Hey Reddit!

My name is Wills, I'm from LA and was recently a contestant on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise on ABC.

I'm now staying busy working as a Creative Producer for Cameo and going to be answering whatever questions you have to send my way on a personalized video from the platform.



Ask me anything!

EDIT: That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed my answers, I definitely enjoyed all your questions!

If you have anymore questions, you can hit me up on Cameo and request a video as well.

We have a new in-app feature that allows direct messasging, so we can talk back and forth.

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lerach21 karma

Hi Wills! Do you think we will ever start to see a more diverse cast in the Bachelor franchise? They seem to be casting more people of different ethnicities in the past few years but I would love to see even more diversity like an atheist, someone who doesn’t want kids, people with disabilities, etc.

I_am_Wills20 karma

I feel like the world is constantly growing and changing. It needs to be represented in shows. It would also add new context to situations and conversations. I have some friends for 7-8 years, and out of the blue, the guy says he doesn't want kids. People need to see that and people with different opinions can do that.

I think it needs to be more diverse, but not for the sake of being diverse. It needs to be people who want to be there with a story to tell. People need to see them as valuable and beautiful.

trowellslut15 karma

Hi Wills!!! Big fan! I think you are one of the most underrated guys on the franchise.

My question is, where are your favorite places to shop and where do you get your style inspos from? You are by far one of the best dressed men out there. 😍

I_am_Wills14 karma

Thank you, I appreciate that.

My fave place to shop, Top Ma, Asos, Zara, Thrift Stores.

Honestly, since being a kid, I'm a big fan of shopping anywhere. You can find something you really like. I love to mix and match things. I'll mix a hat from Disneyland with off-white shoes.

It kinda comes naturally to me, and I'm interested in something, I'll look into it.

I haven't really looked at anyone for inspiration, but Kid Cudi, Pharrell, those are examples.

British African American males are oddly specific, but I get inspiration from their style.

trowellslut21 karma

You could totally be a fashion blogger. You always have the best prints and just fun looks! Sending love 🥰.

Also, if you ever feel like doing this again, we'd love to have you over at r/thebachelor!

I_am_Wills42 karma

Yes, how does next week sound?

joe69101313 karma

If you could change one thing about the show, what do you think about adding a free roaming wild tiger that lives in the mansion with the group?

I_am_Wills14 karma

I like to live, so no tiger. If I would change one thing about the show, I'd say maybe a few off-camera moments.

gwarngwarn12 karma

do you think you would have fallen in love with the bachelorette in a normal setting, like if you'd just met her out at a bar or something?

I_am_Wills11 karma

This an incredibly hypothetical question and there's a ton of weighing factors. I think you fall in love over time, but it can happen anywhere. I don't know, but I do think in the season, you're more honed in, so things do get expedited. I think it would take more time in a normal setting since life has more distractions.

fightingillini1112 karma

How much are people actually drinking on the show? Feel like I'd be drunk for most of it lol

I_am_Wills21 karma

If you haven't heard, my season was the first one where new rules were implemented. 2 drinks per hour no matter what.

That actually kinda helped, since some people tend to go to the drink. I liked it because I got to focus on the task at hand, instead of just diving into something.

iPirateReddit10 karma

Contractually, are you allowed to talk about details of the contract?

If not, does anyone else know where I can look at the typical details of reality show contracts? I imagine contestants gotta do what they're told, and hand over any money they make - kinda thing..

I_am_Wills10 karma

I honestly don't know, I would assume no. It's kinda like an NDA. There's a lot you can and cannot do. It's about protecting their investment.

brspace8 karma

Wills!!! My number 1!!! One of the first Engineering contestants I’ve seen on the show! My question is did you find it hard being on the introverted side career wise amongst all these influencers and loud personalities?

P.S. You’ve always been my favorite, I feel like I relate to you myself being an EE! I don’t think I’d fit in very well with a loud cast of people lol.

