Hi! I’m Darci Lynne and I won the 12th season of America's Got Talent and I was runner-up in the 1st season of AGT: Champions.

All the rescheduled dates for the Fresh Out Of The Box Tour are now up on my website. I can’t wait until the time comes when my friends, Petunia, Oscar, Edna, Katie, and I can get back out and perform for you all!

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. I go live on Instagram every week and love hearing from you all! Stay safe out there & see you soon!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/lon9jtytr0q41.jpg

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JWWBurger283 karma

Has the success gone to your puppet’s head?

ItsDarciLynne282 karma

The success has definitely gone to petunias head!!

ItsDarciLynne148 karma

Definitely Petunia!! She's such a diva...

ItsDarciLynne180 karma

Hey everyone....This is Darci signing off! Thank you so much for coming on here and showing me love! I sure miss everyone. Please remember to stay home and stay safe. Were all in this together and we will get thru it. BTW...HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY...HAVE FUN!!!

AHamsterDivided156 karma

How do you think the fame of AGT has impacted your life as you've grown up?

You were awesome by the way...so glad you won your season!

ItsDarciLynne195 karma

I t's been the best thing to happen to me...It taught me that I can be confident with who I am and achieve dreams... Thank you very much!

4runner161891 karma

You’ve given my niece a true “role model” she uses her teddy bear and does the cutest skits! Her ventriloquism skills are growing and it’s fun to watch! If you could give her any advice what would it be? Also her name is Taegan and I would love to show her if you said hello!

ItsDarciLynne75 karma

I was accidentally logged in on my moms account...but this is me!!

ItsDarciLynne119 karma

Hi Taegan!! I'm so happy you are doing ventriloquism!! My best advice would be to perform in front of the mirror. This way you can see your lip control and how you are reacting to your puppet! Good luck and have fun!!

FlakyRecommendation983 karma

How did you get into ventriloquism??

ItsDarciLynne102 karma

I met a girl who did it and really wanted to try!

Dave_Cramer60 karma

You are such an amazing singer. Would you ever consider pursuing a singing career? I would buy your album/albums in a heartbeat. ❤️

ItsDarciLynne79 karma

YES SIR!!! I think that would be amazing!!

JackSucksAtKai58 karma

How hard is it to become a ventriloquist and which letters are hardest to pronounce?

ItsDarciLynne81 karma

It takes alot of practice but I feel like the letters M,B,P,W are extra hard

squirt61949 karma

If you had to pick another career path, what would you want to do?

Also: what's the last movie you watched and the last song you listened to?

ItsDarciLynne65 karma

definitely a broadway performer!! The last movie I watched was The Invisible Man. The last song was Selfish by Madison Beer

123mitchg35 karma

How are you keeping yourself from going crazy during the quarantine? (Pls help I'm going nuts 😂)

ItsDarciLynne58 karma

We are in the middle of filming a fun video with me and Edna...stay tuned!

Panielz29 karma

Welcome to Reddit! My question is: Since you are on Reddit, are you educated in the memes?

ItsDarciLynne35 karma

Yes i am!

maydog91628 karma

are you ever still in contact with preacher lawson?

ItsDarciLynne49 karma

Yes...Preacher is one of my favorite people! He's the sweetest and funniest guy I know!!

Adogg911124 karma

You inspired my 8 year old son to get a puppet and curated and act for the school talent show. He was awesome! Just like you! We got to see you this winter in Fort Wayne for his birthday and we had an Amazing time! Thanks for letting us laugh with you. Keep up the good work! Maybe a variety show in the future?

ItsDarciLynne26 karma

YAY!!! How did the talent show go? I'm sure he did great! Keep going and you will be amazed at what you learn. Thanks for coming to my show!

Shade_1020 karma

Would you ever consider going on The Masked Singer?

ItsDarciLynne35 karma


rslocs17 karma

How have you been dealing with the stress of being a young celebrity? I know you’re not like Justin Bieber levels of popular but you must get a lot of calls and paparazzi.

ItsDarciLynne23 karma

It was an adjustment at first but I feel good about how everything has gone. I just love what I do!

ItsDarciLynne17 karma

Hey guys I ,m here!! Can't wait to hear from you all and answer any questions you have...Let's have fun!!

VINNY11515 karma

What’s the hardest part about performing in such an audience? Did you have some fears that you overcame by doing performing so much? I dislike talking in front of audience but I don’t let it get to me. Also, keep up the good work!

ItsDarciLynne27 karma

I actually don’t get Nervous anymore on tour! The only time I get a tad nervous on on TV!😋

MarcusFaze10 karma

How’d you get the idea for your puppets?

