Hi Reddit!Its me....Gary Busey, actor and entertainer featured in films such as The Buddy Holly Story, Lethal Weapon, Rookie of the Year and as seen on NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice Today

I'm helping raise money for covid-19 relief for Cameo Cares, a 3 day event where ALL proceeds go to benefit victims impacted by covid-19. The Cameo Cares stream is live now and you can watch here.

I'll be answering your questions with personalized videos using the Cameo platform Proof: https://ama-cameo.com/garybusey


Cameo - Gary Busey
Gary Busey on Cameo! Cameo lets you book personalized videos from your favorite people.

edit: signing off for now, thanks for all the wonderful questions. Lets chat soon Reddit!

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DeathByPiss766 karma

Create any new Buseyisms lately?

AMA_Gary_Busey1808 karma

Here is new buseyism that came through me. Relationship. Really exciting love affair turns into overwhelming nightmare sobriety hangs in perl.

Mooreagreen725 karma

How do you maintain such wonderful hair?

AMA_Gary_Busey1343 karma

Well everyday I look in the mirror and I take care of my hair. Your hair is fun and is a creative element which creates who you are. There you go BYE!

SnuSnutwo509 karma

Hi Gary! Are you still painting? If so we'd love to see some of your work, thanks!

AMA_Gary_Busey1104 karma

I'm still painting and what Im doing now is I'm waking up in the morning and painting my dreams. It's a great way to see the colors of your emotions. Don't do it thinking, do it without thinking. HEY!

Mattias504387 karma

Gary!! What is your favorite movie that you are in?

AMA_Gary_Busey683 karma

Thanks for the question. My favorite movie I've been in has been buddy holly and had a song in it like this.

Writingsofadeadpoet370 karma

Hey! What’s a fact about you that not many people know?

AMA_Gary_Busey972 karma

Well here's some news from me to you bc it's the writing you do now is here to last. Soo many great poets. They give expressions you never thought on your own. Fact, you don't know about me is everything and nothing. A circle in only one line and it's perfect. Pay attention to yourself and you can pay attention to others with ease. and a thing that no one knows about me? NOTHING

The_3x_Wide368 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! What was it like working with Chris Farley? Black Sheep is a criminally underrated comedy!

AMA_Gary_Busey725 karma

What was it like working with Chris? It was like having a green parakeet fly on your head. Of course, it was a great time! We went together like ingredients that make a cake, from another planet! It's not a criminally underrated movie, it's been appreciated. Great! Chris is great!

PrincessBean237 karma

Hey Gary, can you play any instruments? If so, what can you play? How long have you been playing it?

AMA_Gary_Busey718 karma

I can play instruments. I play the drums, the guitar, the bongos ,shakers, movers, moroccos and anything I can put my hands I play it and I will turn it into an instrument. Now I'm going to play the table and my body.

Crasty220 karma

Have you ever gone "Full Busey" on anyone? If so, what did they do to deserve it?

Minzplaying105 karma

Hope are you doing during quarantine? What are your thoughts on the Coronavirus?

AMA_Gary_Busey210 karma

hello, how am I doing during the quarantine. I call the family camp meeting in front of the fireplace and hang with your family.

JesusColen77 karma

What's been your favorite movie you've seen over the past year?

AMA_Gary_Busey187 karma

All of them! I love them all! Because they are all pieces of art. Every movie must have a beginning, middle, climax!, and an ending! The great thing about films, is they keep moving!

tocamix9076 karma

Gary, hope you are well! What is your happiest memory?

AMA_Gary_Busey223 karma

Happiest memory: I am, well, as well as I've ever been and I'm 75. I've been around the sun 75 times! My favorite memory is all of them. Turn them all into good memories. If you make a mistake, you learn and know not to make it again. The birth of my children! The accomplishments and achievements I've made in the entertainment committee