My short bio: Hi everyone, I am Gianna Dior! I have been in the industry for just over a year and I love it! Ask me anything!

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Thank you so much for your fun questions! Thanks to for having me as their June Bang Babe! Add me on social!

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CaptLoads26 karma

Do you see your profession as an art or a job? Also, have you ever been in a scene where you thought “woh, this is too much?” Meaning, what you were asked to do may have been out of comfort.

realGiannaDior30 karma

I see it as an art - I don't see it as a job. More of a job that I enjoy, it's not terribly hard for me!

There have been a few times where the performer was too rough with me and they stop and are totally respectful.

Lfat1925 karma

What is the endgame for you in the industry? I.e. where do you aspire to be in the future?

realGiannaDior26 karma

I want to be in the industry for as long as possible! If I can get to 10 years and still be getting work, that is a great goal. I tell people I would do porn until I am on my deathbed!

hjklgg21 karma

How do you choose which actors/actresses to do films with?

realGiannaDior27 karma

I actually don't choose them, they get booked with me. If I work with them and I don't like them I won't work with them again, and it works out pretty well!

FlowrollMB21 karma

What’s been your worst experience shooting a scene?

realGiannaDior40 karma

This was actually three weeks ago. I did a scene up in the hills in Malibu. There was no cell phone service and the house was a shack out in the woods. The scene was about going camping - and on the way back down the hill we almost drove off the cliff! The location was awful.

MeJoPe21 karma

Is there anybody you’ve met in the industry that you were starstruck by?

realGiannaDior39 karma

Riley Reid! Before I got into porn, I kept up with Riley Reid just on social media.

jasnav9919 karma

Who’s pornstar do you consider your inspiration?

realGiannaDior26 karma

I would say Angela White. She is so professional and she does amazing scenes! It was so good! I see a lot of my self in her and I hope I can become as big as she is.

prank_lover18 karma

The most important question to men: Does size matter?

realGiannaDior41 karma

Yes. If you have a small dick you have to know how to use it, but if you have a huge dick you have to know how to use it. Size matters but you have to know how to use it.

Wiggie4914 karma

How does your job affect your dating life? Do you date fans? Does the job make sex with the average person less exciting?

realGiannaDior9 karma

I would date a fan, if they were respectful. I don't really talk to my fans that much except for on my premium snapchat. If I got to know one, maybe ;)

Hazer135913 karma

Which was your favorite scene so far and who gave u the best facial ?

realGiannaDior22 karma

Best scene so far was my first IR scene with Jules Jordan! My facial would be my blowbang scene. It wasn't just one guy it was eight guys.

Javi_in_1080p12 karma

Are you doing an anal scene?

realGiannaDior20 karma

Not anytime soon. When I do do anal, I will go out with a Bang. I am thinking next year at some point! Whenever I feel comfortable!

LuLikesAnal12 karma

Hi Gianna! How do you see porn going forward? No more showcases? VR? extreme stuff (amazing blowbang btw!)?


realGiannaDior15 karma

So I just had my very first showcase come out from Jules Jordan and I was looking forward to that! I do a lot of VR and I just did my first blowbang. Anal will come, just not yet ;)

I would like to see it more normalized. I was on a mainstream set the other day and the whole vibe was completely different. I want to see it become a way for both the industries to unite.

Chronic_G12 karma

I know women love big dicks but do you also get turned on by big balls?

realGiannaDior20 karma

No - I honestly don't even notice the size of a guys balls...that is a really good question though!

JohnDenverNeverLies9 karma

Do you have a bf?

realGiannaDior16 karma

We are dating but we don't put it out there. He doesn't care if we see each other once a month. We started dating a month ago, and I learned my lesson to take this one slow.

prank_lover8 karma

Your do's and dont's in scenes?

Opinion on Markus Dupree?

Opinion on APAG Union?

realGiannaDior5 karma

I don't really have any strong opinions :)

skyskr4per6 karma

You mean like, ever?

realGiannaDior6 karma

On the second part of your question. I have a list of do's and don'ts that are only for set purposes.

ReimarPB8 karma

Any fetishes?

realGiannaDior25 karma

I have a pee fetish - I actually discovered it through a guy that I used to fuck that had a big fetish with it and now I enjoy it too!

byrnedoctor6 karma

Great answer- love it. So do you have plans to shoot any pee scenes? I’ve noticed you’re getting a bit more physical in your sex scenes and hope you’ll continue to explore

realGiannaDior10 karma

I haven't shot any yet, but it the opportunity presents itself I would love to.

