Hello Reddit! We are the ladies of Nutaku Games (the steamy version of steam) and we are so excited to sit with you today and answer your most pressing questions! Some of our most recent endeavors which seem to be generating buzz in the community include the release of our Hentai Hot Sauce, the making of our first ever console, and the roll out of our Android Store App.

You can ask us about absolutely anything, and we'll try our best to answer :)

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Proof: https://imgur.com/a/gQFx3Od

Nordland - Social Media and Nutaku Princess

Erica - PR and Marketing

Bearverly - User Experience and Design

Misty - Designer

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bart22785264 karma

Y'all fap to cartoons too?

TeamNutaku7787 karma

Obviously. We are cultured and know how to appreciate good art.

Acrocanth4109 karma

Wait Nutaku is a legitimate thing? I always thought it was a porn virus ad.

TeamNutaku1793 karma

We are indeed legitimate!

VinylInfection2597 karma

What is it that got you into hentai in the first place? Are you fans of the genre, and if so, what is your history with it?

TeamNutaku2570 karma

Erica - I always really liked Anime and gaming, so it was kind of a good fit!

Veeoh2336 karma

>Everyone thinks we're men

Why, do you need a shave?

(Sorry, couldn't resist. keep up the good work!)

Edit: You silly Gooses. Gold?

TeamNutaku1358 karma

I kinda wanna give you gold for this.

KingShyts2071 karma

Alright, so why reddit and not twitch? Also how did you get involved with Nutaku? Was it just a "fell into it" or did you actively seek out a company like this?

TeamNutaku2107 karma

Kind of just fell into it! I don’t think anyone really plans to work in hentai games, but we’re glad we did ;)

Neon_needles2069 karma

Hello Nutaku Games. I have a question.

I was playing your "City F--k" Hentai game and noticed that in scene five Taki gets raped by the Oger man and when getting her anus double penetrated, that she exclaims "No, my womb!!" And gushs an absurd amount of liquid out of her vagina that is not urine.

As women, I assume you know this must be incorrect and not anatomically possible. Do you guys fact check or edit this stuff at all?

In another one, "Love Zone" in Chapter Three, Kiriko is being hyper penetrated in the mouth, anus, and vagina by multiple men on the subway until she pukes up a gallon of sperm and then forced to eat the sperm puke up while a man shoves an electronic robot arm into her anus...

And I'm like, first off, how does anyone on the subway NOT notice this? Also the rapist who builds the robot isnt even out of highschool.

Honestly. You ladies need to do some quality checks.

TeamNutaku1024 karma

We promote the games! Not create them. While some developers do listen to our opinions they are in full creative control of their games.

Also... we don't carry games called "City F--K" or "Love Zone".. so we are not sure what you are referring to.

YippieKiAy463 karma

What? No city fuck? And you call yourselves gamers.

Next you're gonna tell me you guys don't even have Battletoads.

TeamNutaku523 karma

oh shit... Battletoads hentai edition when??

Narsenick2029 karma

I don't know what Nutaku is, but you said ask anything so here it is. My 2001 Toyota Tacoma started making weird noises when I hit the breaks recently, sounds like high pitched screeching (bought it used, has about 120k miles but up until now it's been great) know any good mechanics in the new england area? This is my first car/truck and I don't know how to deal with mechanics and not get scummed out of money. Thanks Edit: generic my 1st gold speech, truly thank you dude or dudette Edit 2: this really blew up! Thanks guys! It was actually the brake pads not the belt, getting it fixed right now!

TeamNutaku1436 karma

Sounds like it could be a fan belt. Does it get louder when you accelerate?

Narsenick691 karma

No not really, only when I first stop. Lasts about a second or 2

TeamNutaku1048 karma

Narsenick789 karma

Actually yeah! Never bothered googling it cus it just happened a few days ago and is more annoying than problematic, I'll give it a watch! Worst case scenario I end up going to the mechanic anyway. Tfw a porn game company helps you fix your truck

TeamNutaku1814 karma

It's not expensive to fix, but I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself. If you find the belts on your truck just take a look at them, if they're cracked and worn it's time to replace them,

Any local garage should be able to do it pretty fast, the belts are cheap too.

Best of luck!

HungSnoo1993 karma

Do you like bread?

TeamNutaku1925 karma

Banana bread with chocolate chips plzz

HungSnoo1976 karma

Follow up question. Do you like being choked?

TeamNutaku1584 karma


TeamNutaku590 karma

Bearverly - Yes. Baguettes give me lyfe

FuckinFurryOtaku1741 karma

Assuming it took a little bit to get Nutaku at a profitable point, what were some hardships faced while trying to get the platform up and running?

TeamNutaku1867 karma

The hardest part was getting game developers to jump on board and to prove there was a big market for these games. It’s not always easy for these studios to change their focus from the traditional mainstream games. Without games, we would have no platform so we’re so lucky that we have such a passionate fan base that proved to developers how much success they can have by working with Nutaku

kidfitzz1442 karma

Do you think that your games inspire more or less sex IRL?

Edit: First award. I think I'll plant a tree.

TeamNutaku1228 karma

Idk, I think they would make people pretty randy, no?

Rententee1358 karma

So... plans for controller sex toy hybrids?

TeamNutaku1381 karma


tristanA2995 karma

How did you come up with your mascot?

TeamNutaku1172 karma

That would be the work of our incredible design team! They're extremely creative, and amazing artists, and they came up with our waifu :)

UltimaCaitSith955 karma

What's something behind the scenes that would surprise your customers? Other than being women, of course.

