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jakeuwouldnot1504 karma

if it wasn’t a trusted friend who’d shot you, would you have felt so forgiving?

clawson481154 karma

No, I would not have.

Mr_Music_Man44657 karma

What was your first thought after you got shot? Also how bad does it interfere with your day to day living?

clawson48860 karma

Just school. I don’t really remember anything specific other than cussing him out and thinking I was gonna die. I could tell by blood flow he had hit an artery, but luckily we made it to the hospital quickly. It doesn’t interfere with it hardly at all. There’s not really anything I can’t do other than because of a lack of strength in my wrist, which will come back in time. I have a reduced range of motion also, but nothing that has interfered in any serious way so far.

jermc93518 karma

Did it hurt?

clawson48895 karma

Honestly not as much as you’d expect. I didn’t even realize I’d been hit for a few seconds. It was a combination of adrenaline and shock and the severed nerve. The bullet struck the ulnar nerve so that probably helped a lot. The worst pain was when the doctor shoved a reader into the bullet wound to find out if we could save the artery or it was severed. It was severed so I only have one main artery going into my hand.

jpaxonreyes326 karma

Did he shoot your shooting hand?

clawson48366 karma

Yes he did, lol. I’ve been adapting so all is well.

hattz163 karma

Did someone have a touriquet handy or did you just apply direct pressure? How freaked out was the range staff?

Sorry that happened, that sucks.

Psa - always keep shit pointed downrange / in a safe direction. Always unload and finger verify before packing up

clawson48466 karma

It was an outdoor range and We were the only ones there. I’m trained with firearms and do some instruction, but this was his first time. I was walking back to my car to get some other things when he shot me. He didn’t pay attention to any of the rules we went over and he was very careless. I forgive him, and he feels terrible. He has developed serious depression and anxiety over it.

Opeth4Lyfe50 karma

Honest question....are you going to sue for $ to pay for that? Also....on a scale of 1 to getting kicked in the balls with a steel toe....how was it?

clawson4899 karma

No I don’t plan to sue and we’re still good friends. Probably a five or six.