Whats up Reddit - happy to finally get to do my first official Reddit AMA.

I've been busy lately making new music, touring, and even launching a new Youtube Series. I'm currently in Vegas right now, gearing up to perform at Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend.

I just released a single 'My Love Check' on Carl Craig's new compilation. The track is a homage to my love for my longtime hometown of Detroit. The music video was shot by my best friend, Anthony Garth, featuring scenes from around the city. You can check it out here

We also recently wrapped up Season 1 of "Stroke Show", my new Youtube talk show. It's awesomely bad, I think you'll love it. Watch at your own risk

In between it all we've been hard at work the rest of the Dirtybird Crew planning for Dirtybird Campout 2019, our annual half music festival/half adult summer camp. I'm super excited about the artist lineup this year, I think it's going to be one of the best ever.

Let's do this, Ask Me Anything!

Proof: https://imgur.com/8Bxw8cy

Special shoutout to everyone over at /r/Dirtybird … I hear I'll be seeing one of you in 2099.

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EDIT I'm off for now guys. If you're in Vegas this weekend you can come see me at one of my sets. I have a club date tonight and I'll be closing out Kinetic Field Saturday with my man Green Velvet. I'll try to pop in and answer the rest of the questions at some point.

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W0LF_H4L3Y21 karma

Who does your music videos? The last two were fire

IamClaudeVonStroke22 karma

i already know this is either the Bens, the Bens parents or the Bens roommates

Radtown18 karma

I’ve noticed you don’t tour that much as Barclay Crenshaw,..why is that? I saw you at Coachella and your show was great. @light_bender did a great job on your lights too

IamClaudeVonStroke18 karma

It's just a matter of free time. I can only do so many dates per year. I'm going to change how i do it soon though so that I tour in cycles related to the music projects.

millbugisreal16 karma

Who's afraid of Claude VonStroke?

IamClaudeVonStroke19 karma

my parents

Ewebb1813 karma

How has growing up in Detroit influenced you?

IamClaudeVonStroke11 karma

i saw my first raves, i listened to the radio shows and all of that is specific to that particular city at that time in the world. everything that happens to a person shapes them and the music of that city definitely shaped me in certain ways just like San Francisco did as well

jpevisual10 karma

Claude. Huge fan of your performance with Kenny Loggins, Woodstock ‘99. Do you have a tape of that performance? My library used to have it but I can’t find it. My parents told me I was conceived to that performance so it’s really sentimental to me. In a way, I wouldn’t be here without you.

IamClaudeVonStroke17 karma

I have it on 8 track but I left it in my station wagon back in 1980

pabloelpaco10 karma

Gary/Friendship or Pasquale/Holy Shipwrecked? With both of their lineups coming soon (in June) I’d imagine you/Dirtybird have now been contacted by both. I know you don’t control booking for all the Dirtybird artists, but do you have a preferred side in the AMF/Insomniac divide? I know most of the DB So Cal crew gets rotated through the regular Insomniac festivals, but that Barclay Crenshaw guy and Justin Martin played AMF DTLA last year.

Also, would you consider playing a show in Fresno? The LMC Presents crew and the Party Puffins know how to throw a party and would love to have you visit!

IamClaudeVonStroke16 karma

Nobody has contacted me yet about either one of these events. As a rule, we decide based on what we think is fair and if we think they represent us correctly. One of the reasons we try to do our own events is just so we do not have to feel any pressure to say yes to any one rave company.

StratonOakmont10 karma

You've been quoted saying Dirtybird specializes in a brand of music known as "tech funk." What do you mean by that, and would you still consider it to be that instead of tech house?

IamClaudeVonStroke17 karma

Yes, we have another layer of funk that differentiates us from tech house. i think that is one of our calling cards. Most of the producers on dirtybird grew up listening to funk or Drum n Bass or Hip Hop. i feel like a lot of tech house has different influences to those

Scrotty_Mcboogerball9 karma

Can you just announce Dirtybird campout east at Suwannee already? We’re all praying for the day

IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

We would love to do something there but the numbers are not in our favor.

thebslevin8 karma

Is Q Tip a good boy?

IamClaudeVonStroke9 karma

goooood boyyyyy!!!

sagonicauz8 karma

Have you ever worked with or are you planning on working with Danny Brown?

IamClaudeVonStroke12 karma

I like Danny Brown! Would be cool.

Doc_Skante7 karma

What was your favorite episode of stroke show?

IamClaudeVonStroke6 karma

Sethward... cuz im crazy

tbarb007 karma

How did you first meet Grillson? He's a childhood pal of mine, and first introduced me to dirtybird. I loved watching him go from GGP grilling to his now legendary Grillson status. Man I miss that guy. Rip Chris.

IamClaudeVonStroke6 karma

I met him at the Lion's Pub where Justin and Christian were bartenders before any of this dirtybird label stuff ever happened. I miss him so much. He was the best.

