Edit: thank you to everyone who is helping support our kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/defamer/defamer-preventing-criminals-from-becoming-celebrities?ref=discovery&term=defamer its been a long one guys! I've been answering questions for 4 hours now! I appreciate all the positive (and some negative) feedback! I hope you guys had wonderful Holidays, I'm off to get some rest.

When I was younger I saw a man on TV that had committed a horrible violent crime at a movie theater. I still to this day remember his face very vividly. I thought about it when I got older and I realized I could still remember that mans face, his eye shape, his name, his hair color. Everything. It bothered me a lot.

It bothered me so much I started looking into ways this can be prevented. How could I avoid seeing people like that and giving them space in my brain rent free forever? There are a few options, but all of them virtually beg the media outlets to not show the face (and they still do) or other slow non functioning methods to remove the assailants face and name. I realized that NOBODY had come up with a way to resolve this.

I was laying down one night and I realized that if there was a way to remove all the millions of photos of criminals from the internet, new and old, it would require an army. That's when the idea for DeFamer hit me, we would need an actual mass group of people to help with this project.

The idea is actually really simple, people right click on an image of an alleged criminal and select "Tag as alleged criminal" then it blurs the persons face. You can highlight text and select "Name of assailant" so on and so fourth. It will then begin to blur the image for people across the extension/app.

I'm truly passionate about this project and I'm more than excited to answer any questions you may have, please feel free to ask me anything about the project.

I have been working on DeFamer for approximately 4 years, the initial idea was a reverse image search but that proved to be way more complicated than it appears.

Proof: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/defamer/defamer-preventing-criminals-from-becoming-celebrities?ref=discovery&term=defamer (In the comment section)

This is my sincere attempt to remove the fame and notoriety people think they obtain from doing heinous violent acts.

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Tartwhore1377 karma

Will this work on certain YouTube "influencers?"

defamerAMA901 karma

Yes, we intend on adding additional features that will virtually blur any particular group the user decides.

silversatire1281 karma

Given that it’s community driven, do you have any failsafes to prevent this tool from being used to defame or target non-criminal individuals or minority groups? For example, a mass attack that reported pictures of Scarlett Johansson erroneously, thereby profiling her as a criminal and blurring the reported pictures with a “Criminal” tag.

defamerAMA524 karma

Hey there, that's actually the major issue we aimed to resolve with the software. Our solution was a team of moderators to go through each tagged photo and confirm whether or not it was made in error (or intentionally to troll) or deliberate. By having a 2 step system it protects the software from being abused.

Olive092 karma

I actually like this idea. Is it only for criminals or can it be for anyone someone may not specifically like? I've always wondered why there isn't something invented yet that you could put in who you DO NOT want to see in your feeds and news sites and they should be removed to avoid distress and continue to keep you blind to them and their headlines. 100% would buy

defamerAMA16 karma

Yes actually! We're working on adding features like "Celebrity removal" "Political removal" or even simple names. Also, our software will be free on release! We plan to make it publicly available at no cost whatsoever.

AlphaholicsAnon1 karma

How can I invest in your incredible idea?

imnotfunnybutitry1 karma

This seems like a very innovative solution to the problem.

How big of an impact do you think DeFamer can have on this issue? If I understand correctly, each person has to download it themselves, in which case wouldn't it have trouble spreading?

Do you anticipate having to educate people on the issue in order for them to participate?

defamerAMA0 karma

That's a complicated question, but ultimately what we would like, is for DeFamer to be used like AdBlocker, a quick 2 second install from the Chrome store and then it's just a simple part of your browser. It's a difficult process but we're doing our best to take a bite out of this issue.

MotherFokkerDR11 karma

Any idea why people like to idolize shooters and terrorists?

defamerAMA5 karma

We're not sure, it would appear it's a plethora of things that can influence idolization of a criminal.

One of the major reasons we're creating this software is with the intention of removing some of that idolization. If someone were to do a heinous act like this seeking fame or people to talk about them, this software would virtually remove them and make them unknown.

*edited for clarification

Morsemouse1 karma

Will this be free?

defamerAMA1 karma