MacLachlan587 karma

David is very funny, very dry. Any moment I got to drink coffee!

HenryVIIIII360 karma

Hi Kyle. Thank you for doing the AMA and hello from Australia!

I wouldn't expect you to give away any Twin Peaks secrets but a couple questions - did you personally know where you were and what year it was at the end of Part 18 or was it kept from even you?

And do you know how big a role Harry played in the script before Michael Ontkean pulled out?

Thank you!

Kyle__MacLachlan535 karma

I did not know what year it was or where we were at the end of 18. All I knew was that when Laura screamed, the hair on the back of my neck stood up! I think Mike wasn't able to be in season 3 for health reasons, but not completely sure.

ChuckEye312 karma

In Dune a slightly modified Chapman Stick was used as Gurney's baliset.

I think I once heard that you ended up with the prop instrument after the film wrapped. Is that true?

Kyle__MacLachlan449 karma

yes! And I can't find it! Argh!!!

yego13256 karma

Hi Mr. MacLachlan! I recently fell in love with Twin Peaks, and especially the amazing soundtrack! What's your favorite song from the original Twin Peaks?

Kyle__MacLachlan404 karma

Angelo Badalamenti's score is amazing and there are so any memorable songs! I love them all!

BonbonMacoute253 karma

In Twin Peaks the Return, did you play Dougie without contact lenses at all?Your eyes seemed genuinely unfocused. Did you really walk smack into that glass door?

Kyle__MacLachlan386 karma

Ah, the old glass door trick. I love physical comedy. Toughest scene was not flinching when I got hit in the head with a baseball.

metalanejack243 karma

Hello Kyle! What has been the most difficult role that David Lynch has given you in your career (so far)?

Kyle__MacLachlan521 karma

Ah. Mr. C was very challenging...but then, so was Dougie!

Toasted_Badger239 karma

Do you feel as connected to the people of Tibet as Agent Cooper?

Kyle__MacLachlan290 karma

Yes. Hope to visit someday!

suspicious-innocence236 karma

Did you ever get to hop in on the Dune 2020 train and any words of advice to Sir Chalamet as the new Paul Atreides?

Kyle__MacLachlan312 karma

He's going to be great!

Mia-in-action202 karma

Aaa hi Kyle!! I tend to miss AMAs I’d like to participate in so I'm really happy to have caught this!

My question is, “what is your favorite story from your career to share with people?”.

Alternatively, my second question is “What's your favorite color?” (which is the one I have for every celebrity I happen to be able to ask).

I hope you’re well, your positivity and talent have always been inspiring to me as both a fan of you and your work and as someone hoping to enter the film industry someday.

Cheers! I love you :)

Kyle__MacLachlan413 karma

Favorite story: meeting David Lynch for the first time was pretty fantastic. We talked about growing up in the Pacific NW, red wine and a shared love of coffee. Color: Seahawks Colors 🏈 Thanks for your kind words!

themanwhocametostay199 karma

How difficult was it making the transition between the multitude of characters in season 3 of TP?

Kyle__MacLachlan343 karma

Most of the time, we shot on different days. A few times I made the jump to Mr. C speed after Dougie...challenging, for sure. Putting on that leather jacket helped!

bmillevoi66181 karma

Hey Kyle! Do you and Sheryl Lee still keep in touch time-to-time?

Kyle__MacLachlan249 karma

We do!

bonita__applebum169 karma

Hi Kyle, thank you so much for doing this! While you've pretty much rocked each of your characters (pun intended for Clifford Vandercave), for me, your portrayal of Dale Cooper is truly the most significant performance in TV history. Can you recall which was the most memorable scene to shoot while making Twin Peaks?

Kyle__MacLachlan311 karma

Well, the death of Leland was pretty intense. And throwing rocks at bottles, I mean, who doesn't like doing that?!

Perry7609134 karma

Keep any props from The Flintstones movie?

Kyle__MacLachlan225 karma

Yes! One of the costumes (Instagram, a few weeks ago) and I believe I have a wrist watch and pinky ring somewhere. Every day I went to set, there were more cool stone-age props to play with.

vvhiskerpatrol102 karma

Kyle, I need a damn fine book recommendation! What do you suggest?? (Besides Dune of course:-))

Kyle__MacLachlan251 karma

I'm reading Hound of the Baskervilles with my son, at the moment. I get to be all the characters. My English accent is awful!

juche100 karma

Wow...nice to see you here. I love TP, of course. I also loved "The Hidden"?

I wonder if you can outline the similarities and differences between Coop and your character in that film. They are both FBI, and they look a lot the same, but they're not really the same guy?

Kyle__MacLachlan130 karma

I think there are shades of Coop in Lloyd. I was inspired by Buster Keaton for the Hidden. Fun movie!

John27109595 karma

How is it working with Tom Hardy?

