Hey guys! Chris Conrad here, aka guy that likes to be shirtless on excellent tv shows like Perpetual Grace LTD and Patriot, here to answer questions about those shows, doing nude scenes, smashing windows and Doritos! I'm excited to answer all (or as many) questions you have to ask me. Go for it!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/CConradTweets/status/1183221722264170497

UPDATE: Hi Guys! Thanks so much for all your great questions! I've gotta go now but I'm going to be sure to get to the rest of your questions later this week. Keep your eyes peeled.

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keyboardromeo8830 karma

Hey Chris, you are in no small part a part of 3 of the best seasons of TV I’ve watched in a very long time. Working with family can be hard, how do you handle not just working with your brother but also being one of the main characters in each show? Does it add an extra level of stress trying to make his vision pop on the screen?

Also an obligatory “tell Amazon to give us Patriot 3”

ChrisBConrad21 karma

Hey KeyboardRomeo88

Thanks for the kind words. Steve puts together amazing teams. So many components of a great series or movie. Steve’s writing is brilliant and he’s got a very clear vision of the whole thing - he’s definite and confident and yet always flexible to talk with the actors or camera or lighting to hear suggestions or thoughts. It makes it very comfortable to do your best. Steve and I also have a very similar sense of humor and timing so we’re usually on the same page.

P3 would be phenomenal!

forkingniednagel16 karma

I'll never stop talking about it. That tracking shot in Patriot S02EP03. I don't really know what my question is... I guess... HOW?

ChrisBConrad36 karma

Hi forkingniednagel

Me Birdbath and Chernus are waiting in the store

Dorman and our steady cam operator Jody and his focus puller are on a real metro in real time

We don’t control the trains

At a stop Dorman gets off and Jody walks backwards up stairs into the store we have the shootout then we all go into the street at night and make our way to the metro and wait for it to come

And it does and we all board

I think we did it 4 or 5 times before we caught the magic train coming at the right time

It was a blast

Victor-Toombs14 karma

How did you get your head into the full nudity scenes? Was it a process of rehearsing fully clothed down to space junk running free? Or did you just go for it?

Also, really really love Dennis as a character, you played it so great 👍

ChrisBConrad27 karma

Hey Victor-Toombs

Steve threw the idea at me and I thought it would be hysterical

Steve is such a great director/writer and cool guy I’d pretty much do anything he suggests

But I was all in anyway because the premise of someone walking nude into a police station was brilliant

I “got ready” by reading a bunch of conflicting reports online from bodybuilding websites on how to look ripped before a performance

Some said water some said no water so I was like what the fuck? Ultimately there’s only so many crunches you can do before game time

And i actually find being naked quite liberating but it makes going to craft service unusual

ChrisBConrad13 karma

Also Victor-Toombs thank you for the sweet words re Dennis

destroyerofToast12 karma

Do you own any shirts?

ChrisBConrad20 karma

Hi destroyerofToast.

Yes. One. It’s got the tie drawn on it so I can wear it to gym, dinner, etc. Whatever the occasion.

Heuromnemon12 karma

Is there anything about your character or performance in Patriot that you don’t think anybody’s noticed yet?

(I’m looking forward to Perpetual Grace LTD potentially becoming available in the UK at some point in the future!)

ChrisBConrad21 karma

Hi Heuromnemon

Thanks for checking in

Perp Grace is phenomenal so I hope you get to see it

The first thing I can think of re Dennis is I did this little head pat on my crown as sort of a “nervous/excited” quirk

That and a slight glasses adjustment every now and then

sand3h00k12 karma

This morning, there was still hope.

And now?

And now? Nope.

I love the rhythm of Perpetual Grace. You deliver it so well. So poetically natural. Is this sort of writing different to what you're used to?