ItsDarciLynne13 karma

I saw someone do it and I thought it was so cool and I wanted to learn how to do it..

aaronbennay10 karma

Hey Darci! You were one of my family’s favorites in season 12 and it’s still so fun to watch you perform. What has been the hardest adjustment to make ever since you went from being an anonymous teenager to a star recognized around the globe?

ItsDarciLynne17 karma

Awe...thank you so much!! I guess I would say it was getting recognized in public. That was so weird for me at first and to adjust to it. But now its fun and I love interacting with my fans...

billblaker7 karma

When did you first begin to sing opera?

ItsDarciLynne17 karma

I started learning it during AGT...but didn't perform it on the show till the Champions..

billblaker8 karma

I think I heard that you were going to sing something else for your AGT audition, but changed it to Summertime. What were you originally going to sing? Why did you switch?

ItsDarciLynne15 karma

Opera!! But it just wasn't ready...

etnguyen037 karma

Do you still keep in touch with the others on the show and/or judges?


ItsDarciLynne15 karma

Yes!!! I’m still such good friends with everyone from Agt!

hiphats6 karma

Nice to talk to you! Anyway, when this crisis is over, would you think about hosting Saturday Night Live or another NBC Christmas special?

ItsDarciLynne9 karma

Omg that would be so much fun! I’d would absolutely to host another Christmas special! And in the future hosting Saturday night live would be a dream 💕

NitsuaRelpo6 karma

How do you manage school and performing along with everything else you do?

ItsDarciLynne9 karma

I am doing online school right now! And it’s working very well for me! I can do my school whenever I have time, it is very flexible!

zoeann0065 karma

Hey Darci how is petunia doing ever since u won AGT season 12 and how is Oscar is he getting better with the ladies?!! Love you btw and your Darci Lynne and friends tour it was AWESOME LOVE YOU 😍🥰😘😘

ItsDarciLynne6 karma

Awe...thank you so much! Petunia is loving all of the attention! Oscar is still trying to get over his shyness around girls!

drr2305 karma

Have you ever thought of doing stand up comedy on its on without the puppets when you are older? I think you would be great at it.

Where do you get your show dresses from? And have you ever borrowed a dress?

ItsDarciLynne9 karma

I haven't thought about that...That would be FUN!! I usually get my dresses from ASOS and yes I have borrowed dresses before,

Lukebottalico12195 karma

What was the best part about competing on AGT?

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

The best part was probably making all the friends I made! It made the experience even better but having people I could have fun with and laugh with! We were all in the same boat 😊

Superb-Regular5 karma

Saw your DC show back in October, loved it!!

If you got the chance to perform internationally, where would you like to go first?

ItsDarciLynne9 karma

Thank you!!!!!

I would absolutely love to go to Australia 💕

Sagebusack07165 karma

Hey, Darci. How's it going? What kind of TV shows do you like?

ItsDarciLynne8 karma

Hey...I'm doing good! Just trying to keep busy during this time. I love Stranger Things, Vampire Diaries, Jack Ryan

Director8185 karma

Have you ever used ventriloquism to prank friends/family? If so, what's the best prank you've done?

ItsDarciLynne10 karma

YES!! I took the head off of my wooden dummy and scared my little brother with it..

JackSucksAtKai5 karma

Where do you get your puppets from and are they that expensive?

ItsDarciLynne6 karma

I get all of them from Professional Puppet makers...They are expensive but worth it!

SirLucad4 karma

Do your puppets all get along?

ItsDarciLynne6 karma

NO...Petunia is bossy to all of them. Katie and Petunia fight all of the time

Youareyou644 karma

Have you donated any of your prize money? If so, to where?

ItsDarciLynne22 karma

Yes I have! I donated money to my church!

piqua20184 karma

What was the hardest part about getting up on the AGT stage the first time?

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

I haven't ever performed in front of that many people or celebrities

yaichen4 karma

Who is your favourite ventriloquist? What do you like about them?

ItsDarciLynne11 karma

I would say my favorite is Terry Fator. He sings with his puppets also and he has been so so supportive of me and helped me along the way!!

1NaRaCa13 karma

Who would you say is your favorite musical artist? Which do you enjoy spending time with more:cats or dogs? (Cats for me) cept I just got a new puppy friend very recently. My 6 cats or kinda not happy but they can throw a HISSY fit all they want...

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

I have lots of favorites...

Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Jonas Brothers

Dogs for me

mints_junior3 karma

Apples, oranges, bananas, or kiwis? Why?

