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mwwa-imm3 karma

You shld get a receipt notice of the I130 and the 485 within 3 weeks to 12 weeks. And a fingerprint notice within the same time. Since you have not received anything one way to check it is the verify if the check or money order that you sent was deposited in the bank. At the back of the check you shld see the case number of your filing. Then call imm and check this filing fee.

maybeex1 karma

We are waiting for my L2Ead renewal from Vermont. Receipt date is 19th of June.

We are frustrated as my partner had to to go on an unpaid leave. What is happening with L2 ead renewals? Why does it take so long and any prediction on when she can get her EAD? Raised SR and called senators office and basically Uscis says there is no extreme emergency.


mwwa-imm5 karma

Yes it is very frustrating how long many EAD renewals are taking now. You are doing everything correctly. Keep pushing and do file a change of address if you move so USCIS always has your current address.

ra00100 karma

Hi! My husband and I sent our AOS package and the Chicago Lockbox has received it on Oct. 17th. However, we haven't received any NOAs so far. Are we still on a "regular" time frame? What are our next steps if we don't hear from them, and what's the time limit? The cheques haven't been cashed and we know the package was delivered (through USPS tracking)

ra00100 karma

Forgot to add: we called USCIS yesterday and they told us to send an email to the Lockbox, which we did and got an automated reply that they try to answer in 30 days

mwwa-imm2 karma

Congratulations on filing your applications! I would wait another 1-2 weeks, you May receive your receipt notices during this time. If 30 days pass after USCIS received the applications without the checks being deposited or receipt notice being issued, then need to follow up.