ChrisBConrad16 karma

Hi sand3h00k

Thanks. It’s the beauty of Steve’s writing. It’s a combo of deep, beautiful, light, and rhythmic

I told him once he writes like Eddie Van Halen plays guitar - he just fucking owns the space - master class

Steve plays music really well and cadence and rhythm are there on the page in such a great way that you just sort of connect with the delivery

wolframdioxide11 karma

Really love Patriot and Dennis as a character - so many of the introductory moments, like the moment he takes off his shirt to prove he's "ripped" and the tone of voice/expression when he asks "The USA... needs my pee?" are just perfect.

How did your portrayal of Dennis change between the seasons, due to character development and/or your vision of the character changing?

ChrisBConrad13 karma

Hi wolf!

Thanks for the cool words.

That’s awesome!

Great question

I think Dennis got a little more aggressive about the whole thing. Stuff started to get out of hand ( no pun intended) and I think he got over taking herpes for the team but losing his fingers was serious shit. But even though he was pressing the gas to get home to the twins he can’t stand, a day or two back there and he would have found John and stepped right beside him for the next phase

atseasheiscalm8 karma

What were your favorite scenes to film?

ChrisBConrad22 karma

Hi atseasheiscalm

The technically difficult ones are always fun

We do a lot of very intricate shots on Patriot and PG - long oners (scenes shot from only one angle with no coverage shots to cut away to) - so it becomes like a long dance routine where you have to focus for sometimes 5 or 6 minutes in one take. And if there’s any screw ups (camera, sound, wardrobe, actors) then we start over - so the cast n Crew have to dig in and nail it

The long train shot in PatS2 where Dorman exits then gets the gun was fucking amazing to shoot

The city, the boarding of the train the acting - all had to be spot on

Enchanterbate8 karma

1) How is it working on projects with your brother compared to other people? Do you get on well? I work creatively with my own brother and it just feels so different than working with strangers. Like we can almost mind-meld. Do you guys have that? Is it more difficult in some ways than working with others?

2) Funniest behind the scenes moment from Perpetual Grace?

3) What was the most challenging part of shooting PGL? For you and then also for the crew in general?

Your characters in Patriot and Perpetual Grace are two of my favorite characters on TV. Thank you so much!

ChrisBConrad3 karma

Hi Enchanterbate

1) working with Steve is fantastic. We have a true great friendship and there’s simultaneously a great work respect for one another

He’s a great leader and a lot of fun

2) so many - perhaps just cracking up in between set ups with the cast n crew

Very talented and very funny

3) we had some days were I had 5-8 pages of straight dialogue

Because the writing is so good it’s easier, but you really need to prep like a champion if you want to own that scene

The crew would have to be weather and sky formations

We shoot with the best Steve, James and Nicole Whitaker are phenomenal DPs and very keen on perfect light - and it shows in the cinematic presence of both shows

Thank you!

KennyKatsu7 karma

What's your biggest fear?

ChrisBConrad11 karma

Hey Kenny

You mean on screen acting or in life?

On screen it’s that I got out of the real moment for a second

Like I locked in and we’re rolling then I just drifted in my head, and we kept shooting and moved on. It rarely happens

In life, maybe hanging upside down. I’ve jumped out of airplanes and rappelled and played all kinds of sports but for some weird reason I get completely freaked out hanging upside down

Victor-Toombs7 karma

Now for my PGLTD question: I’ve been a fan of Timothy Spall since Auf Weidersehen Pet in the 80s. How was working with him? Your scene with him where he calls New Leaf’s Pop a pussy is one of my favorite scenes of the season. Really really great.

ChrisBConrad7 karma

Thanks, Victor-Toombs

Tim was fantastic- laser focus and yet very easy going and funny. Super nice guy.

Verbull7107 karma

Love your work! What's been the happiest moment in your professional career, and what made it the happiest moment?

ChrisBConrad18 karma

Hey Verbull710!

That’s awesome


There was a moment on set of Patriot Season one where I was sitting beside Kurtwood and Terry and Gil and Julian and Chernus and Dorman

And Steve was behind the monitor with the headset on laughing at something and I thought to myself “I’m with the nicest people on earth, making an amazing tv series for people to enjoy, and my brother is over there directing it and we’re all here because he fucking made it happen.”