Kyle__MacLachlan151 karma

Fantastic! He's very intense and has a great sense of humor!

mylefthandkilledme83 karma

Favorite pie Kyle?

Kyle__MacLachlan182 karma

My dad made a killer apple pie. Have to go with that 🥧

hedgehogsinhats82 karma

Hello, I'd like to ask what you think about wait you found an ear in a field? What's that about?

Kyle__MacLachlan143 karma

I hear you! Wish I knew...

lauren_broccoli81 karma

hi kyle ! i was wondering, what was it like doing The Trigger Effect film? I never hear that getting talked about, but its a great movie and you were fantastic in it ! Thanks, lauren :))

Kyle__MacLachlan115 karma

Hi Lauren! Thank you. I like it, too and it seems pertinent today! That was David Koepp's first feature. He has a new film streaming now called, You Should Have Left, that looks very scary!

vicksvapor7780 karma

Hi Kyle! I'm curious, was there a bigger moment between Cooper and Sheriff Truman in the original season 3 script before Harry became Frank? Outside of the Mr. C and Frank confrontation, of course. I imagine Coop and Harry would've had a bigger moment at some point?! I hope we can see them reunite some day. ;)

Kyle__MacLachlan133 karma

I loved working with Michael on the original and miss him, but I also really enjoyed Robert Forster. He did a great job.

MuadDave75 karma

Do you still encourage people to bite your butt?

If it's not Scottish, is it still CRAP?

Kyle__MacLachlan118 karma

We'll have to ask Mike Meyers 😉

Clemniakk68 karma

First, i have to say that I am a huge fan (I love Twin peaks and Blue Velvet), thank you so much, you are fantastic!

Your French voice, Patrick Poivey, recently passed away (RIP). He did such a good job for example on Twin peaks the return. Have you watch any movies/series that you did in another language just to hear the dubbing?

Kyle__MacLachlan116 karma

I'm sorry to hear about Patrick. I did see Dune in Italian and I must say, I sounded pretty good.

lordfrackle67 karma

What would be your favorite non twin peaks roll? And what was it like working with Frank Silva on set?

Kyle__MacLachlan161 karma

It was pretty fun being the Kwisatz Haderach... Frank was one of the sweetest people you could know ❤️

Soupercoolsoup60 karma

I just started watching the return and I'm already on episode 8, what was it like filming it? What was your favorite scene? Do you have any stories from filming your Law and Order episode?

Kyle__MacLachlan132 karma

I went to work everyday with a huge smile on my face. Playing my favorite characters with my favorite director.

Many many favorite scenes. Working with Naomi Watts was hilarious.

themajesticbaby59 karma

how was it working with carrie brownstein and fred armisen on portlandia? also, since you played bass in one scene/skit, i always wondered, do you play bass in real life? big fan here by the way!

Kyle__MacLachlan78 karma

I loved every minute. I play a little guitar and my brother, Craig, is the bass player in the family. I just channeled him 🎸

LukeStro54 karma

Hi! I just watched Blue Velvet and am in the middle of season 2 of Twin Peaks, which you do a great job in both. So, what's your favorite memory from Blue Velvet, and are you currently watching David's weather reports? Thanks!

Kyle__MacLachlan118 karma

I get all my weather from David. I remember setting in my trailer playing cards with Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell and Brad Dourif. We were doing a lot of nights and I was the only one with a coffee machine. I was very popular.

Mesprit10149 karma

Howdy Kyle! Growing fan of you and Lynch here, literally just finished watching Fire Walk With Me not ten minutes ago (incredible movie). Are you personally a Heineken kind of guy, or was that just Jeffrey?

Kyle__MacLachlan56 karma

I like 'em all. 🍻

lookinginthemirrors48 karma

How many donuts did you eat in the first season?

What is the closest explanation you find to the entire Twin Peaks story?

Kyle__MacLachlan70 karma

all of 'em! 🍩

JonnyEddd44 karma

Hi Kyle, thank you for doing this and mostly for being you!

I really loved the watch party of the pilot a couple of months ago. You mentioned the possibility of doing another episode at some point. Any plans to do so?

Kyle__MacLachlan85 karma

I had such a good time doing that watch party with Mädchen. I'll see if I can put something together again...Thanks for the suggestion!

Waffle200644 karma

What qualities/mannerisms of Agent Cooper did you bring in/improvise yourself, as opposed to those that were written for him? (like, his penchant for thumbs-ups, the little nose pinch he does to Sheriff Truman, things like that)

Kyle__MacLachlan100 karma

I borrowed a lot from David Lynch when he wasn't looking ;-)

jhoogen41 karma

Do you ever drink tea?

Kyle__MacLachlan81 karma

Only when I have to... ;-)

AdmiralAkbar139 karma

Every character you played gets in a massive street brawl with one another. Who do you think will win?

