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St_Andrews_Lodge22 karma

Did you think she was abusing the volunteer loophole to avoid paying people?

PuppyMama2242 karma

Not at all. Volunteers were treated very well and many put in years and years of volunteering because of their love for the cats. Typically, animal Care is done by zookeeper's as a full time position. But this volunteer opportunity offers a unique experience for people that have different day jobs.

RS_filthy14 karma

I would ask a different question but i just had a brain fart What is something all people should know about you..? & What do you like to do in your spare time/hobbies..?

PuppyMama2253 karma

I'm basically a grandma. I like to read but my favorite is quilting! And of course I love to hang out with my doggy. I, like Carole, am also allergic to cats.

RS_filthy14 karma

I don't think you'd be a suitable grandma since you are allergic to cats, but as long as you can quilt and make fresh cookies, you are certified.

PuppyMama2225 karma

I made cookies last week!

Inglorious18612 karma

How did you get hooked up with BCR? Were there any others you considered volunteering for?

PuppyMama2228 karma

I had been following bcr for a while. I have loved big cats since I was little and bcr was one of the first rescues I came to know of. It has been a dream of mine to work there

Kenz08805 karma

How many tigers are there? Joe said there are only 12? Is this true?

PuppyMama225 karma

I'm not actually sure how many are there currently but I'm sure at one point it has been down to 12. No where near the number of tigers Joe had

gecko_7644 karma

How much are you being paid by BCR to talk about how great it is?

PuppyMama222 karma

I wish, I'm broke af

notgonnatakethison2 karma

How are you not scared of getting in a cage with tigers?

PuppyMama2248 karma

We never got in a cage with a tiger unless they were sedated for a medical procedure.

ptaskas2 karma

Does big cat rescue feed the tigers expired Walmart meat as well?

PuppyMama220 karma

No way

pimmm1 karma

Are tigers friendly & predictable like regular house cats.. Or could they turn malicious out of nowhere?

PuppyMama225 karma

Some cats are more predictable than others but the predictable ones are the mean ones. The mean cats are almost always mean. Even the nicest of cats can turn hostile in a split second.