DoctorYanEator7 karma

Over/Under: San Frandisco will be released by August?

IamClaudeVonStroke10 karma

W&R remix of Dom Dolla? hmmmmmm. Under. That track should go straight to #1. such a heater.

Cizzle26 karma

DBC 2099 Awkward question submission...

In regards to other DB artists, what song do you pretend to like when they play it, but actually think is hacky? :)

IamClaudeVonStroke11 karma

lolol.... a lot of them.

dmarsh7336 karma

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

The My Love Check video was a really interesting way of bringing together the music, the culture of Detroit, and the techno vibes.

IamClaudeVonStroke7 karma

thank you! My friend Anthony shot that. He's great. The Bens edited and did all the glitch work. (Bens produce Stroke Show)

RoethlisCrosby6 karma

What are your thoughts on playing Kinetic Field at EDC this year with Uncle Velvet? Does Insomniac choose that for you or do you have input on which stage you play? Do you plan your set any different than normal with the “main stage” crowd in mind?

IamClaudeVonStroke8 karma

We don't choose the stages. But my philosophy is that Im not going to change the kind of tunes I play so if I can play them to 30,000 people instead of 5,000 then thats an incredible opportunity to spread my love for the music I sign, play and create.

Murican_Popeyes5 karma

Hey Barclay, huge fan. Dirtybird Campout is probably my favorite festival of all time. Thank you for all that you and the Dirtybird crew do for that.

Wondering what process you use to choose artists? The lineup is always pretty diverse and original. Do you just pick whoever is available, or is there a method to the madness?

IamClaudeVonStroke13 karma

Thanks so much! Campout is basically my personality brought to life so i appreciate that you like it too. The lineup is my favorite project every year. Its a combination of record label artists, plus all the bass music I listen to, plus a lot of heritage hip hop acts, drum n bass, funk, electro, all my influences.

jackemartling4 karma

Who are you?

IamClaudeVonStroke10 karma

www.dirtybirdrecords.com - i created this music label in 2005 I also have produced a lot of records and remixes since then. I tour around the world as a DJ and I also produce my own festivals and make clothes and other things.

Scolor4 karma

Who do you like more Ben or Benson?

IamClaudeVonStroke2 karma


TheKens693 karma

any advice for someone trying to become a dj?

IamClaudeVonStroke7 karma

just become one. do everything you think it will take to get where you want.

shimmytaw3 karma

Hey Barclay, I'm a big fan! Dirtybird is the shit.

My question is, has any artist caused you to go full fanboy recently?

IamClaudeVonStroke6 karma

Cour T

nickypapagiorgio913 karma

No movement after party? What’s up with that?

IamClaudeVonStroke4 karma

I can only make it to Monday this year I know!!! I'll be back soon.

f_ll_nth_bl_nk2 karma

How has it been watching Dirtybird grow into what it is now? I remember just a few years ago when I first discovered you guys and it seemed like such a secret little club - now everyone is about the DB life! There's something so special about the music and surrounding culture you've created - thank you so much for all that you do.

IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

Thanks! Its really great to watch the growth. its so much hard work. There are so many people here working their asses off every day. i think people would be surprised to see how much work it takes.

cwcushman2 karma

What do you look for when you road test tracks?

IamClaudeVonStroke5 karma

Firstly, do I really like this track or am i playing it just because im expected to play a certain way? Then I look for originality and a good mixdown.

dmarsh7332 karma

How many wooks would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wooks?

IamClaudeVonStroke10 karma


trevoryoung212 karma

Can we expect this year's Dirtybird campout to be a little more techno heavy than previous years?

IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

There will be some techno. There will be everything. I would not say its "techno heavy" though

dirkberkis2 karma

Hey Claude! What equipment would you recommend for aspiring producers a little short on funds?

Also, Whos Afraid of Detroit was my favorite song to pop on Pandora during the work day! Thanks for the tunes!

IamClaudeVonStroke7 karma

ipad ipad ipad. Korg Gadget and imaschine and all these really inexpensive apps are so dope. I swear I use my ipad more than my Prophet 6

Joe_D_McG2 karma

Will we be getting an Eastcoast Campout in 2020? If so, can we please have it at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park? Love seeing you & other Dirtybird artists come through Atlanta!

IamClaudeVonStroke1 karma

we would love to do an event there. We just cant seem to get a deal done over there.

Lebrons-Meat2 karma

Papa Clauuuuude!

When did you first get into DJing, and when did you know this is what you wanted to do?

IamClaudeVonStroke7 karma

I was into music very early (like 5 yrs old). But there was no real internet yet. I worked on films for many years which was what i thought I would end up doing. But I was always better at music. The weird part is that I didnt end up getting popular doing music until I was already 30+ years old.