ItsDarciLynne6 karma

Ooooo I would day kiwi! They’re very tasty 😋

dalewhite20043 karma

Love you Darci! You have such amazing talent! Any plans on making a DVD of one of your shows? Or working on any new Music videos on YouTube? 💖😍💐🌹

ItsDarciLynne6 karma

I don't have plans on making a DVD at the moment but I am definitely working on videos right now for YouTube

Bobatemydog3 karma

What’s your favorite place to tour?

ItsDarciLynne15 karma

I 've been to so so many awesome places but I've always wanted to go to Australia!!

bensiao223 karma

What is your favorite store?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

Forever 21!

alfire682 karma

How many puppets do you have? Will you be having more puppets soon?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

I work with 4 puppets...

stay tuned for a new friend...you never know! hehe

Puabond2 karma

Are staying at home talking to yourself also?

ItsDarciLynne2 karma

YES!! I'm at home!

KayPeeJay2 karma

What's your favorite TV show? (You can't say AGT.)

What's your favorite movie?

ItsDarciLynne2 karma

TV...Stranger Things

Movie...Dirty Dancing

Jokerang2 karma

In addition to your tour, do you have anything else planned in the near future? Like comedy specials, movie cameos, etc.

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

Working on that currently ;)

Superb-Regular2 karma

Do you play any sports or speak another language?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

I used to do Gymnastics and Track but not now...I wish I could speak french

spliffwizard2 karma

Oh wow, as I'm from Scotland, your season was only 1 of 2 AGT seasons I've ever watched! So glad to see you're still touring and doing what you love!

My question is do you ever think about branching out into singing or theatre / film?

Also if you could choose anyone to work with in any medium, who would you choose?

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

Yes! I would love all of them...I actually have branched out in theater and singing by myself. I just need to get a film!!

Singing...Harry Styles

Theater...Kristen Chenoweth

Film...Tom Holland

indiananebraska51012 karma

Which dresses have you borrowed and where did you borrow them from?

Would you rather only be able to wear, Skirts/dresses or pants?

ItsDarciLynne2 karma

I borrowed a gown once from the designer Sherri Hill..it was a beautiful red long gown..I felt like a princess.

I guess if I had to choose....it would be pants

QTDamsel2 karma

Which judge was your most favorite and why?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

Simon...because he always gave me the best advice

RumHam12 karma

If you could be any animal for the day, what would you choose and why?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

A dolphin...so I could jump in and out of the water really high!!

Flaky-Candle2 karma

Hi Darci! What are your favorite Disney/Nickelodeon shows? BTW you're so pretty! Love you❤

ItsDarciLynne2 karma

awe...thank you

Disney...Liv and Maddie


K9Scout122 karma

What hobbies do you have?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

I love to read

landoresort2 karma

How has life changed since AGT?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

I t's been great! I had an adjustment at first but now I love it! I am super busy and miss hanging out with my friends as much as I used to

bensiao222 karma

What is your least favorite food?

Who is your favorite TikToker?

What is your pet peeve?

What is your favorite holiday?

In the beginning of 2020 did you think this year was going to be a good year?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma


pet peeve...nails being filed


2020...Yes! But It still can...

strangerthings-12 karma

Hello Darci Lynne how are you? It’s Christina

ItsDarciLynne2 karma

I 'm good... How are you?

bensiao222 karma

What is your favorite sport to watch?

What is your favorite state that you have been to besides Oklahoma?

What is your favorite type of clothing?

What is the hardest word to say in ventriloquism?

What is your biggest fear?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma


clothing...LuLu Lemon

word....problem, peanut butter, writing

Fear...plane crash

i-am-will-footballer2 karma

Do you plan on going to college? If so, which college would you like to go to?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

I 'm not sure my plans on college yet

SirLucad2 karma

What’s your favorite Movie and TV Show? Mine are The Good Place and a Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood!

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

TV...Stranger Things

Movie...Dirty Dancing

mothermatriarch2 karma

What's the best place to find you online? If you have a YouTube channel, Twitter, etc., I'd definitely subscribe/follow! :)

ItsDarciLynne4 karma

That would be great!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is... ItsDarciLynne

YouTube is Darci Lynne

billblaker2 karma

I think you would be great on Broadway. Have you ever been in any school or local musical stage productions anywhere?

ItsDarciLynne4 karma

Yes! I love theater musicals. Ive been in some local ones here in Oklahoma when I was younger. I would love to do more!

mikeramp722 karma

Simple question - how is your day going?

