Hey Reddit--we're Rocketbook co-founders, Joe Lemay and Jake Epstein, and we make notebooks from the future!

We're excited to answer your questions about Shark Tank, startup culture, crowdfunding, and what life is like in 2058.

Some proof: https://imgur.com/GkXIEyz More proof: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/news/2019/08/29/nearly-five-years-on-rocketbook-is-still-blasting.html

In 2017, we appeared on Shark Tank to pitch a microwavable notebook and got laughed off the show by Mark Cuban without receiving an offer from any of the sharks. Using that pain to fuel our motivation, we built a new notebook: the Rocketbook Everlast. Easily erased with water and a cloth, the Everlast became the most crowdfunded office product on Kickstarter. It's also the best selling notebook on Amazon. Most importantly, we've since forgiven Mark Cuban for his lapse in judgment.

We've since launched 5 crowdfunding campaigns, including our most recent campaign for a futuristic legal pad: The Rocketbook Orbit!

EDIT: Our microwavable notebook would erase when placed in the microwave, so that you essentially had a brand new notebook.

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mayamemesaab37 karma

Are you guys just trolling us?

OfficialRocketbook26 karma

At this point, we wish the answer was "yes".

OpenMindedMajor2 karma

Is it true that to even appear on Shark Tank, you have to give up 10% of your company to the show/producers regardless if you get a deal or not?

OfficialRocketbook8 karma

Nope, we didn't have to give any equity to anyone for appearing. Rumor is they used to require this but they don't anymore.

DonGeise-10 karma

Why the fuck would you microwave a notebook. No, I didn't read the bizjournal article. Do you write in lemon juice?

OfficialRocketbook3 karma

Microwaves are surprisingly tasty!

Just kidding, but great question. The Wave worked so that when you microwaved it, all of your notes would be disappear and it was like having a brand new notebook. Erasing your notebook with the push of a button is (1) convenient so you don't need to buy another; (2) more sustainable so you don't use a second, third, and fourth and fifth; (3) (and most important) it's awesome!
FYI: Lemon juice would be a bad choice, but would smell delicious. Any pen from the Pilot Frixion line of pens, which are available everywhere, works in the microwavable Wave notebook. The ink turns clear when it hits around 140F (60C). -Jake

Mr-Duda15-14 karma

Do you hire? Cause I really wish to work with you guys once. Even an internship will work.

OfficialRocketbook-25 karma

Yes, we're growing and hiring! You have an advantage if you have a sense of humor, great work ethic, and you're comfortable in the chaos of a hyper-growth environment, and can blast out intergalactic space puns like it's nothing. -Joe