It was awesome

guitarpickerjim6 karma

Have you and Steve always worked on projects together? I am imaging you two as kids making home movies. How did Steve go the writer director route and you went for acting?

ChrisBConrad8 karma

Hi guitarpickerjim

Yeah Steve and I have shot several projects together

We do work independently but working together is the best -we laugh are asses off. We got 2 more brothers - 4 boys total - and we grew up playing sports and making music and doing sketches and stuff. Everyone was funny in my family - and not Smothers Brothers humor - we grew up with Carlin, Steve Martin, Cheech n Chong, National

Lampoon, Benny Hill etc

Not sure how we carved out our fields - guess it’s just how it ended up.

melwin77776 karma

Hey man, nice haircut!

What kinds of projects and other interests do you work on when you're in between seasons of a show?

And what's the good word on season 2 of Perpetual Grace LTD?

ChrisBConrad7 karma

Hey melwin7777

Cheers! Enjoying my haircut

In between projects I write, travel a bit, audition if there’s something good, and do jujitsu

And we’ll have more Perpetual Grace coming for sure - they’re working out the details now

useeingthis6 karma

Perpetual Grace is fantastic, and you did some great work in it. What’s your favorite cereal?

ChrisBConrad10 karma

Hi useeingthis

Thanks for the kind words.

We love making it

My favorite cereal is oatmeal with Orgain non dairy milk, berries and a variety of heart healthy nuts

Fiver86753096 karma

What are a couple of your favorite films that don't have a Conrad associated with them?

ChrisBConrad7 karma

Hey Fiver!


Glenngarry Glen Ross

Animal House

The Weatherman

Blazing Saddles

VantasnerDanger6 karma

Do you ever play music with your brother, or are you just a sweet roundhouse kicker?

ChrisBConrad9 karma

Hi Vantasner Danger

Great name

I do jam with Steve every now and then.

I got a few guitars and I love to play. Steve’s pretty damn good. He plays guitar great but he’s an amazing drummer too

IcelandicBanks5 karma

Hey, Chris! I became a big fan of you after seeing you in Patriot, and I'm blown away by your performance in that and Perpetual Grace.

I looked you up after and found out you were Johnny Cage in a Mortal Kombat movie!

My question is do you still regularly practice kickboxing? Your kicks to the windows in PGLTD were so awesome looking, I figured you must still hone those bad boys.

ChrisBConrad7 karma

Hey IcelandicBanks

Big thanks and much appreciated

Johnny Cage was fun - shot that in Thailand- super cool.

I train a little bit of kickboxing year round - not to compete but just for the workout and to stay fit

If I know I have to throw kicks I’ll stretch all week! The right wardrobe help - kicks in tight pants is tough

HerbyHoover5 karma

I'll confess that I haven't seen Perpetual Grace LTD yet but I am a HUGE fan of Patriot. I thought you were fantastic as Dennis. What is something that springs to mind when you think back on making Patriot? Also, what is a McMillan man? My boss wants me to be one.

ChrisBConrad9 karma

Hi Herby!

Thanks! When you can, do check out PG. It’s phenomenal.

One great story that comes to mind is shooting in Paris, getting picked up at the hotel at 430am, going to set, then make up, the sun is rising and I realize our base camp is 5 feet from the Louvre

A McMillan Man is someone that will pee in a cup for his country

IsobelJ5 karma

New Leaf is such a compelling character - he always seems like he is just one second away from lashing out violently but is also eloquent. I love the way he narrows his eyes and looks down his nose at people. What was the inspiration for his character?

ChrisBConrad5 karma

Hi IsobelJ

Thanks for the sweet words.

I think you’re spot on.

New Leaf felt immediately to me that he was a beautiful time bomb or groovy powder keg.

I think there’s a proclivity to smash shit with him - people, windows, etc. The safety net most people have to stop themselves New Leaf does not. It’s like a constant marvelous struggle to contain himself and just have one thing swing in his favor.