P.S.S. Next time you’re in New Orleans / Baton Rouge, we should def grab a drink 🙆🏽‍♀️ #shootingmyshot

I_am_Wills6 karma

I will very honest. When we were in a large group of guys and we were talking, I did not speak much where producers would ask me about things. I don't believe the loudest voice in the room is the most powerful. I didn't think it was too difficult, since talking wasn't going to hurt or help me.

When I was with Becca, I talked more. For the most part I was chilling. If I had to get my point across, like in Vegas, I did.

DeadlyDancingDuck8 karma

How much is real, how much is scripted/by direction of the crew?

I_am_Wills14 karma

In my experience, I would say about 80/20. Alot of it is just what they see, and from that it's what they direct. The majority of my time on the show wasn't scripted, but definitely pointed in a direction.

FiftyShadesOfGregg8 karma

Hey Wills! Thank you so much for doing this, you’re a huge fan favorite over on the Bachelor subreddit and it’s awesome that you’re doing this!

Are you excited for Clare to be the bachelorette? And if they do age-up her cast for her, how do you think that will effect dynamics on Bachelor in Paradise? Was age considered a factor on your season?

I_am_Wills11 karma

I'm very excited for her to be the Bachelorette. I don't know everything that happened, but giving her a second chance is amazing! I think it may make the show better.

People who will be more attuned to what they want, and a more diverse cast will be better.

Most people in my season were around the same age. I do think having a diverse group of peoiple will help the dynamics of Bachelor in Paradise.

teedz7 karma

Both contestants and viewers refer to good edits and bad edits to explain why someone has a hero/villian storyline on the show. How much do you think good and bad edits exist? And did you get a good or bad edit :)

I_am_Wills10 karma

There are good and bad edits, I also think that it is fueled by who you are as a person. No one is tricked into being on national TV. It's up to you to represent yourself well, and if you don't, people might focus on that. For me, I think I got a really good edit.

For Bachelor in Paradise, I felt like I wasn't there that much, although I was in the mix.

caityb347 karma

Hi Willis! I am currently watching Beccas season of the bachelorette, and you are one of my favorites. I have a question: What’s your relationship with Becca like now a year or so ish later?

I_am_Wills17 karma

Willis? After all these years?!?

We've chatted a few times, she is with one of my boys, and they are a match made in heaven. I've tried to hang out with others, and I wish them well. I haven't see them in a while, and Garrett is one of my friends, I hope to see them in the future.

rslucas036 karma

Do they pay you anything to spend 2 months of your life living with 30 other guys?

I_am_Wills10 karma

In terms of hand to hand payment, no. Your flights are covered, food is covered, lodging too. You aren't paying for anything.

This is an experience not many people get. There are arguments about whether we should get paid, but there are definitely highlights from being on the show.

MiniPlesiosaur5 karma

Hi Wills! I don't really watch BIP but you were my favorite contestant on Becca's season. My question is, could you tell us the backstory of how you decided to get your tattoo? Also, what's your Hogwarts House?

Sorry if this is a weird question - I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan and have an HP-themed tattoo myself. :)

I_am_Wills9 karma

You're a Harry Potter fan, no need to apologize.

I got this tattoo since I was going through a tough time in my life. As you know, the spell brings a guardian that dispels sadness.

I don't know if JK Rowling made up certain elements. I did research and I found it was Latin for "I Await a Guardian" This really resonated with me.

My tattoo says Expecto Patronum.

Go Gryffindor!

Michaelallenking4 karma

what was the process like for getting on the show?

I_am_Wills4 karma

My whole process lasted four to six days. I was scouted and recruited before the show started. I had to do interviews, background checks, and a couple interviews with exec producers. I almost had no time to think. It was busy, but doable. It was streamlined and expedited because I didn't have much time.

Madam1Poussin4 karma

What reality show would you go on next if you had a chance?

I_am_Wills11 karma

If I had to pick one, it would be something cooking-related, like Guy's Grocery Games or Top Chef, and I would love to do one of those shows. Restaurant tours would be very fun.

CharlesBarkelly3 karma

How has being on the show impacted your post-show love life?

I_am_Wills13 karma

It's bittersweet. There are people expressing support, but in terms of anything tangible, it was worse than when I went on the show. I feel like people want to be in the conversation, but not want to stay. I wanted to be with someone to spend all my energy on.