Cizzle22 karma

Seems like a new song comes out every minute these days. How long (on average) does a good song usually stay in your sets before you give it the boot?

IamClaudeVonStroke6 karma

I dont want to sound like a hater but I usually play a track until its out and then maybe 2-3 weeks after that. My whole DJ vibe is based on introducing the crowd into new sounds and new tracks that they have never heard before. Sometimes when a track is really special I will play it the whole year so its never set in stone. I would say the average thing I play lasts about 4 months in my box.

mr-fiend2 karma

Any plans to see any DJ’s at EDC this weekend? Getting ready to head out to the fest in a couple of hours!

IamClaudeVonStroke2 karma

Of course! I need to see that Andy C triple DnB drop. Then maybe some Yousef, some Walker & Royce!

BroccoliCrenshaw2 karma

Barclay! Of any artist, who would you like to collaborate with? Love your music, thanks for everything.

IamClaudeVonStroke5 karma

Im not really a fanboy of any artists but I would love to make a track with Roman FLugel

awesome_opossum2 karma

How sweaty did your racoon skin hat get at east coast Campout?

IamClaudeVonStroke2 karma

its surprisingly cool in there. also its fake fur of course!

jschlanger2 karma

Who was your best assistant? I think it was the one with the weird mohawk hair -- he was great, do you agree?

IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

had to be the Schlanger

dreadPsnsrs2 karma

How do you get trough a creative block? I'm on that shit right now :(

IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

I do this very elaborate system created by Mike Monday called Automatic Music Machine. Basically, you have to create a very simple loop or idea every day no matter what no matter how bad they are. Eventually you should have a few ideas that are really cool and then you can develop them. Its much much more in depth than that but thats the overview.

awesome_opossum2 karma

Could you do east coast at Shakori hills in North Carolina?


IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

cool suggestion!

Ideasforfree1 karma

Always love the artists that you guys use for the album art. How do you find them?

IamClaudeVonStroke5 karma

I subscribe to a few art magazines. I goto Art Basel every year. I follow pop surrealism feeds on Instagram and Pintrest. I goto art shows here in LA. Anything I can do. its my hobby.

Pitchslap1 karma

Hi Claude!

Thanks for all you do pushing some fantasic music - caught your warehouse set in Seattle in December and it was one of the best raving experiences I've ever had.

2 questions:

  1. What was that dnb tune you played in your set in Seattle? (also, any dnb favorites you're liking right now?)

  2. Favorite type of bassline: a chunky 808 or a well crafted synthier style (filtered saw/etc)

IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

North pole Cold by Jay Line - so sick!! i like a lot of stuff no specific fav style.

DontMicrowaveCats1 karma

Campout is a super unique event. How did you guys come up with the “summer camp” concept?

IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

I went to summer camp as a kid. I thought it would be so funny to do a rave like that.

gymedmfan121 karma

Do you see tech house becoming the next mainstream sub genre? Fishers rise to the mainstream is signaling that, do you agree?

IamClaudeVonStroke3 karma

I think its already there. Im curious to see what happens and how the more commercial guys end up handling themselves. I've seen a lot of huuuuge EDM artists dropping house right now but for the most part its very clearly just the hot sound of the minute and they will keep moving from sound to sound.

chickenmagic1 karma

Can you actually make a real cake?

IamClaudeVonStroke2 karma

yes i can cook!

boxthief1 karma

did you record your set at Voodoo Fest in NOLA in 2011? It was a fine set and a fine weekend

IamClaudeVonStroke4 karma

yes i recorded on my boombox which i sold on ebay for $65

EricFlapjack1 karma

Who would win in a fight: you and Q-Tip or The Bens?

IamClaudeVonStroke2 karma

we would beat their ass

[deleted]1 karma


IamClaudeVonStroke6 karma

Im not sure exactly when but Birdhouse Festival Chicago announce is about to drop!

BroccoliCrenshaw3 karma

What I wanna know is what Green Velvet is telling you and then laughs his ass off.

IamClaudeVonStroke2 karma

Something like --- welcome to the party nice of you to show up VonStroke!!

Phortgang111 karma

I love DB!! With sooo many up and coming DJs our there, how do you find new talent and determine who has got IT?

IamClaudeVonStroke7 karma

Mostly the demo folder. Sometimes it can be daunting but i still listen to every single one. Sometimes when I open the folder there are 2000+ demos in there it can be quite challenging. But a hot track is a hot track is a hot track. They always stick out like sore thumbs.

accas51 karma

What advice do you have for bringing more nationally known musicians to the Traverse City (Michigan) region? We're starving for good shows up here.

IamClaudeVonStroke5 karma

If you have a good venue with a good sound system and you can get 300+ people to come out then you should be able to get some DJs??

DrCrasierFrane0 karma

Any plans to work with Tchami and / or Malaa?

IamClaudeVonStroke6 karma