Not sure of the inspiration

JulesTee755 karma

Hey Chris, New Leaf is the man! Your acting is great because the characters are so different. You are unrecognisable as each character you play and that is lost in much of the acting craft. I read that you taught literature. Are actors as academic as you are or are they more mundane?

ChrisBConrad5 karma

Hi JulesTee75

Thank you for the kind words. Much appreciated.

I did teach a few years as a substitute (I was mean - good kids loved me, bad kids thought I was a prick) and one full year as a high school Word History Honors Teacher. I have total respect for great teachers, coaches and parents - it’s hard.

My first month I carried an asthma inhaler because I was so flustered I was having asthma attacks - maybe it would have been easier if I could wear shorts and cuss but it was tough.

I don’t know if most actors are academic - most seem to be well travelled. I think the ones that are academic tend to be more documentary watchers and book readers.

Teleutedpu5 karma

Chris! I appreciate you taking the time! Here are a few for you!
1. Do you have a playlist for scenes or characters you play; if so what's on them?
2. Theatre guy at all? If so, favorite shows?
3. Do you do any writing? Have you collaborated with your brother other than doing things growing up?
4. Are you particularly excited about casts you get to work with/any you were excited for with Patriot/Perpetual Grace?
5. Do you miss Florida?
6. What are your favorite scenes from Patriot/Perpetual Grace, whether you've been in them or not?
7. Who is your favorite comedian?
8. Was there any dialogue in either shows mentioned prior that you either couldn't keep straight or keep it together saying?
9. What's the story on the Baby Hold Onto Me service video? Will we get any more!?!

I'd love to provide more but I need to get some wings. Your work on these shows has been an absolute delight & while I doubt crowdfunding will help, I hope there's any possible way for us to get season 3 of Patriot. I fear that I might be great television's grim reaper as shows I've loved keep getting cancelled. I hope you get so much more work in the coming days!

ChrisBConrad5 karma

Hi Teleleutedpu!

My pleasure

1) you mean songs? Not necessarily a playlist but I’m a huge music lover and different music promotes different moods- Dennis would probably be a light classic rock guy whereas New Leaf is more Dropkick Murphys/Anthrax

2) Not a theater guy but I love going to good plays - saw Book of Mormon a couple years ago - amazing

3) I do write - I have a feature and some shows I’m working to get sold. Steve and I have a project right now we’re laying the groundwork on which should be incredible. And if I’m lucky enough and keep kicking ass I hope Steve finds a spot for me in everything he does!

4) Yeah - the Cast n Crew on Patriot/PG was like family - I grew up watching these guys and here I am doing scenes with them and having walks and dinners. Some of the sweetest most talented men and women around. And everyone is the right combo of focus and energy and yet super easy going.

5) yeah - I love Florida.

Ft Lauderdale is a blast

(But I love Chicago more)

6) so many - so many tender funny beautifully shot scenes

Maybe the oner on the train in PS2 - just because of how ballsy and intricate it was

7) Zach G. Bill Burr. David Cross. Patton O.

8) the Romanian in PS2 was tough

9) was that the Simpson video we made?

thats super sweet of you and much appreciated

redeyesblackdragon_d3 karma

Hi Chris,

Long timer here. From your time on Young Hercules, what was that set like and what was it like to be in New Zealand for the duration of that shoot? I read a post from a producer on the show that you all used to film the episodes in blocks.

Lastly, what is your workout routine like? From twitter, it appears that you do some martial arts or MMA training. Good job.

Thank you for your time.

ChrisBConrad5 karma

Hey Redeyes

NZ was amazing - Dean O and Ryan were a blast and the NZ people are some of the kindest folks anywhere in the world

We shot a 2 hour movie, then about 5 flashbacks from Big Herc than we did 50eps - so it all gets a bit fuzzy with the block shooting. But excellent cast n crew

And I fell in love with rugby

Got to watch Auckland and Jonah play live - cane back to the states and stopped acting and played rugby for 3 years while I taught high school

My workout is almost every morning - jujitsu once a week, kickboxing once a week then weights and running!

davespritz3 karma

What would you consider to be the biggest difference between New Leaf and Dennis McClaren?

