Vivek is a friend of mine from Canada. He came to my house one night with a heartbreaking story. He is a single parent and, that night, his daughters said that he always took care of them but who was to take care of him. Vivek decided to try all of the dating apps and every one was a night mare. He had nightmare story after nightmare story of first dates from hell. We talked into the night until I had a Eureka moment. If only we could eliminate the first date. And, so with LOKO, we figured out how. So please Ask Us Anything.


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Boocastle2431 karma

First a memoir, then a dating app, what’s next on the list from renaissance man Norm Macdonald?

ImNormMacdonald4143 karma

I'm considering going back to my first love, Dance.

tablefor1please1215 karma

Hey Norm, will there be a second season of your talk show? It was fantastic. Best of luck with the dating thing.

ImNormMacdonald1297 karma

Gonna continue to work with Netflix. Been very excited about LOKO and really hope we can help a lot of very lonely people in these crazy times.

ToughDifficulty41081 karma

How does LOKO get rid of the first date?

Vivekjain992155 karma

It allows you to have the first date using video chat, so you can get to know someone in the comforts of your home, without having to spend the time and money of going out to meet someone before knowing there's a connections - and in the time of COVID-19, the first date using video chat, or what we like to call an ELIMIDATE, is even more valuable

ImNormMacdonald1911 karma

if you like, you could have up to 10 eliminates a night from the comfort of your own home

Cashdubs1046 karma

Hey Norm! Been loving your phone call videos lately. They are hilarious. How are you keeping busy during this quarantine ?

ImNormMacdonald2514 karma

Mostly lying on the floor in a fetal position.

Kiylyou859 karma

What's the weirdest thing you ever pissed on?

ImNormMacdonald1889 karma

A urinal

thedrewsef842 karma

Hey Norm, do you have a favorite date horror story?

ImNormMacdonald2361 karma

When I took the beautiful lady home and got the shock of my life. It was an elderly gentleman.

bandicoot921538 karma

Loved the movie “dirty work” growing up. What was your favorite film to work on, even if just for a cameo?

ImNormMacdonald1010 karma

The Animal with Rob Schneider and the Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland.


What is your favorite snack?

ImNormMacdonald2007 karma

The Impossible Bat

peptide2385 karma

Hey norm should a man pay for dinner on a first date still?

ImNormMacdonald1683 karma

I never pay for a date. I'm a feminist.

numba1dmxfan322 karma

Hey Norm, I see you have been doing new ‘quarantine’ videos on youtube lately, and you have alluded to going back to the podcast world. Any updates on that?

Any chance of you secretly dropping a new stand-up special?

Edit: also, I was liking your quarantine beard, or queard, and wish you hadn’t shaved.

ImNormMacdonald481 karma


Diabetesh261 karma

Is the app free with a premium mode?

ImNormMacdonald627 karma

The app is free to set up your profile and look at other singles - and have to subscribe in order to schedule a video chat - it costs $1.49 a week or $3.49 a month for unlimited video chats - but because of the hard times we are all facing because of COVID-19, we are giving anyone who signs up today a free subscription!

AptCasaNova146 karma

You’re a wonderful friend to Vivek.

Does you have any tips for what makes a good video-only profile?

ImNormMacdonald260 karma

Good lighting and be yourself.

2777what146 karma

Hey Norm, thanks for taking questions. LOKO is obviously a really solid concept, which makes me wonder - where do you get your ideas from?

ImNormMacdonald367 karma

I wander through the desert and don't eat for five days. and then, boy do the ideas come.

DonQuixotel130 karma

Have you guys taken up any new hobbies or found any interesting topic rabbit holes to fill your time at home?

ImNormMacdonald334 karma

I'm learning to do the macarena on YouTube

xizore130 karma

What inspired the outro song and dance on your Netflix talk show? I loved it!

ImNormMacdonald275 karma

When I was a boy there was a show in Canada called Wayne and Shuster hour


Hey Norm, rumor has it LOKO is so good it might, MIGHT give a chance for you friend Adam Eget to find love. Is this true?

ImNormMacdonald258 karma

LOKO is just the thing to make an honest man out of Adam Eget

Ashaman00111 karma

What did you think of Tiger King?

ImNormMacdonald447 karma

I found it to be a delightful musical romp with fine production values.

Ettulettuce102 karma

Will this app prevent ghosting? Lately I've been calling all my potential dates Casper.

ImNormMacdonald194 karma

I'll let Vivek answer that because I'm afraid of ghosts...

srnorkie86 karma

Hey Norm - What does LOKO stand for?

ImNormMacdonald259 karma

The name LOKO comes from 3 different points of view, the first is that it means character and disposition in Hawaiian, which really is exactly what using video in online dating helps with. It’s also an anagram from look.... and it is absolutely embracing the crazy connotation, because dating in today’s world is crazy in a lot of ways

run_faster73 karma

Hi Norm! I have 2 questions for you and I would appreciate any answers you'd like to give.

  1. I have a common 4 letter name, and with Larry King you once said you don't like your name. If you could have chosen your name at birth, what would it be?

  2. I now have a lot of free time, what was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

I guess that's 3 questions. I really enjoy your comedy, thanks Norm!

ImNormMacdonald137 karma

My recommendation for a book is "Masters of Atlantis" by Charles Portis

superbadonkey48 karma

Why do you think the world needed another dating app and what makes yours any different or stand out from the crowd?

ImNormMacdonald107 karma

We're fully video based.

superdance36 karma

Good evening, Norm Macdonald. I'm a human person from Sweden. Will LOKO be targeted to the Swedish audience? Would probably fit us since we preferably avoid the outdoors at all costs.

ImNormMacdonald81 karma

We're surprised how quickly we're growing. We launched in Germany with great success and plan to expand to the rest of Europe soon.

Schumi_jr0524 karma

Should Quebec City get a hockey team?

ImNormMacdonald60 karma

I'm a Havs fan so I could care less I guess.

davemann9120 karma

You are a comedian, author, actor, and an app creator. Are there any other businesses or fields that you would consider entering?

ImNormMacdonald110 karma

Maybe Navy Seals

xfurnacex66613 karma

Norm, do you think Wolfman will finally find love using your app?

ImNormMacdonald37 karma

This app is so good that even Wolfman can find a partner.

nothing_rhymes_with4 karma

What makes LOKO different than any other app?

ImNormMacdonald13 karma

It the only App that is fully video based - so it allows you to get to know the real person both through their video profiles and video chat - whereas on other apps is static photos and texting