My name is Ricardo Rangel. Over three years ago, I pioneered an algorithm to design Sustainable Energy Generation Systems (SEGSs) which are power systems supported by 100% renewable energy. I got the idea a few months prior to completing my MSEE from UCLA. Throughout my undergraduate and postgraduate study, I focused my research on renewable energy and read many papers on the topic. When I got the idea, I searched to see if a similar methodology had already been developed and found nothing. I was confident of my approach and attempted a startup on the idea upon graduating instead of pursuing employment opportunities. Unfortunately, I was unable to secure funding after six months, so I released my proprietary rights into the public domain, shared my algorithm on Github, and began seeking career opportunities.

Now, I am an employed substation design engineer for one of the nation’s largest electric utilities. However, I have not stopped working on my project. Renewable energy is my passion, and I am confident my research is the path toward 100% renewable energy. My algorithm solves the fundamental problem of quantifying how much renewable energy and how much energy storage is required for the power system to be self-sustainable.

My solution for sustainability can be summarized by these two statements:

  1. A SEGS is sustainable if the expected time-series stored energy values are non-negative for the lifecycle.
  2. The amount of storage required for a sustainable system is inversely related to the renewable energy capacity.

The most note-worthy conclusion from my work is the storage requirements are dramatically reduced with overgeneration which reduces the overall cost. From my analysis, the most cost-effective configuration will annually generate about twice as much energy than what is annually consumed. The extra energy can be used to power stand-by devices such as CO2 scrubbers or seawater desalination plants.

My conclusion that an inverse relationship between generation and storage exists is indisputable. I am on a mission to lead the effort toward 100% renewable energy at the national level. I am determined to commit my entire career toward this goal. Climate change and engineering the power system of the future is what drives my passion. However, in order to make a difference at the national level, I need to make a name for myself. I made a twitter account to have an influence. Please follow me @RangelRicardo_

My proof:

Edit: I do not understand why my comments are being downvoted. My work involves quantifying how much renewable energy and storage is required for sustainability. Then, I analyze how the storage changes as the renewable energy increases. This is novel and absolutely essential to determine which configuration is optimal. I have asked the critics to provide references of prior work because I did not find any (besides the person that plagiarized). The critics have yet to provide a source.

Edit2: u/android47 has provided two publications to compare.

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is nuclear power good?

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