ChrisBConrad6 karma

Hey Davespritz!

Weatherman! Great film

Good question.

Easy answer is the tint of the glasses. But deeper, I think Dennis has a line somewhere. We saw that when even though he gave up his fingers for John he wanted to just go home back to his wife and creepy twins

I think New Leaf is dangerous in ways we haven’t seen and I think the thing that would stop Dennis , wouldn’t flinch New Leaf

BoyPrometheus3 karma

Hey man,

What's your biggest ambition, and how close do you think you are to accomplishing it?

What's the worst injury you've ever endured, and what did you learn from it?

What's Dennis up to these days, having been through everything in Patriot?

Stay splendid, man.

ChrisBConrad5 karma

Hi BoyPrometheus!


- biggest ambition is to start a charity in my mom’s name that last decades and decades and helps make the world a better place. I’m starting it soon and I will definitely accomplish it

-) worst injury is a tie between a tooth they had to pull just before we started Patriot (it’s still missing from my mouth) and recovering from a double hernia (cool scars though)

-) Dennis is trying to find John so he can get the fuck away from his home and his creepy twins


beemovie23 karma

Hey man! You've played two of my favorite characters in recent years. Dennis' "I'm sorry, I'm in incredible pain" line has entered my regular vernacular and I want New Leaf's glasses BAD. You are crazy talented.

Who are some of your favorite characters of all time?

Any funny stories you can share from behind the scenes?

Shirts are overrated and thanks for the AMA!

ChrisBConrad4 karma

Hi beemovie!

Thanks for the super kind words!


Some of my fav characters are done by the brilliant Australian Chris Lilley - love Sacha Cohen and Mel Brooks. Also, to this day I constantly listened to the origin Jerky Boys and laugh my ass off

iscaacsi3 karma

excellent tv shows!

do you like this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFCU_Ld9snU

any recommendations for someone going to new mexico soon?

ChrisBConrad5 karma

Hi Iscaacsi

Thanks! I do like that song.

Devo was awesome!

Anything with Space Junk in it rocks

Re NM make sure you make time for the sunsets

Maybe the prettiest of anywhere I’ve been

Also lots of cool art

nocturne992 karma

Let's say that the tables have turned and you're the one who created a new show. What role would you have Steven play? And what crazy scenes would you like to put him through?

ChrisBConrad4 karma

Hi nocturne99

Great question

It would probably be he and I as 2 cops trying to solve crimes or something

He’s funny as hell and we improvise constantly in real life

So having to do a few heavy dialogue scenes would mean we’d be cracking up all day

jakes-sister2 karma

Did you prefer playing Dennis or New Leaf? Can you give us any confirmation on PGLTD S2?

ChrisBConrad4 karma

Hi jakes-sister

I love them equally

Like twins

There’s more PG coming - they’re working on the details now

DrewTheJew22 karma

What’s your favorite tattoo you have and what’s the story behind it?

ChrisBConrad6 karma

Hey Drew

I got one that says “MOM”. Love that one. Me and my bros got them for my mom one Christmas

But otherwise I hate my tattoos

I went for “meaning” instead of “design and aesthetics” and 2 days after I got them I fucking forgot I have them.

marboon2 karma

What are some of your favorite songs/artists?

ChrisBConrad5 karma


Hey - currently:

Volbeat - metal

Mad Caddies - ska


AC/DC, Van Halen, The Darkness

LatterdaySaintBatman1 karma

Hey Chris - I haven't caught Perpetual Grace yet - but I'm a huge fan of your work on Patriot.

Which elements of Dennis' characterization did you create? (Like - who thought that his dad owned two Arbys?

What do you think Dennis would have gotten up to during a 3rd season of Patriot?

ChrisBConrad3 karma

Hi Latterday

Thank you!

Steve Conrad created Dennis and his story. I think he pictured me bringing Dennis to life and how I could energize him and do little hand gestures and stuff and wire him up.

Great question about Dennis and P3 - perhaps he would have to shave his head and fight a rhino or something at a zoo