Kyle__MacLachlan114 karma

I'd put my money on Mr. C but he'd have a tough time with Calvin Zabo.

TRLegosfan38 karma

Hi Kyle! I’m a huge fan of your work! Was it a surprise to you when you we’re asked to reprise your role as Agent Cooper for Twin Peaks The Return? How did you feel about returning to the role after 25 years?

Kyle__MacLachlan65 karma

Thanks! It was an unexpected surprise that we were able to return to Twin Peaks. I was really excited and nervous to return as Coop.

lurk3rthrowaway34 karma

Hi Kyle- how many props or keepsakes do you still have from past roles, and which is your favorite?

((You're one of my favorite actors Twin Peaks is amazing and you should've gotten an Emmy for The Return especially love you))

Kyle__MacLachlan86 karma

I have the ducal signet ring from Dune. That's pretty cool.

10cd23 karma

any chance we can get a Twin Peaks story on set that you don’t remember recalling recently?

Kyle__MacLachlan49 karma

Playing peek-a-boo with Naido was fun ;-)

Danyulz21 karma

How did season 3 of Twin Peaks come around?

Did David call you and say "Hey, we need you! We're making season 3!"

Also, given how long it took for season 3, do you see a season 4 materializing?

Thanks! :)

Kyle__MacLachlan63 karma

David met with me in person. He was very careful about word getting out. We kept it a secret for a long time.

stanizzzzlav20 karma

Did you pick any daily habits from your Twin Peaks character(s)?

Kyle__MacLachlan41 karma

more coffee!!

Daomadan18 karma

What is your favorite part of wine making?

Which of your wines would you recommend I (or anyone) buy first?

Kyle__MacLachlan39 karma

The blending, I think...although the drinking is pretty good, too. I have a new wine called Bear Cub that you could start with 🍇

realmuterol18 karma

Kyle it’s an honor to have you with us and you’ve been a hero of mine since I first saw Blue Velvet in High School!

I have a couple questions:

  1. What do you feel was your favorite scene you were a part of during the filming of Twin Peaks?

  2. Who is someone you loved working with and would love to again in the future?

  3. How different is your routine now that quarantine in upon us?

Sending much love, Kyle! Have a great day!

Kyle__MacLachlan55 karma

Fave scene? Anytime I got to eat a doughnut. Working with? Miguel Ferrer, I miss him. Routine? I'm pretty much a homebody but I'm careful when I go out.

t52849116 karma

What is more damn fine to you - light or dark roast coffee? ☕️

Kyle__MacLachlan36 karma

I'm a dark roast man.

BonbonMacoute16 karma

I love all your modeling work over the years, especially when you're allowed to improvise. You make the clothes look fantastic, even when you wear them in silly ways, or create a character with them. Are you planning to do more fashion work in the future?

Kyle__MacLachlan24 karma

Thanks! No plans for a while, but you never know :-)

scottgold12314 karma

To what do you attribute the piano interlude ‘Heartbreaking’ in TP 3.11? It got a distinct reaction from Dougie. Is it a love interlude, communicated by airwaves, remembering the victims of Hiroshima/ Consumable TV Violence? Is it a signal that Dougie is helping Mitchums/ Lady become better people? Or maybe it’s the only original track by Angela Baddalamenti in S3, so Dougie recognises it?

Kyle__MacLachlan30 karma

I'd have to go with D.

conorsullivan12413 karma

David Lynch is one of my filmmaking hero's, is he as mysterious and ambiguous in person as he is with his filmmaking?

Kyle__MacLachlan26 karma

Pretty down to earth, actually.

Ferrari288GTO13 karma

Thank you so much for doing this AMA. Do you have a favorite coffee shop in NYC?

Kyle__MacLachlan33 karma

I used to pop into Stumptown on 29th after dropping my son off at pre-school years ago. That's a strong cup a Joe!

coachtylor4 karma

Do you and Laura Dern stay in touch? Will you reunite again on screen?

Kyle__MacLachlan6 karma

We are in touch but no screen plans at the moment

inspirationalpizza1 karma

What, in your opinion, is the most damn fine coffee out there today?

Kyle__MacLachlan3 karma

all of it!

LongjumpingCry71 karma

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Dune remake?

Kyle__MacLachlan2 karma

Look forward to seeing it!

acisev1 karma

Hi Kyle! I'd like to hear your coffee recommendations and also I'd like to know your favorite kind of wine! What would you sip while re-watching Twin Peaks?

Kyle__MacLachlan2 karma

Coffee from the Walla Walla Roastery for sure. I'd have to sip some of my wine, ...pursued by bear, while watching Twin Peaks! 😁

alkonium1 karma

Do you have any thoughts on Alec Newman and Timothee Clalamet, your two successors in the role of Paul Atreides?

Kyle__MacLachlan4 karma

All Pauls are welcome!