Hi Reddit! I'm Kate Flannery.

Former TV drunk, Meredith on THE OFFICE. Voice of Carol on OK KO on CN, DANCING WITH THE STARS season 28 contestant, and currently touring A Swingin’ Little Christmas with Jane Lynch and Tim Davis!

I'm here to answer your questions....and trying something new today by answering your questions using personalized video responses via Cameo

I will be answering your questions starting at 11:00 AM ET (10AM CT / 8AM PT)


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EDIT: Thank you all so very much for the questions! I have to sign off, but I appreciate you all so very much!

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queefy5layerburrito4195 karma

Hi Kate, I loved you in the "Lice" episode of The Office. Bald Meredith is best Meredith. That said, what was your favorite episode to film?

KateFlanneryOfficial8811 karma

My favorite episode was Moroccan Christmas because I got to improvise a full scene with Steve Carrell. We were in the parking lot with Michael Scott trying to get Meredith to rehab and had the chance to make up the entire scene. Pretty sure I lost my voice that day.

Patisagod3359 karma

Hey Kate! Thanks for doing this AMA! Ive got two questions for you...

  1. What was the greatest unscripted moment on The Office that you witnessed?

  2. If Meredith was in charge of casting Threat Level Midnight and had unlimited resources, who would she cast?

KateFlanneryOfficial4410 karma

When Steve Carrell cried during office Olympics was completely unscripted.

And so many ideas for a Hollywood Threat Level Midnight

RenderedUseless1509 karma

When you were drinking on the show, what was it usually? Do you actually drink alcohol sometimes? Did anyone ever actually get drunk on set?

KateFlanneryOfficial2729 karma

Usually it was ice tea, or coke and water. There was one time there was booze...it was an accident. And it's a funny story.

I do drink in life. My dad owned a bar. I love a jack and ginger.

Rearview_Mirror1126 karma

Fuck, Marry, Kill...

Andy Bernard, Toby Flenderson, Gabe Lewis?

KetchupKatsup829 karma

What's it like having Rabies?

ughmood682 karma

Hi Kate! Can we get an interesting/fun fact about yourself that is not on the internet or Wikipedia?

KateFlanneryOfficial1546 karma

I'm an extremely private person....but I'll tell you what. Don't tell anyone this. I used to work out a Chinese restaurant and bus tables and worked there through college. It's not a punishment to work a job to follow your dreams.

ultimatemigas669 karma

Hi Kate!

You do so many cool things with Jane Lynch, how did you guys meet?

KateFlanneryOfficial615 karma

Youngheezy182389 karma

Were there any behind the scenes pranks going on while filming the office?

KateFlanneryOfficial651 karma

We were so boring. We left the comedy in the script. Steve Carrell is an awesome actor because he cares more about the show, instead of the pranks. But we DID laugh a lot.

legend216oh281 karma

How did the audition process for the Office go?

KateFlanneryOfficial491 karma

I initially auditioned for the role of Jan. It's a crazy story how everything happened

ARabidGuineaPig259 karma

Grats on your Dancing With The Stars appearance! I had a question on that, how many days does that take up for practicing? Is that a 5 day a week thing?

KateFlanneryOfficial364 karma

It was 7 days in a row for 4 hours a day. Then we ramped up to 6 hours a day....and eventually 8 hours a day. It's really intense.

Here's more about the process

Tony_Bambony205 karma

Hello Kate, thanks for doing the AMA!

What would be some advice to people who would love to get into acting?

KateFlanneryOfficial356 karma

First of all.......do it. Don't think about it. Do it. Get in a class, audition for something, write something and post it.

Don't wait for permission.

Zee_Ventures197 karma

Hi Kate, whats something you might have taken from The Office set as a souvenir?

KateFlanneryOfficial331 karma

Are you calling me a thief? I would never steal anything....

Okay... I did steal one pelvis cast

toyin54159 karma

There has been rumors of an Office Re-boot. Can you give us any behind the scenes info about those discussions?

KateFlanneryOfficial204 karma

Right now it's just rumors....but I hope it actually happens. Here's what I'm thinking what we do to get the re-boot started

InverseConverse144 karma

What’s the strangest cameo.com request you’ve received?

KateFlanneryOfficial275 karma

I've had a lot of "try to get back together" begging for someone's love life. One time someone asked me to break-up with someone, but I wasn't willing to do that. I'm a much more positive person.

Horatio_Crunch136 karma

Hi Kate! I wanna thank you for The Office, it helped my family get through some very tough times in 2012.

How did it feel filming the finale of The Office? Did anyone know Steve Carell was coming back or was it a surprise for the cast? Also what is Jane Lynch like?

Aariachang24127 karma

Any future projects you're excited about?

KateFlanneryOfficial188 karma

Contractually not allowed to talk about a few upcoming projects, but here's a few things I'm excited about