SaganARG6 karma

What's the story behind the name Gianna Dior?

realGiannaDior14 karma

My first agent (who wasn't an agent really), told me to pick up a name. I wanted it to be something Italian, and we settled on that!

CletusTheAssEater6 karma

What is your favorite movie?

realGiannaDior26 karma

To Kill A Mockingbird.

jasnav996 karma

Whats the wildest thing you ever done?

realGiannaDior27 karma

Hm, probably driving to LA from Miami just to do porn. I did the drive completely alone and it took me 2 and a half days.

Muffelnisse5 karma

What is your favorit position with guys that dont have a "pornstar penis" ? or favorit position overall

realGiannaDior13 karma

Doggy is def my favorite. Unless you have a long dick, it just hurts. If you have a thick dick I love it.

LadiDadiWeLikes2Pati3 karma

What is your workout/fitness routine? Do porn stars have anything regarding their fitness in their contracts/impact their work at all?

realGiannaDior7 karma

I feel like most people in the industry do work out. I have a trainer that comes to my house that helps me work out. I have been doing legs a lot - I am trying to get my booty bigger. I don't have a set routine, I just do what I am told.

[deleted]2 karma


realGiannaDior3 karma

I have not done an anal scene.

EveryLeek2 karma

As a pornstar, do you find more difficult to have a serious relationship? Do you think that work in the industry is for everyone or it's more complicated than looks like?

realGiannaDior7 karma

I think it is more complicated than it looks. You have to be mentally strong to be in this industry. I feel like having a relationship in porn is difficult, I don't date anyone outside the industry because that did not go over well.

wesleyt951 karma

What would you say to your future daughter (hypothetical) if she asked about your career choice in your 20's?

realGiannaDior11 karma

I do not plan on having kids! I would be totally upfront and honest about it! I don't see any shame in what I do.

dchico11 karma

How much do you enjoying sucking a guy off ?

realGiannaDior12 karma

I think this is really weird, but I have always liked sucking dick. I have always really enjoyed it. I couldn't cum by sucking a guys dick but I was not aware that it wasn't an enjoyable thing for most women!

bilbobrady691 karma

What is the ideal age for a man to fuck?

realGiannaDior5 karma

Fuck - There is no ideal age. Obviously 18+. I love old guys, I love younger guys, there really isn't any age limit on guys I would fuck.

Date - I don't any guys that are less than 10 years older than me.

pinchemeow1 karma

You seem like a foodie... what’s your favorite type of food and/or restaurant here in LA?

realGiannaDior2 karma

Sushi is my favorite. I like going to Sugarfin!

pinchemeow1 karma

❤️ Tell us about your hobbies! What inspires you?

realGiannaDior1 karma

Hm. Honestly myself! Seeing how far I have come at different points in my life and seeing how much I've grown!

jasnav991 karma

If you just could fuck a person for the rest of your life who would be?

realGiannaDior9 karma

I haven't found that person yet. Someone that I get along with - that is a hard question!

[deleted]1 karma


realGiannaDior14 karma

Hm, no. I feel like natural is in right now. Everything on me is natural! I don't really feel like anybody is competition except myself!

kvikwe1 karma

Have you visited Europe? Did you like it?

realGiannaDior2 karma

I haven't! I actually don't have my passport so as soon as I get that I would love to travel to Greece!

FeistySquirrel011 karma

How did you come up with your name?

realGiannaDior3 karma

It was a brainstorm between me and my former agent. I wanted something Italian sounding.

elparpo1 karma

Where do I can find other pics with leather gloves? 🤪

realGiannaDior4 karma

Penthouse Pet of the Year I wore leather gloves! I have a Jules Jordan scene with Rob Piper and I wore gloves.

richneptune1 karma

If you were reincarnated as a non-human animal of your choice, what would you be reincarnated as and why?

realGiannaDior9 karma

I would be probably a dolphin. I love the water and the ocean!

sidxxx320 karma

Any chance will see you with 2 or more black guys at the same time?

realGiannaDior1 karma

YES! My biggest fantasy is doing a gangbang with black guys. After I start doing anal, probably. I am in talks to do a BBG soon! :)

gamelover69-1 karma

Have you ever fallen in love on set ?

realGiannaDior15 karma

Absolutely not.

NE_Patriots11-2 karma

Hey Gianna first off wanted to say I’m a big fan of your work! Second, my question is what is your favorite kind of scene? Frankly, I really enjoy those Taboo long drawn out movie type of scenes ... Lastly, i really hope I see you one day so I can shoot my shot <3

realGiannaDior7 karma

Come to AVN in January and I will meet you then ;)

My favorite type of scene to shoot is Gonzo, rougher scenes and the cameraman just records. Bang does that that is more of their style ;)