TeamNutaku1972 karma

I think just the fact that we sit in a huge office building and have no hentai related art hanging on the walls could be kind of surprising. A lot of people think we work out of a basement or something.

Cucooslayer922 karma

What is the scoville rating of your new hot sauce?

TeamNutaku686 karma

Nordland: We're not sure!

Johntrainxxx586 karma

I have used your site off and on for a while. One thing that is very important to me is... discretion. While its super cool to be an out and out perv some of us prefer a little bit of compartmentalizing. Will the Android store app allow for that? Will it run your games through the app?

TeamNutaku739 karma

Erica - Not currently but good point. I’ll pass your comment along to the dev team.

Wive584 karma

How do you feel an all female staff contribute to this kind of games? Do you think it would be weird to have a male coworker right now?

TeamNutaku947 karma

We have male coworkers! They exist! Today we're just focusing on the lovely ladies :) It's definitely nice to have a ladies touch on the decisions that are made here, and it's always great when people realize it's not just men who play and are interested in these types of games.



What made y'all interested in making nsfw games?

Did y'all play any of the various ones on Newgrounds, and if so what was your favorite?

TeamNutaku452 karma

Nordland: We actually don't make any games! We're a platform for them :) Never spent too much time on Newgrounds tbh!

enorelbotwhite375 karma

Do you play your own games? Which ones?

Do you tell friends and family what you work with? If not, what do you say to avoid the stigma?

TeamNutaku444 karma

Erica - Yes! We love games! And yeah my family knows, they were pretty supportive from the start.

Akuseru24309 karma

Will I get a virus if I play this game? All the ads ive seen look as sketchy as any other pornsite ad.

TeamNutaku289 karma

No, we’re legit.

Bllq21217 karma

How it was working with PewDiePie aka Felix promoting your sauce? Does it actually increases the sells?

Edit: Thanks for Gold!

TeamNutaku236 karma

Erica: Working with Felix was great! He's hilarious and we love him. It's def safe to say his promotion drove alot of hot sauce sales

Alphakilohotel188 karma

How do your loved ones feel about your career choice?

TeamNutaku275 karma

Nordland: The people who love and care about me are just so happy that I am happy, and that I enjoy my career!

TeamNutaku240 karma

Misty: my parents know I love anime and hentai. They get me!

gamzeeLov3r177 karma

Y’all probably get asked this fairly often, but what’s your favorite game currently on the site?

TeamNutaku216 karma

Bearverly - FapCEO

AuntieLili170 karma

This is so cool! What made you guys get into the adult gaming industry? What is the day to day life like working at Nutaku? How do you see the industry evolving? And last question, did the games inspire your sex life? (If it is too personal, you don’t need to answer it) thank you!!

TeamNutaku232 karma

I know that each of us will have a different answer to that question! I'm Nordland, I'm the social media manager for Nutaku :) I started with Nutaku back in 2015, when the website had just started, and they needed a communications coordinator. I fell in love with the product and the team and just stuck around! Day to day? That would take me MUCH too long to type out, haha. I spend most of my day on the internet/social media platforms gauging the pulse of the community, brainstorming new ideas, researching, laughing, playing games, drinking coffee. It's just a dream scenario!

The industry is evolving (in my opinion) very rapidly, and in a great direction! There is a market for adult gaming, people love it, we love giving it to them.

No, the games don't inspire my sex life, at all.

zakkytheninja158 karma

Yaoi game when??

TeamNutaku178 karma

Bearverly - We currently don’t have any. But we’re working on it!

RandoNandoz60 karma

What are your games made in? Java?

TeamNutaku169 karma

Bearverly - No, they’re made in almond milk lattes.

Seriously tho, mostly unity.

Nutsackballs59 karma

What is your favorite block in Minecraft?

TeamNutaku109 karma

Erica: Diamonds are a girls best friend ;)

TeamNutaku131 karma

Misty: Grass. I love grass ;)

SilentWinterWinds42 karma

How many games have you worked on after being hired?

TeamNutaku126 karma

Erica - Keep in mind we don’t make games, we work with development studios all over the world to host their games on our platform.

Zillak40 karma

Can you please stop popping up when I just want to read hentai in peace?

TeamNutaku61 karma

sry :(

WaifuPatrol33 karma

Wait, so the entire team is female? How...unexpected, yet a pleasant surprise. Keep rocking, ladies!

TeamNutaku83 karma

Not the whole team :) We've got some men in the back.... somewhere.

happyhorse_g17 karma

What do your family think you do?

TeamNutaku4 karma

Erica - They know what I do ;)

xxkeywork10 karma

How aware are your families? Are they cool with it? Do they understand it?

TeamNutaku7 karma

Erica - It’s hard to completely hide what you do from your family, thankfully mine was super supportive but it can be tough for sure!

TeamNutaku3 karma

Bearverly - My family thinks it’s hilarious. They always knew I wouldn’t work in a traditional position so it’s fitting. They all love the sick swag that we have.

Zaltrhiz2 karma

How Long / How many Years have each of you been Working at Nutaku ?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Erica - I’ve been at Nutaku for almost 2 years and going strong!

friapril1 karma

Has anyone told your team that they're inspirational pioneers?

TeamNutaku1 karma

All the time!

Vyxtek-4 karma

What do you all think about the new erotica video game that's been getting attention, Subverse?

P.S. Every single one of you is quite the beauty.

TeamNutaku6 karma

Subverse looks INTENSE!!! I want to play it!

P.S. Thank you :)