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krukson2 karma

Is the car on its own so good that a back of the pack driver like George Russel could win in it? I'm trying to understand whether Lewis is really an extremely good driver or just a lucky guy.

FormulaUnoDesign3 karma

It always a bit of a chicken and egg situation. I really do think Lewis is the best driver on the grid right now, but I also think he has the best car and it's impossible to unwind the two. So I guess good & lucky? But George is a top driver. I'd love to see all the drivers have a go in a spec series like f2 or something to see how the really weigh up on the same day though.

nox1cous931 karma

Is it possible to reverse engineer entire design of a car just off of pictures and videos?

FormulaUnoDesign1 karma

No for sure not. Maybe it is possible to reverse engineer some aero dynamic components. But how do you look at a photo and go ahh! That is how they've achieved a reliable hydraulic control manifold. No, you need years of experience and unfortunately there's no short cut to that.

stuzz74-10 karma

Lewis Hamilton seems like a dick is he?

FormulaUnoDesign1 karma

Um yes. Yes he is. Bottas kinda is too you know? Nico was always a lovely chap though, would say hi to you in corridors etc.