Also r/agt you’re welcome

ItsDarciLynne4 karma

My Day is great!! I'm having so much fun talking to everyone

PatrickProulx2 karma

What do you think of us Canadians and Canada? (Other than cold). Also, please come to Canada some time!

Where I live, it often goes down to -50 degrees C (-58 F for you Americans) and we get about 4 ft of snow in the winter.

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

I love Canadians!! I would love to come perform in Canada!

bensiao222 karma

What is your favorite drink?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma


Cevin_cadaver2 karma

Which puppet is typing your answers?

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

If you had to guess...which one do you think? hehe

imanAholebutimfunny2 karma

How long do you think it will take for Jeff Dunham and yourself to do a show together?

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

That would be so fun!! We did do a video together. It was super fun..

DYLANB20052 karma

Me and my family were very excited to go to your El Paso show because that's where we live, and my mom is asking what would be the closest show you'd be doing when this whole thing settles down?

ItsDarciLynne4 karma

I 'm so very sorry we had to cancel that show. It's so sad for me to cancel any show. We aren't coming back to Texas this year. You can look on my schedule...I'm not sure any are very close. Hopefully we can come there next year...

grapesodaax2 karma

Hi Darci! You seem like such a down to earth person. I’ve watched your AGT performances many times and I’m so glad you won.

Here’s my question: what’s a question you’re really tired of answering?

ItsDarciLynne9 karma

How did you get started doing ventriloquism..I think I've been asked this question 1 million times..haha

MartyJ932 karma

If you shrunk your little brother, would you reenact the cereal scene from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids with him? :)

ItsDarciLynne4 karma

That would be good but I think it would be fun to do the bug scenes in the yard

piqua20182 karma

If you could collaborate with another ventriloquist who would it be?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

I would say Paul Zerdin because I haven't had a chance to yet..

rosaasavage52 karma

Hi dear Darci, can you make a live song with your puppets at instragram from time to time please?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

YES!! definitely! Stay tuned

Gnomerican2 karma

Nirvana or Alice In Chains?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma


ShaiGaiKai2 karma

  1. Do you have anyone you look up to in ventriloquism?

  2. Are you planning to add a new character to the group anytime soon?

  • thank you for doing this. I’m a big fan!

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

I look up to Terry Fator and Jeff Dunham

Stay tuned for a new friend...you never know! hehe

Superb-Regular2 karma

When performing are you observant of the crowd, or in the zone and focused solely on singing? It’s always interesting seeing how people are on stage.

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

Definitely both...I like to watch the crowd to see their reactions to the puppets but when I sing by myself I usually get so into the song...

multifandomnewbee2 karma

what keeps you motivated to keep on pursuing ventriloquism?

ItsDarciLynne4 karma

I love making people happy and its so unique and fun

DYLANB20052 karma

What's it like being famous and what advice do you have for me to follow my dreams of being a writer even though I'm made fun of for it as a ridiculous dream?

ItsDarciLynne4 karma

First of all...NO Dream is ridiculous!!!! Writers are what make the world colorful!! It's easy to get discouraged from negative people! You can do anything you want as long as you work for it and have a passion for it! Keep Dreaming!! I can't wait to buy your book...

mostlyminischnauzer2 karma

Do you stay in contact with the other contestants or judges?

ItsDarciLynne4 karma

Yes...We all had a really close connection during all of AGT...

LasagnaFarts922 karma

Do you like pancakes or waffles?

ItsDarciLynne3 karma

Pancakes all the way!!

bensiao222 karma

Who is favorite TikToker?

What is your favorite state besides Oklahoma?

What is your favorite candy?

What country would you like to visit one day?

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

Tik Toker...Max Dressler

State...New York

Candy...Kit Kats


riotfood2 karma

Is Binks still blue?!?! I thought that was really good color on him.

ItsDarciLynne1 karma

Haha! He was for a small period of time! My brothers pranked me by dying him in koolaid😂😂

Tsunawolf2 karma

Has your successful career impacted school or anyway? How do fellow students and faculty handle it? Did you have to get a tutor or even be home-schooled because of your schedule?

ItsDarciLynne5 karma

I went to regular school up until this year....I am just gone too much so I had to move to online school but it's thru my public school. So I can go to all of the extra curricular activites. Its the best of both worlds for me. The students and teacher handle it perfectly. they just treat me as normal darci.

PatrickProulx1 karma

What's it like being a rich celebrity at that age?

ItsDarciLynne2 karma

I guess I don't really think about it...I am just so blessed to be able to do what I love to do!!

Norgeroff1 karma

What color is your toothbrush?

ItsDarciLynne8 karma

It’s is turquoise 🤣