AliBaker843 karma

Hi Wills! I loved you on the Bachelorette and BiP. How much influence did social media (or your perception of social media’s reaction) have on your experience on BiP?

I_am_Wills5 karma

Well to be honest, not much, but the influence that affected me was family, my parents. I don't really care about social media, since my best friend says to me, don't worry about what social media says about you. The only perception I cared about was my family's.

seifirret3 karma

Do you think there should be a "Naked and Afraid" style version of The Bachelor in paradise? Why or why not?

I_am_Wills7 karma

That's a harrrrrddd no. That would just add another layer of uncertainty. I would feel if you're naked, you're not paying attention to the person anymore. On survival skills, on an island on Mexico, it could be entertaining.

castle1112 karma

What is your current relationship with the producers on the show like? I know that a lot of leads and contestants on the show are close with them, but does it ever get weird when you consider the tactics that they have to employ to get you do say certain things/act a certain way?

I_am_Wills6 karma

From the get-go, I'm a person who is skeptical about many things, and I know producers have a job to do. I also know that they want to be friendly, and they want to be your best friend since they are your only outlet.

I always knew they had a job to do. I don't like to be sold stories or trying to lead me a certain way.

I'm not too close with any of the producers anymore. It bums me out since I feel like I was a business transaction since I felt like there was closeness. But after the show, it was real.

Just in my life, treat me right and there won't be any problems.

flameprincess962 karma

Were you surprised when Becca sent you home or did you see it coming? Did everyone know that she was probably going to pick garret?

I_am_Wills7 karma

I think a good halfway point, I knew she would pick blake or Garrett. You could tell her energy with those guys was over and above anyone else. Both of those guys are universally loved. We never held resentment for anyone, and that's a good attitude for life.

I didn't think I was gonna make it to the end, and I knew I had to go home sometime.

whimsical_narwhal1 karma

What's one of your professional goals for the year?

I_am_Wills6 karma

Interesting name, I dig it.

I started working at a company called Cameo. It's a personalized message app. It's of use to all types of people, it's an amazing idea. I was on the app for a year, and I applied to be a part of the team. I want to continue to grow there and hope to get in a leadership position. I want to continue to contribute there.

copperboom191 karma


I_am_Wills9 karma

Uh, I was never in talks to be the Bachelor. I believe our season was full of great candidates, I felt like you could pick between 5 guys to be it. There's multiple picks, but unfortunately, there's only one season. I was never in talks to be the Bachelor.

lennonkerz1 karma

What are some good casting tips for reality TV hopefuls?

I_am_Wills8 karma

I don't know, but I will say be yourself, don't be something you're not. It will come to light that you're putting on a facade. Come with a genuine sense of intrigue, don't go in to be famous. Don't go into it expecting this or that, you may set yourself up for disappointment.

ijustlovecostco1 karma

Have you seen psychological effects from being on the show for you or others? How does ABC assist with any “trauma” like with the online hate and the publicity after the show?

I_am_Wills10 karma

There's definitely been effects for me and everyone else. It's a very specific thing to go through. You don't feel like you can talk to just anyone about it.

Part of the fun of the viewership, is that you get to be a critic, but you also have to realize this is TV, not real life. AT a point, you need to calm down with negative opinions and death threads.

One of my favorite shows is Love Island, and people need to think before they hit "Send". That really goes for everything in life.

I just want everyone watching that they should tell people they love them. That they shouldn't try to bring people down for the thrill of it. I challenge people to look at the current situation and be better.

czmpdlsory-3 karma

What would you have done if they put a twist on the show and when you arrived, The Bachelorette was a 96 year old homeless woman? Would you still go to the passion room?

I_am_Wills18 karma

First off, this question is a troll question. I obviously didn't know what I was walking into on the show. I don't think a 96 year old woman is my type, we are in different life stages. I disagree homelessness is a negative attribute. I take that very seriously.

Would I still go to the passion room, probably not. It's called the fantasy suite. You're a troll.